"Construct 2" Is Better Than "GameMaker: Studio"

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  • sorry guys but i see too often the title of the topic when i press new posts.I know comparison is a very good way for someone to see details and choose between 2 programs but pardon me this title is very underestimated for gms.I tried gms twice i dont like it and i bought c2 but maybe its just me who have the problem cause many popular games out there made by gms especially for ios and android, where c2+cjs have lack of success.So lets be more humble next time.

  • spy84

    talk with my Java friend many times looks that:

    • I have great results on Widdit... I will try Leviteo, they pay 5c for click... I'm just testing...

    and my reply:

    • WTF? You know that I'm using Construct 2 and I can get only simple ads, and recently even those sh*tty ads are not working for me
  • yes but c2+cjs is better than gms+gms..blah blah blah.

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  • spy84

    shhh, there will be real money on Ouya 2 and in 2015 plugin for Wii U, till this time we can finish our World of Warcraft 2D Construct 2 game :D

  • I started using C2 because I'm learning Unity but needed a break from learning C# every once in a while. Plus, at my stage, I wanted something to knock out prototypes quicker than I can in Unity (at my skill level anyway).

    I've used MMF2 a fair amount and I hate it now. My main gripe is the minute you want to publish to something other than Windows you lose about 80% of the functionality of the program (most objects/classes don't work with the iOS, Flash or Android plugins), plus it's expensive. What other people have said about C2 being what MMF3 should have been is about right.

    I prefere C2 to GMS for the time being, if only for cost.

    The one thing missing from C2 and MMF2 is that I can't think of any major games that have been made with them. GM and GMS has a few - people have mentioned Spelunky already, but you're forgetting Hotline Miami and (presumably) the upcoming sequel is made with an OLD version of GM!

    With the new 2D features in Unity, it will be impossible to beat it for functionality, but for getting things done quickly, C2 is pretty cool.

  • ith the new 2D features in Unity, it will be impossible to beat it for functionality, but for getting things done quickly, C2 is pretty cool.

    Could be. But Unity's price tag is brutal. And the free version is pretty crippled/useless imo.

  • game maker and unity have major games because they are pretty much old in the market; GM is from 1999 and unity is from 2003~2004; and not to mention the user base of those API's, MOST(not all) of then knows how to do hard code or have a programming background toward games.

    construct classic is from 2007 and C2 is from 2010~2011; NEW and the user base are most ppl who don't know how to do hard code, artists, animators, mobile devs... resuming scirra is the open gate for game development with a API that make sense for ppl who don't know a programming language and is fairly new so, huge games will arrive but the first ones will be those made with the classic version. some ex:

    The Iconoclasts

    valdarko2013-11-21 23:19:25

  • I prefere C2 to GMS for the time being, if only for cost.

    I think that both softwares are good! However, I hear that Gamemaker Studio: Standard is now free.


  • I was originally going to get GMS, but then I found out about C2 and it seemed more my style. I want to spend my time doing art and music, not programming. Nor do I want something that's going to take a long time to learn. Of course, even C2 has a learning curve, but it hasn't been that bad.

  • To me,Game maker is really tiring.The Motion of objects is as crappy as 80s games.

    C2 is far more smoother and the event system is much easier to comprehend.

  • i come from Corona SDK few weeks ago.

    I tried a few tutorial and i really like the event concept.

    Frankly speaking i would bet my next game in C2 before i can further comment it's limitation.

    But having my time with Corona is tired to make simple game (when come to finishing line)

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