Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • lucid - thanks again for your help. I will definitely be emailing you an SCML file soon. One quick question - is there any way to apply webgl effects to spriter objects? prior to using spriter, my enemies would flash red when getting damaged using the tint effect, which was applied to all enemy families. is there a similar way to do that using spriter?

    There is not currently a way to do this to an entire character, unless you can use containers to pick all of the related family members. I haven't tried this, but I don't think it's possible. I will think on this, and see if there's a way I can have the plugin pick all sprites as their family types with an action or condition.

    can top down sprites and their animations be done with spriter? for example - i want a spider, looking on him from above and create an animation that shows his leg moving... is that possible?

    It should be possible by just rotating the legs, and making sure you kept the upper and lower legs separate so the animator can change the width/length of each for foreshortening.

  • lucid - thanks so much for considering that. an update like that would be huge.

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  • hi lucid

    when i use spriter on my project(just add a roguelike plug-in ),

    will get a javascript error on game run.and black screen.

    the alert is:

    Uncaught TypeError:Cannot read property "length" of undefined

    http://localhost:50000/Spriter_plugin.js,line 3930(col48)

    how can i fix it ? thank a lot

    Really need this functionality, ask you for help,thank a lot

  • corpvs2, can you please send me () a minimal capx that reproduces the problem? Also, please link to the roguelike plugin you're referring to and any other plugins needed to run the capx. Also, do you happen to know if it still gets this error when added to a new blank capx with just the Spriter plugin? If it does, please also send me the zipped Spriter project if possible so I can troubleshoot the import.

  • lucid

    thank for help!!

    i send the capx file to you email

    the spriter plugin working fine on blank capx.

    when i add a roguelike object will be have this issue .

    the plugin url is:https://www.scirra.com/forum/roguelike-plugin-c2-rot-js-interface_t118452

  • corpvs2 , it looks like the roguelike plugin adds some components to the javascript array object, and that was causing issues with some of the loops in the scml plugin. In any case, I changed the loop iteration method so it should no longer be affected. Please redownload here, and let me know if it solves your issue.

  • lucid

    hi,thank you so much,is working fine!!

    I don't know how to thank you, that's amazing!!!

  • Thanks lucid , the new features (color palette and export palette-changed new project] really help me out in diversify the amount of customization available in my game by making it incredibly easy to create color swapped clothing and skins.

  • Hey lucid I Saved my project as Resized Project (and images) but whenever I import it to Construct 2 it becomes disarranged and I also notice some quality loss. Know any solution. I use Spriter Pro Release 5.

  • , Make sure you're importing the images and the scml from the new folder, and make sure both the scml and scon are created from the resized project. Does it do this on a new c2 project?

  • lucid - That's what I did, I tried it many times in various ways even in Spriter Pro Release 7. I am using the latest Construct 2 Stable Release (r227). I hope you can find a solution for this. Thanks in advance, btw spriter is really great but still has some minor bugs.

  • did you try importing it before the resize, and did that work correctly? Also, would you mind sending me () a zip of the Spriter project , so I can try and figure out what's happening?

  • lucid - Yes I also tried that but still the same negative result. I also mailed you the spriter project. Kindly check it.

  • - I looked into it, and indeed that file has an issue. After resizing it keeps the old image sizes in the project file. Strangely it only happens with that project, and not other files I tested resizing and importing into C2. While I haven't found the cause yet, I do have a solution. If you load the resized scml file into Spriter, and then resave the scon and scml (see below), it will import correctly into C2. Please let me know if you have any issues.

    everyone, by the way, I think I may have forgotten to mention this on this forum when it was released, but there's an extra save option in Spriter now under Custom Save Options. It allows you to have Spriter always automatically save (and automatically overwrite) an scml file every time you save a scon file, which is convenient for C2/Spriter projects.

  • lucid - Yes. Thanks, the workaround does work. It worked when I clicked that checkbox to automatically save the project and even when I save it manually it finally works.

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