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    megatronx audio previews are not automatically generated, you need to upload them yourself via the edit item page.

    We've done this as auto watermarking/distorting/reducing quality of sounds etc can be highly misleading for customers, so we're leaving it up to the sellers to decide how they do it.

    Fimbul I would consider the current license to cover work on behalf of a client:

    [quote:2s19bbvw]A commercial project is one defined as a Work for Distribution launched with the capability to generate revenue, or intention to generate revenue through the sale of, licensing of, or otherwise intend to generate revenue directly from the Work for Distribution.

    If you create a project for a client you would either be selling the project to them or licensing it to them, in which case the use of the asset counts as a commercial project. Also:

    [quote:2s19bbvw]Licensed Content may not be resold, sublicensed, assigned, transferred or otherwise made available to third parties except as incorporated into Works for Distribution.

    I think this covers your concerns?

    Alternatives would be to allow for higher numbers of commercial projects (3, 5 or 10).

    what i miss on other stores is the option to "upgrade" the license for the use in another commercial project, that would be sweet, the seller could give discount on this event (if he wants)

    fldr, will consider it in the future in the form of allowing seller to set "offer x% discount if y units are purchased for this item"

    Hi all,

    Second draft of license is available to download from here: ... draft.docx

    A couple of things to note:

    • Added a few suggestions to RFL suggested by sellers here
    • Added a new category, "Game Licenses"
    • "Games with Source" state that the source is for learning purposes only

    All feedback is welcome!

    Regarding descriptions, I'm so sorry. I made a change a week or so ago that wiped out some short descriptions. I thought it had only affected short descriptions but it's apparently done some long ones as well. It wont happen again, my apologies! (Part of the risk of being on a beta I'm afraid).

    Whoa... TL;DR yet. Later.

    Tom: One fundamental question - So what happens if a customer defaults - and releases a game using their name, or pirates our game, or uses artwork/audio in countless projects, etc? Is Scirra going on the warpath on our behalf?

    What would you do other than present a lifetime ban award to the offender?

    necromaster, it's unfortunately a risk of selling anything online. If you do find someone who is patently breaking the terms of your licensed content you should consult a lawyer and determine if it's worth your time/money to peruse compensation. If required to by law we will provide information to help with any investigation.

    As far as going on the warpath on behalf of our customers, not going to happen I'm afraid. We simply provide a service that connects buyers and sellers and allows sellers to distribute their content under the terms we provide.

    I think generally the majority of people and businesses are happy to purchase items legitimately and stay within the bounds of the license. You'll probably find that anyone who is pirating content are total amateurs and will not actually be making any money at all. They likely have no income, they have no business, so they have very little collateral at risk.

    If you find someone distributing your assets on a website, you sometimes have various tools at your disposal such as DMCA requests which we find are very effective and not time consuming to fill out.

    Tom: Are bundles something that could be considered? If several developers get together and decide to group assets? Unsure how payment is handled.

    Come to think of it, a Scirra/developer bundle could be interesting - a business licence with additional plugins, art and sound...

    Wow this post turned out huge!

    Regarding the new license:

    You really should number the topics/clauses, makes it a lot easier to navigate.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]Licensee may not incorporate the Licensed Content in advertisments, broadcast TV,

    theatrical or movie releases.

    What if the licensee purchased the content to create an advergame or interactive banner? What if the licensed content (say a sprite or a piece of music) is featured in an advertisement for the game?

    [quote:2k63fmg7]Licensee shall not use the Licensed Content in a manner that violates the law of any

    applicable jurisdiction.

    I think it's unreasonable to request that the licensee abides by the laws of all jurisdictions the content may end up on. It would be better if the licensee just acccepted all liability on behalf of the content creator, no? This is especially relevant for licensees who might want to use the licensed content as part of controversial games that are illegal in some jurisdictions but not in others, such as porn/gambling games. IMHO they should be allowed to do that as long as they assume responsibility.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]Licensee shall not use the Licensed Content in a pornographic or defamatory manner, whether

    directly or in context or juxtaposition with other materials.

    Again, why not? If the licensee accepts all liability, I don't see any reason why this should be forbidden. Some people create porn games using construct 2 already (gamemaker for instance can't be used for porn games because their license forbids it).

    In fact, the "licensee accepts all liability" should probably be on top of the contract.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]The license contained in this Agreement terminates automatically without notice from Seller

    if Licensee fails to comply with any provision of this Agreement.

    His client might also violate the license, in which case the licensee should assume responsibility. Might want to add that in there.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]This license covers assets you purchase with the exclusive price.

    If you purchase an asset an an exclusive price, you are also bound by the Royalty Free

    License as stated above. However, as a Licensee you are permitted to use the Licensed

    Content on unlimited commercial and non commercial Works for Distribution.

    I think those two should be merged into the same section.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]You are not permitted to modify the games in any way (including but not limited to removal

    of copyright notices).

