"Construct 2" Is Better Than "GameMaker: Studio"

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  • <font size="5">"Construct 2" Is Better Than "GameMaker: Studio"</font>


    Just wanted to say thank you to the SCIRRA "Construct 2" team!

    I payed over $500 for "GameMaker: Studio" a few months ago.

    After several months of tearing out hair from my scalp

    I gave up and looked for something much better than "GM:S".

    Googling gave no viable results for a replacement to "GM:S".

    I recently received a gift card for GameStop and bought a Valve Steam game.

    I loaded up Steam to download the new game that I bought

    and saw "Construct 2" in the new releases tab.

    Did some research on this new "Construct 2" game making IDE.

    Most reviews on the Internet were positive so I went ahead and bought "C2".

    After about a week using "Construct 2" I must say

    it was the best $120 dollars I have spent recently.

    I've written my own C++ and HTML5 2D game engines before

    from the ground up(100's of pages of typed source code).

    The previous games are fairly good, but I always felt I could make something better.

    I feel I am a great game designer with below average programming abilities.

    I've done in a week with "C2" what would have been impossible before.

    I'm making one of my favorite classic arcade games: 1980's "Asteroids".

    You can check out my very 1st video game creation with "Construct 2" here:


    It's a work in progress and progress is going at a remarkable pace.

    So, thank you again for making this incredible game making IDE!

    It allows me to do what I enjoy most which is game creation

    and NOT writing 1,000's of lines of source code which is boring & time consuming...



  • Good article!

    That's why i decided to use C2 over GameMaker ;)

  • Both IDEs are capable of accomplishing pretty much the same thing. GameMaker still resembles what it looked like when Mark Overmars was maintaining it, except for some color cosmetic changes.

    The real difference between both products is the people behind them. Sandy Duncan and YoYo operate through a purely profit/business model. If a user gets sucked in to buying the professional edition which:

    ameMaker: Studio? Professional unlocks the full power of GameMaker: Studio?

    Then users find out the truth, in order to really deploy your game anywhere that matters:

    Android Export Module      $199.99      

    HTML5 Export Module      $99.99      

    iOS Export Module      $199.99      

    Ubuntu Export Module      $99.99      

    Windows Phone 8      $199.99

    Construct 2 offers all of its export options without extra costs to us, and more export options are consistently added.

    Furthermore, the developers of scirra are amazingly involved with the community. Not only that they are involved in other places throughout the web (example):


    Finally, your statements on functionality is a slippery slope. Thankfully you did state that this was your impression (opinion). Those types of statements encourage discussion as users are going to wonder why you came to that opinion, and based on what.

  • It's amazing how much those modules make a difference. I'm working on an Ouya game. I have no way to effectivly distritbute the Ouya game as I'm waiting on Ludie CocoonJS to support it; alternativly I will be writing in Java to Psema4 wrapper or the same to use Pender Android and even GameClosure.

    However Game Maker + Android export. Works. There is a team in the GMS fans that because they have access to low level language such as C++(Android Native) managed to get GMS games working on Ouya.

    So unfortunately is C2 better than GMS. Depends on your needs.

    If you want a HTML5 web game. Nothing is going to beat C2.

    If you want a game kit that produce truly universal deployment. It's not C2.

    I love C2, but if I knew more about the depth and limitations of C2 for mobile. I would have likely purchased GMS. that was however a year ago. Today, I'm pretty committed to C2. If I had a GMS Pro license, I would have a lot more tools at my disposal.

    However, I do prefer C2 workflow and code creation more than GMS.

    To counter that. GMS has a far superior object oriented event system.

    If I had the money. I would pay the cost for GMS Pro, but I won't buy it individually. buying GMS as a whole is 500, buying it in parts is closer to 800. :(

  • Twinsonian said enough...

    I hate GM in all the ways more than I love Scirra Construct 2.

    GM is a waste of time... If you know what you can code, and know to make your own engine, use C++, C#, AS3 and Flash..

