Suggestion! Consider bringing Cordova into Construct 2/3!

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  • I completely understand your frustration. I've been with C2 for about 4 years, always working with CJS. It's had it's ups and downs but I always stuck with it and tried to just work around issues. Cocoon.IO has come a long way and I believe is truly a more professional compiler than CJS was, which is why it's no longer free. $500 per splash screen removal may seem like a lot, but like you said, for professional products, it's not that big of a deal.

    Game Maker does not make you pay for splash removal, but has a much higher price tag up front. Which I would gladly pay as well.

    C2 is an HTML5 engine. That's it. By being that, it has the ability to run on multiple platforms as well, with some work and help of 3rd party vendors. Making games and publishing on multiple platforms has never been easier, but it's still hard work.

    Think about how often Android and iOS update their OSes as well. Getting everything working together takes work and dedication .

  • $500 per splash is a lot, but its a flat fee so I can appreciate that, but i'm not paying $500 per game for something that doesn't work. I'm excited to see any updated tutorials that work well.

    but i think this is the crux of the issue. HTML5 is moving so fast.. and mobile is too.. services like C2 are too far removed from the target platform to be relied upon.. even xcode and android studio developers deal with compatibility with OS's and such though not as bad..

    There might also be two classes of C2 users.. ones who know javascript / coding which could be considered advanced .. and then standard users which don't know how to code or don't want too with C2.. each could offer different options.. imagine a setting in C2 that would hide certain features that standard users should avoid.. and advanced users know going into it.. results may vary..

    but for standard users some level of support would be expected.. but this also isn't just to put more work on Ashley.. it's about allowing the community to unify under one solution and really pound on that when things go wrong.. more people will be using the same software and be in the same situation. there needs to be some standardization in the C2 community.. I don't care what and I think everyone would agree.. we just need it to work reliably.

  • Going through "Exporting Hell" right now.

  • metalmuscles it can be for sure. what plugins / services are you trying to publish with and what platform(s) are you needing to reach?

  • That would be a godsent I believe! I know that Ashley has recommended Intel XDK for a long time, but it's been a couple of years using XDK and it's still having performance issues. I've seen 4 different Intel support here, one after the other, they are helpful, but after a while, they aren't here anymore, so we have no idea what's going on.

    If we have an official team working with Scirra, at least we know where to direct our questions and issues to.

    I'm planning to put my game out on Google around next month, so will be trying Cocoon finally. Haha honestly I'm not even bothered with the splashscreen if it can give me some nice performance and not too much technical trouble.

  • rekjl I completely get where you are coming from regarding the splash screen, but it is lousy that we have to settle for something like that due to technical issues with getting our game to major platforms.

  • rekjl i wasn't sure what was official and this is really something that should be stated in the software somehow.. if XDK is the preferred platform great. Bloated APK's is unfortunate, but not the worst problem these days. That's less important than plugins not working. However it is still bloat and knowing CocoonIO adds apparently 6mb vs 19mb.. is not something to be scoffed at.. but also bear in mind that iOS apps are very tiny with XDK.. like.. hardly anything is added to the game itself.

    Yes we need someone (not necessarily a team) devoted to plugin support and expansion.. taking requests for services. I still agree that having one official service for each kind of service.. ads.. interstitials.. analytics.. rewarded videos.. etc.. but options are good and if someone is there to help really work with the plugins as part of the Construct 2 team, then we should see better support and more uptime.

  • Great idea ^^

  • CDogs1964 you may (and you may have already) blow out the project from XDK or whatever and do a completely new / fresh export and treat the whole thing like a new project. i've never experienced that kind of problem but yea that is bad and it should be an easy fix.

    ArcadEd the errors you found in the c2 plugin, did they get integrated into the plugin now or is there a way we could obtain the fixed plugin you did? Maybe a tutorial to go with it. It does seem like CocoonIO is a good advancement for them. Their prior version was difficult to work with in my experience and the fact that they support platforms like Ouya (which worked) but wouldn't help us add IAP for Ouya games was frustrating as well. Seems them integrating Cordova themselves (as I understand it) opens up good possibilities.

  • STARTECHSTUDIOS hopefully Ashley has some thoughts on this for us in the near future. I don't want him to feel like we're ganging up on him or C2.. we just would like to at least know IF there is a way to address this stuff. C3 is a great opportunity to address these challenges and create an even better product. I look forward to what is resolved.

    Please continue to share your experiences, especially people who haven't posted here before. It seems like the overall consensus is the same, but we need to hear from everyone! It's ok if you had a great experience publishing.. or bad one.. I'm in the middle of the road personally.. I've done it.. so I know what's possible but I've also had long stretches of dead / discouraging development time as well.

  • What about Kickstarting this project? Would the community respond? Maybe a $20-30k kickstart would be a motivation for Scirra to build it or buy the cranberry plugins outright. How much would you pay Scirra to implement this into C2?

  • ethanpil that's an interesting idea. I don't know. From what I've heard and bear in mind this is hearsay.. It's actually the opposite. Ashley has not wanted to integrate them into the engine.. not a question of Sang Ki holding the plugins for Ransom. That said I don't know the reason. Maybe Sang Ki has asked for a large sum of money for them, but something about the tone of the story was this isn't the case. Ashley / Sang Ki could clarify what prevented this from being a thing.

  • part12studios I saw the thread. Didn't make much sense to me. Cordova output is a huge market for this product.

    Ashley would you care to weigh in on the Kickstarter proposal? What will it take to get Cordova / PhoneGap integrated into Construct2. Can you give us a definitive proposal or plan, or refusal, so we will just know what to expect moving forward?

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  • ethanpil oh was there a thread on this regarding the Sang Ki plugins?

    and yes that would be great. I'd love to hear the official stance in things just so we know one way or another. what are our options as the Construct 2 community? suck it up? help find a solution? wait for the solution that's perhaps already in the works?

  • part12studios see here:

    It seems Ashley was only interested in Admob plugin to start, but he and cranberrygame couldn't work it out for whatever reason.

    Ashley only seems opposed to the plugin being written by a 3rd party and included in the base distribution. The question here is a C2->Cordova code base owned and maintained by Scirra, which I think everyone here would prefer and be very motivated for.

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