Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

  • Thanks for your patience everyone. Have a few things keeping me busy I need to take care of at the moment, but I will look into all of this and get back to you in the next few days.

  • mudmask



    Hi again everyone. I believe I've sorted out all of your issues. Let me know if I missed someone:

    Download here! 6/23/2016

    • Fixed bug where scaled animations didn't display correctly using the new direct drawing mode
    • Fixed a bug where the key expression would cause an error
    • Fixed a bug where mainline keys with instant speed curves were improperly propagating their instant curves to individual object keys
    • Fixed a bug where character maps with hidden images weren't hiding the images in direct drawing mode

    Please download

    this version of the plugin if you're getting an error on load because your project was started with an older version of the plugin and you don't plan to convert your project to the new mode.

  • lucid Ah got this error:

    here is line 72 for reference:

    for (i = 0, leni = this.animations.length; i < leni; i++)[/code:2g0ek1fg]
  • lucid Ah got this error:

    here is line 72 for reference:

    for (i = 0, leni = this.animations.length; i < leni; i++)[/code:23gnjlky]

    Are you using the new mode to load with? And did you possibly download the old version? I made the text smaller now to hopefully avoid confusion.

  • lucid - now we're talkin. thanks for bearing with that oversight, it's working great!

  • lucid - Thanks for the great update. You fixed many bugs and I will further test the plugin to make sure.

  • I will look into this...getting ready to use Spriter for the 1st time, thanks.

    • Add an scml object in the same way you would any other C2 object (do not drag the scml file into your layout)
    • When the image dialog pops up (or double click the scml object to open it), choose the generated spritesheet image from the output folder you selected
    • In C2's project pane, right-click on 'Files', and select 'Import Files', and choose the scon file from the output folder you selected
    • Select the scml object, and in the object properties pane, for SCML file, type in the filename of your scon file
    • Set 'draw self' to 'true'
    • Run your project, and report any issues or bugs to this thread.

    Hi I am struggling with these instructions, even though they appear very straight-forward.

    When I create a scml object, I am unable to double click on it to open an image editor. I went through the normal create object routine and then dropped a scml object in my layout. The edit option is greyed out if I right click on it, as well. This leaves me rather stuck regarding the instructions above - could you (or someone else) point out the probably obvious step that I'm missing here? I downloaded the plugin from here and have installed Spriter 8 and exported the 4 files using the instructions from the list I quoted above (but removed for space).


  • Colludium I think you may have downloaded the version intended for people who have older projects they don't want to use the new method. Try this link.

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  • lucid - that's fixed it! Thank you - looking forward to testing this .

  • lucid - I hope you are not bothered, I just wanted to know if you with the Spriter Team have already discussed the Scml object identification feature, like nametags or something better your team thought out?

  • The instructions for the high performance mode seem so straightforward but I can't seem to get it to work..

    Using Spriter 8 (Pro) with the GreyGuy demo asset (also tried my own asset) to no avail. Here's screenshot of the SCML object with the GreyGuy spritesheet loaded, the SCON file imported, and the properties filled out.. Do I need to initialize with some kind of code to make the image/idle animation show up? Thanks in advance for any help!


  • lucid - Hello lucid, I just want to report a bug I found. When I use this action:

    Spriter Object --> Set entity --> (Entity: "Entity_Name") & (Animation: "")

    When I leave the textbox of the animation to blank like this "" . If an animation is already running like the animation "Idle" the animation then stops to play.

    This is happening because I used a trigger to set my animation earlier before this action so the animation is set only once but the change entity action stops the

    "Idle" animation from playing but it is still in the animation.

    To put it simply, when I leave the animation textbox to blank like this "". The animation stops playing. (I am not using an every tick change animation but a before-hand once trigger.)

    I hope you can fix this lucid.


    I tried this as a workaround but still failed and just showed a new bug. I set the animation to "self.animationName".

    Spriter Object --> Set entity --> (Entity: "Entity_Name") & (Animation: self.animationName)

    I tried the option above and the animation plays again but the entity change is then ignored. I realised when I use the expression "self.animationName" on the animation textbox. The change entity fails.

    I also tried this workaround by adding these actions:

    Spriter Object --> Set entity --> (Entity: "Entity_Name") & (Animation: "")

    Spriter Object --> Set animation --> (Animation: Self.AnimationName)

    But I realised that it just read the "" is it's animation. And it is blank so nothing is played.


    May I suggest lucid to remove the "set animation" from the action "set entity" because it is a disadvantage for those who use the for each loop + AI's on their game.

    If they need to set the animation, they can just use the "set animation" action.

    It is a disadvantage because whenever we change the entity, we always have to change the animation too and when we set the entity with a for each loop that includes the animation and if we want it to retain it's original entity by leaving it blank, the animation will always become "" (blank) no matter we change it because of the loop. Removing it will save us time to make variables for it and it is very hard for big games.


    I hope you can fix this lucid.

  • You can't leave an sprite animation blank, even on default Construct 2 sprite. Or for any other game engine.

    I think you need to take some time off to rethink your approach before forcing the entire industry standard to change for you.

  • Sethmaster - I believe you didn't understand what I am referring to. I am talking here about Spriter's change of entity action. It is in fact said on the editor's dialog of the spriter plugin to leave blank the textbox to resume the same animation. And btw that was only a suggestion, I said that because removing that option might be a time-saver than that of fixing it.

    This is the screenshot of the guide:

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