Spriter C2 Plugin coming very soon

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  • Hi guys,

       Sorry for the delay. Great news though, the plugin is getting along awesomely. Here is a quick preview in HTML5 canvas, so performance will only improve with WebGL:

    TRY IT!!!!!!

  • This is unbelievable. It's all based on tweens?

  • You can do either tweened or nontweened, though the current alpha(of the editor itself) doesn't have all the options and niceties for relating to tweening/nontweening that 1.0 will have.

  • Can't check the link right now, but that's great news. Keep up the good work guys, can't wait to use it!

    I read something from another poster (not one of you guys) that it would actually be an official plugin rather than a third party one. Is that true? That's awesome if it is. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Seems to be working nicely. Very smooth. Although having the assets load in one by one looks odd, but that can be worked around I guess.

  • I don't think that movement is quite right, looks like the demon is in a surfboard, especially since he flips around when you walk left (just teasing you, I know it's a demo)

    Really nice work, though!

    I suppose the "loading one by one" thing is just to illustrate the fact that the objects are all different, instead of one big sprite.

  • thumbs up!

  • Awesome, i had zero knowledge how to use spriter, i hope this software will make easier for me on someday.

  • So how will the implementing in the C2 plugin look? would you load it in some sort of behavior?

    My guess is..

    Object with a Spriter Behavior and you set properties there?

  • Whoa, it managed to crash my Firefox 16 when I ran the preview for the first time! The second time it didn't crash, though.

  • I've been in talks with Ashley. We're working out how best to get awesome Spriter plugin integration with C2. Ideally, you'll just be able to drag and drop SCML into the layout editor like you do with Sprites. Will keep you posted as things progress.

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  • This is good news!

  • Whoa, it managed to crash my Firefox 16 when I ran the preview for the first time! The second time it didn't crash, though.Exactly the same happened to me, but with v15.0. Hopefully it is an issue on Mozilla's side.

  • lucid Awesome, thanks for the good news. I love how closely you seem to be working with the engine's developera. I hope that Spriter will be a major part of C2, and not just a compatibility plugin.

  • Awesome work! I hope Spriter is released on time to use it in mi WIP project :)

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