    This part should mention modding and map editors, which are legal modifications of the game provided said game supports it. IMHO a "no reverse-engineering" clause would be more appropriate, but IANAL.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]You are not permitted to copy or publish the games, or any part of the games content (text

    or graphics) without explicit written consent from the Seller.

    The "explicit written consent from the seller" is sometimes present and sometimes not, in several portions of the agreement. Why not add a "clauses may be waived with explicit written consent from the seller" in the top of the license and be done with it?

    [quote:2k63fmg7]Game source files (the “Source Files”) which are usually provided in the CapX file format

    are strictly permitted for use for personal educative and learning purposes.

    This means teaching as well, right? I mean since learning and teaching are sort of the same general thing. Especially since you mention you can show it to "friends". I mean all my students (who pay me) are also my friends, right? TBH I think source files should be allowed in teaching but it's up to you.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]You may not use the e-books or any part of the e-books

    content for any commercial, promotional, institutional, corporate or teaching purposes.

    Maybe waive this clause as long as students/workers/clients/recipients also purchase their own copies (or you purchase copies for them)? Also I think "fair use" laws apply here, I don't know if not mentioning them invalidates the whole clause.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]You are not permitted to modify the books in any way (including but not limited to removal

    of copyright notices).

    Allow conversion to different formats as long as its for your own purposes (i.e. pdf -> epub)? This is probably nitpicking on my part though.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]You fully own all copyright and other rights to any content you generate from scratch

    within the tools that the tool was specifically designed to create permitting you have a

    valid license for the tool and you have paid in full for the tool.

    However, the tool author should be exempted from liability (tool is provided "as is"). In addition, licensee should also abide by the tool's license if it has one. In fact, the same goes for the full commercial non-capx games (but maybe not the assets). Maybe look at how steam handles this part, since all games there have their own licenses besides the general steam license.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]License may use Licensed content for any purposes within the terms of this

    agreement including but not limited to pay services, without any royalties.

    Typo there. Should be "Licensee".

    [quote:2k63fmg7]If source code is provided (in the form of a CapX file in the download of the Licensed

    Content, the “Source Code”) Licensee is permitted to modify any aspect of the provided

    Source Code and create derivatives of the work and publish the modified Licensed Content

    and derivatives on the Domain Name, as long as the modifications and derivatives do not

    breach any stated restrictions or terms listed in this Agreement.

    This is confusing. I get the impression that the licensee is authorized to create derivative works and then resell said derivative works under his own chosen license even if minimal modification is done.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]If no Source Code is provided, Licensee is only permitted to modify the game to support

    their commercial endeavourers, including but not limited to pay walls, providing the

    Licensed Content as a paid for service for visitors on the Domain. Licensee shall not

    modify any other aspects of the Licensed Content that strictly do not require modification

    for the purposes of integration into commercial services.

    So the licensee can modify the game and sell it, but not give it away for free? What are those "aspects of the Licensed Content that strictly do not require modification"? I don't think I understand this part.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]Licensed Content may not be used contrary to any restriction on use indicated herein.

    Well duh, that's the whole purpose of a license, no? Also right after this part the weird "abide by all laws" and "no porn" clauses show up again.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]refer to the sales figure on the item page to see how many have been sold.

    Might want to rephrase that as "the sales figure on the item page can be used as indication to see how many have been sold" to avoid liability (such as a bug with the counters).

    [quote:2k63fmg7]Company who purchased the license becomes insolvent or enters liquidation processes

    I guess this prevents the licenses from being transferred through liquidation? Nice trick.

    [quote:2k63fmg7]Domain name the Licensed Content is published on expires and is not renewed

    Well if the domain is renewed by another party, or transfers ownership, then the license should expire as well no? Or are you explicitly authorizing site-as-well-as-site-content sales? This probably is minor nitpicking on my part as well and is unlikely to ever be a problem.


    Can we somehow include serial number/license in to our files?

    Is it possible to download the files uploaded trough seller account ui?

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    , bundles are a planned feature yes.

    megatronx no support for serial numbers except on rare occasions for items that need special conditions which must be negotiated with us directly.

    I currently upload some bigger assets and I really miss an upload bar, especially for people with bad internet connection this would be a great feature I guess!

    Beaverlicious: I remember seeing an upload percent status at the bottom of my Chrome browser. Not an attractive upload bar, but at least I got some sense of my upload progress through a number marching towards 100.

    Besides, Tom had said earlier - "I do plan on making it all better at some point. I'm really at the stage now where it's all working well, and I want to move on to other things so we can get it released. There really is an unlimited number of things we could do with it at this point. So hopefully in the future I'll revisit those pages and consider those changes."

    Tom: Maybe you can consider making a public Trello page (or similar) so that users can submit suggestions to improve the new store. Here is a sample Trello page of mine for soliciting inputs for my vertical shoot-em-up game: ... ese-667-cc


    I really understand Tom and I'm pretty happy with the shop atm.

    I just want to point out whatever idea I think would help to improve the shop in the future a place to store those ideas would be really cool!

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