Suggestion! Consider bringing Cordova into Construct 2/3!

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  • i`m planning to release soon plugins. currently "on testing": HeyZap, you may send me by pm any suggestions and ideas.

  • what plugin(s) are you developing? what kind of plugins are you comfortable developing? I'm sure we have some ideas but knowing what you specialize in or enjoy doing could help us know what we could ask for.

  • part12studios

    i`m making canvas-based plugins. but now i`m working on cordova-based plugins for some services: HeyZap, - these services provides iap, push, analytics.

  • ah ok interesting. sorry didn't know what those were. that sounds cool. cranberry did one push notification service but i don't remember.. oh yea pushwoosh.. cool good to have more options!

  • This thought keeps gnawing at me...can I build a business this way? Too often in these forums the answer is "use cranberry's plugin". I commend Sang Ki Kwon for the work he has done, but should I build a game/app that depends on a 1-man company who develops plugins in his spare time? I am relatively new to this aspect of the build process, but I am finding this part of the process much more difficult than the actual building of the game. (Example: I was trying to get the admob plugin working and now the game is locked in portrait mode even though every setting in the game and XDK is set to landscape. I cannot get it in landscape mode. haha) Not trying to sound like the voice of doom, but I really think C2/3 needs to make the process to iOS and Android builds a singular path for its customers. Until then, I just cannot see this as a tool you can use to build a mobile game business. (I feel obligated to say I love C2 as a game-making tool!)

    Currently sitting on the fence trying to decide if I should purchase Construct 2 and like you, considering building a 1-man business around it, I think you just answered one of my major questions. It would appear that building an app with Construct 2 is the easy part. Getting it out the door seems to be an exhausting aggravation.

  • yes it really is a problem and THE only true shortcoming of C2 and potentially C3 if something isn't done about either. I wish I could say it's not.. that's it's worth it, but it really is a problem that needs to be addressed or any new user needs to be prepared for the reality of things.

    Do I believe that it will get better? I do. Can it get better? Definitely, but I just think that the nature of this issue needs to be conveyed to Ashley and Scirra that it's not just some small noisy % of the community, but that this is the reality

    I've pushed through the challenges myself and several other developers I know have as well, but even those of use who have years of experience using it face weird quirks and upsets still and for us we have thicker skin because we've seen it CAN work, but as for someone who's new and not sure what to expect, I feel sorry for their experiences because the things we've learned just came from trial / error / forums / networking.

    The community here is amazing and the product is as well, it's just this is a major part of the process and it needs to be simplified and officially supported / tested / updated.

  • I have had so many problems publishing with C2, such that close to 90% of my time is spent trying to work around the strange quirks and inconsistencies in C2 rather than designing, creating, and marketing my games.. Really such a pity.....

  • I vote there be an exact way to export to iOS & Android and include iAP and ads into these apps.. This would solve a lot of the issues that there are currently, which we face on a day-to-day basis..

  • STARTECHSTUDIOS I couldn't agree more. I am not saying do away with plugins and it could still be somewhat of a "wild west" for non-standard / basic plugins that I think we could easily agree on. The big ones I would love to see made official and actively tested / supported:

    • IAP (Ashley's team is working on update this)
    • Banner/Interstitial service (they say admob works, but i've never seen it work, i use cranberry's with good luck, but another popular one that also is working well last i heard with cranberry is chartboost for better paying interstitials)
    • Rewarded Videos (which service chosen could be survey'd also, I'm currently using cranberry's unityad service with success)
    • Analytics (I'm using google analytics with basic success with cranberry's plugin, but it has been spotty about supporting specific named events vs "layout", I am open to other services)

    There are of course tons of other services out there that could still be added like Parse (I use frosty elk's, and it worked well at the time) which may not officially be supported, but still possible.

    I think 3rd party services will improve as I've said before if we can get them into the official construct store much like the unity asset store. allowing them to be accessed and control their pricnig

    I know there has been concern about pricing being viewed as unfair, but I can't agree with that. If C3 costs $200.. and someone makes a plugin that costs $100.. or hell $500.. so be it.. if Scirra doesn't feel like a vital need is being met at a reasonable value then they can include their own.. or someone else may see someone is gouging the community and realize they could do the same work for less money.. great..

    we can't expect developers who have taken the time to 1. be good developers and 2. figure out how to get a plugin to work with C2 to sell their plugins for $3 a pop and be able to adequately support their product / service.

    Cranberry is a great example..

    1. he has limited visibility, especially for no users.

    2. then people have to know what they are looking for.

    3. find his website.. use free plugins or pay to have access to all of

    4. have a paypal account to make the transaction.. all of this results in lost customers the harder it is to be found.. but it continues..

    5. THEN once he has these customers who spent as much as like $35 whole dollars..

    6. they have to figure out how to use them..

    7. likely have problems because all of this is clearly outside the realm of C2 development...

    8. bug Sang Ki who's likey only got a handful of people paying for his service.. and expecting him to drop everything to fix their problems.. that could take hours of time which pretty much makes the $35 barely worth it..

    9. and more issues in the future with these customers (I'm one of the guys who's needed his help on more than one occasion)..

    10. hear people complain about him not responding quickly to problems for the $5 an hour he's probably making for all this hard work.

    This is all pretty hastily drafted but i think you get the idea.. 3rd party developers need to have easy access to all Construct developers.. they also need to give a % of those sales to Construct.. just like Unity3D does it.. there are developers who make a living making plugins for Unity3D.. there is no reason this couldn't be the same with C3..

    Everyone wins.

  • Does anybody know what Intel XDK plugin I need to work with Cranberry's Google Analytics plugin (cranberrygame_CordovaGoogleAnalytics_1.0.12) ?

    I have the following plugins installed, but am not getting any tracking results. What am I missing?

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  • wrong place to post this question KENYONB try Cocoon IO. I've had the plugin work nicely with that.

  • sorry bout that I asked because I saw some other chatter about Cranberry's plugins and thought you folks might know.

    where would be the best spot to post the question in hopes of getting answers?

  • start a new thread. this one is intended to be about suggestions for C3.. but yea it got a little off topic.

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