    I'm playing with GM almost when they released the first Release, and was there when things changed and it become Commercial mercenary, and I keep here helping in what's possible, to make sure this great Tool and Team of Scirra never come up or deviate to the same way of the GM:S...

    Also, I don't know a single soul on my Country saying anything good about GM, when they have any other alternative, even RPG Maker (A toy)...

  • TELLES0808

    I think that's a bit of a harsh assessment for GM.

    A lot of people who use GM "know how to code" as you've stated, but GM gives you a foundational framework so that you can focus on the unique aspects of coding your game. Frameworks like GM/Unity make it so we don't have to re-invent the wheel. We don't have to develop our own physics engine / scene graph / asset management system / map editor / etc.

    In the end, both are great tools, the choice of which one to use boils down to a couple factors for most people:

    1. What kind of coding environment are you more comfortable with

    (Scripting vs GUI Event system)

    2. What's your budget

    -- Construct 2 - $120.00

    -- Game Maker - If you want to develop for android/ios/ubuntu/windows 8/pc/etc for Game Maker, the Master Collection is what you want and costs $500. That being said, you can do a lot with the $50 dollar one as well.

    3. What kind of platforms do you want to develop for

    Great games can be made on both engines. For an interesting read on Game Maker (among other engines including Unity), see this:

    PC Gamer Indies Guide to Game Making

    Spelunky is a text-book example of an amazing game that was made using Game Maker. I used Game Maker extensively before migrating to Construct and can say that for the majority of users (especially the Construct 2 demograph), it has a much steeper learning curve. There's a lot less built-in behaviors/plugins and you have to do more actual "coding".

  • This is an interesting discussion.

  • Software vs. software threads are always and everywhere.. touchy, to say the least.

    I guess there is market and demand for both products, and for good reason (and I say that as an avid C2 user).

  • Oh! You Really think so S***!!!!!!! <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Because you have low programming skills it doesn't mean you can blame Game Maker Studio! Not just that! You have no right to blame it! It can make Games in Windows, HTML5, Android, Linux, iOs, Mac, Win8 PHONE and a few more!

    As Far as I heard! Construct 2 can only make games for Windows & HTML5!!!!

    So shut your mouth! and why did you have to buy it RIGHT AWAY?!

    you could have tried out the free version first!

    This has not ended!

    YOYOGAMES released Game Maker HTML5 before they launched studio!

    so try that one before starting your BLAME LIST!

    I am working with Game Maker for 2 years!

    and took just 2 days to learn a little! I started it when I WAS 10 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I AM NOW 12 years and IN 7th grade!

    I am not Lazy like you to avoid programming!!!

    So NEVER! EVER! DARE To BLAME GMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It even has an Action List you don't need to do CODING when you USE THAT!

    Just Drag, Drop, Type, Click OK!

    So don't buy things when you see them! Try the free version first!

  • Abraham

    1. This is an old post with no reason to revive it.

    2. Maybe when you are a bit older you will learn to respect other peoples point of view, not everything is black and white.

    3. Take a look around the forums. We dont need trolls here.

    4. Be happy

  • Abraham please tone it down. That sort of language is not acceptable here. We're happy for you all to debate between the two on our forums but we all need to do it in a respectable way.

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  • And I AM NOW 12 years and IN 7th grade!

    Yep , that explains everything ...

    Everyone has it's own opinion , you can't force someone that hates chocolate to eat some hersheys bars (<-- Best Example 2013)

    Learn to respect other's opinion and you'll be welcomed in the community

  • Construct 2 is incredible! I can't thank you guys enough. I'll definitely be purchasing a personal copy as soon as I come into some money.

  • I've had awful experiences with YoYo Games, but I still don't think it's particularly constructive to argue for the superiority of either product. You pick the right tool for the right job, so there's no reason to put down other brands (unless there's a very good reason to do so).

  • Construct 2 vs GameMaker Studio

    Construct 2 wins hands down.I got more done with construct in one weeks time while learning the engine than i did with GMS in 2 months.I love both engines but construct 2 is in a class of its own.

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