Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • lucid I'm having an awful lot of trouble updating to the latest version.. I don't know if it's something I'm doing, or what.. The download doesn't start automatically, so I clicked the links here: http://brashmonkey.com/download_spriter_pc.htm (on a 64-bit machine) which got me some windows redistributables. When I run those, it tells me to "Please resolve the following: A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine."

    Meanwhile, Spriter is crashing on me and not saving my last few changes sometimes...

    What download doesn't start automatically? EDIT: Found it. Thanks for reporting this. We recently overhauled our site, and there's a few bugs we haven't caught. It will be fixed shortly.

    The windows redistributables are only if you weren't able to run Spriter at all and were getting dll errors. Basically if it launches at all, you don't need to bother with the dlls.

    Did the crashes start with the new version (r2)? What's happening when the crash occurs? Is it always a certain project that crashes?

  • lucid The crashes are on R1, which is why I mentioned it with the update problem. I didn't want to be reporting bugs you already fixed, but I can't figure out how to get R2.

    It was kind of weird, it seems like I didn't get crashes for a while.. and then I did.. I noticed that if I had an object selected and hit play, that a lot of times it would get stuck, seemingly because it's trying to update the properties each frame.. and if I had more than one object selected and hit play it'll hang every time. Sometimes it eventually catches up, but a lot of times it just crashes the program.

    And to answer the last question, I've only been working in one project (+ copies and backups, but essentially the same), so that's all I know it's crashing on.

    I'm loving the program, nonetheless, though!

  • Thanks The manual download link still works for me, but here is a direct link.

  • Thanks lucid ! Got it now. I was being dumb.. heh.

  • Hi Lucid,

    Posted on the spriter forums, thought I should post here as well.

    I just updated spriter and the plugin for C2. Now when I export using XDK I can't see the spriter object. I reimported the spriter object into C2. Besides that nothing has changed in the project. When previewing over WiFi with Chrome (on android) the Spriter object shows. But it does not show in XDK emulate tab or the final APK.

    I have noticed when I click on the spriter file(scml or scon) from the exported folder it (Spriter R2) tells me the path is not correct . When I correct the path according to spriter the images show again, but only in spriter not the compiled apk, or the emulate tab of XDK. Until now spriter was functioning 100% in XDK and on my android tablet. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance:)

  • MelVin, this will probably require me to delve deeper to find the issue, but just to rule out a simpler issue. Could you try renaming the scon file to json, and for the scml objects' property 'SCML file', changing the file extension to json as well. Let me know if this changes anything.

  • This looks really cool. My passion is for programming though. Maybe I could get an artist to do my art using this though.

  • lucid

    it didn't work. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks again


    it does help greatly, I think it's a must have with C2, imho.

  • MelVin, I will have to look into it further. Unfortuntately, as above, I won't have much time throughout December, as we're spread thin on several fronts at the moment.

    If you have any additional information, feel free to post it, and I'll let you know if there's anything I come up with in the meantime. There haven't been any changes to the plugin recently that would affect anything like this, and the format Spriter saves to hasn't changed (assuming you still have all the options c2 requires checked), so if possible, try reverting to a build of C2 from before the problem started and see if the issue is there. One other thing is to make sure the issue isn't specific to that capx by checking if you can get a basic empty capx with just the greyguy example file from my signature imported and immediately exported with the xdk.

  • lucid

    Thanks a bunch for all the suggestions, you been very helpful. I will check over everything again and post back.

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  • lucid Do you have an example capx that shows more advanced features such as animation blending?


  • lucid Do you have an example capx that shows more advanced features such as animation blending?


    Blend to Animation - Automatically blend when switching to the next animation

    Press the left and mouse buttons to change animations.

    Manual Animation Blend - Set a second animation, and control how much you want to blend between the two animations at any give moment

    Move the mouse left and right to control blending.

    Automatic Pausing - Automatically pause the animation when the object is off-screen to save cpu power on large levels with a lot of objects. You must manually set the padding for the character to go off-screen before it pauses. In this capx, the padding is set too small so you can get a basic idea of how the automatic pausing works. If you enable that second automatic pausing action and disable the first, you can see that when the proper values are set you can't see the automatic pausing happening.

    Arrow keys to move the character off the screen.

  • Thanks!

  • A really interesting idea which i'm not sure how difficult would be to implement is the possibility to import a png map/spritesheet and crop the parts inside Spriter. A neat feature that could save a lot of time.

  • Hi lucid,

    I am hoping you can clarify what will be possible using one complete skeleton per character in future Spriter and C2 plugin releases. I have attached a .capx with a basic skeleton to illustrate what I am talking about.

    At the moment to achieve the goals below I would need to split my skeleton into at least two parts. More splits will be needed if more character complexity is required in the future. Splitting is just not an acceptable solution.

    I would like to be able to:

    1) Animate "Legs" Block A with walk, run, walk/run blend, etc animations that are independent of the upper body.

    2) Change the angle of the bone that "Torso" Block C pivots on at runtime to enable a mouse-aim type feature.

    3) Animate "Arms" Block D with animations that are independent of the lower body so I can blend and change the speed of the animations without effecting the lower body animation speed.

    Any insight on the points above and how they will work in C2 in the future would be greatly appreciated

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