"Construct 2" Is Better Than "GameMaker: Studio"

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  • No software is better than the next. It is only better for the current task you want it to do. Some are ideal for xyz, others shine with abc. The issue is choosing the correct program for the job.

  • You all stink. Of onions.

    No wait, that's me, I just had them for breakfast.

    On a more serious note, everyone has their own sweet spot. It is pointless to force one's preferences upon another. Thinks don't work that way.

    They work like this:

    "I love onions because they move me to tears!"

    Everyone has their own reasons for preferring one or another software. Artists, for example, will prefer C2 due to the ease of prototyping as they lack insane coding skills. Game designers will not limit themselves to one tool; they may use C2 to prototype game ideas and implement them in Unity or another more advanced game engine. Or even have their own game engine.

    Me? I am just a lazy person that can't be bothered to write marathon code just to implement one feature.

    BUT DON'T YOU DARE DISS MY ONIONS. Jes kiddin'. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I'd be interesting in hearing WHY people specifically prefer C2 over GMS. Is it just because C2 is "easier"?

    Have there been limitations people have run into with GMS that they haven't had with C2? What are they?

    How does performance stack up between C2 and GMS? Specifically with large quantity sprite rendering.

    C2 is based on HTML5 (which has some obvious limitations)... Does anyone know what GMS is based on?

  • Hi I'm new to the forum and to construct 2 and I would to ask to you how is Multimedia Fusion 2 compared to construct 2.

    I know this is the scirra forum so many if not all on this forum use construct but i want to know why multimedia fusion 2 is so denigrate compared to construct 2..

    thanks in advance a sorry for my intromission and my bad english

  • There are a lot of former Multimedia Fusion 2 users using Construct2 these days because of the speed of development, performance of the results, easy to get in touch with and accessible developers, long term prospects etc.

    You need to decide for yourself and your specific needs which one is better suited for you, a lot of others have made their choice.

  • Hi I'm new to the forum and to construct 2 and I would to ask to you how is Multimedia Fusion 2 compared to construct 2.

    I know this is the scirra forum so many if not all on this forum use construct but i want to know why multimedia fusion 2 is so denigrate compared to construct 2..

    thanks in advance a sorry for my intromission and my bad english

    Construct 2 is everything MMF should have been and more. It has sub events, local variables, variables with names, no limit on the number of variables, behaviors that actually work and aren't bug ridden, none of that 'spread value' weirdness to try to get multiple instances of an object to work properly, no broken links to objects in the code, event sheet includes so if you make an edit on a sheet you don't have to copy and paste the edits to other sheets, updates every week or two instead of like once a year or some such, the list goes on and on (it may have improved since I used it last years ago, but considering how long the problems I'm mentioning had been there, I'm not confident they fixed them).

    I don't want to bash on MMF because good games can be made with it, but seriously, C2 is better in almost every way. The very, very few things left that MMF does better (I can only think of one thing, actually, direct export to iOS and android. It also exports to flash, but html5 for the most part makes flash export pointless) aren't worth everything else it does worse, and Ashley has stated if no proper chromium-based solution appears for C2 on iOS and android he'll code one himself.

  • MMF2 basicly uses a different approach to game building too complex to go into in this thread. This is sort of off the main topic in here and might serve better as a new thread.

    However the main things to note are in lowest cost versions you only have ability to export EXE files. Making it more for a publisher who only wants the desktop pc market. They hav eaddons but this all not only adds on but also adds uo the cost to produce your games. Html5 is not available but on a todo list.

    Hope that helps

  • Some great games have been made with MMF, Some great games have been made with C2 and GMS.

    Out of the three and there are more in the list, I preferred GMS, and actually dreaded moving to C2.

    Took me a week to settle in and haven't looked back.

    My thoughts MMF started off with promise, but agree with Arima, C2 is everything MMF should have been. MMF is not friendly, it isn't easy, and has a steep learning curve.

    The choice is rather between GMS and Construct 2 - each has its pro and cons and it is dependant on your project.

    The only downside, and biggest frustration is exporting to various platforms (iOS and android).

    If you want to build serious games, unity3d is the best - hands down, but for ease and simplicity C2 wins hands down.

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  • I read this topic carefully, and learnded a lot from here. To me, a newbie, C2 forum is totally a friendly and warm community.Thank you all.

  • thanks yuo all for your answers ..I have a clear idea now.

    but the major thing worry me about C2 is the lack of tutorials and manuals to learn..

    dont get e wrong... C2 tutorials are good and well done , but there arent so many to help complete newbies to learn deepest in the tool.. I know there are tutorials for almost every aspect of C2 but I need books to learn gradually...

    MMF2 for examples has tons of step-by-step examples and so many books to learn , due to the age of the engine ,I know, but this help so much new developers like me..

    I'm very undecided , I'm afrad to make a wrong choose and waste my money and above all my time if I'll make a wrong decision and after I'll must restart ...again...

  • LEON

    Do what I did, use the free version and by the time you hit 100 events you will have a extremely good grounding.

    Search the forums (there is a ton of wealth in the forums)

    And ask questions (provide your own capx to show your process) and people will comment and tell you what they would do.

    Go through the example games (build them) and you will have mastered almost all the basics and be able to build anything you want.

    The only way to learn code/programs is to use it.

    MMF2 has a very steep learning curve

    C2 will take a week and you will be on auto-pilot.

    If you want a learning curve with tons of documentation - rather use unity3d, they about to move into 2d realm as well with awesome features.

    Most game engines are free to use until you make profit. So there is no wasting money. Just make a game and make money and use profit to purchase software.

  • I have the GMS Ultimate Version but I switched to C2 (for now at least).

    GM Studio has been updated so all the old manuals that have been written (like The Apprentice and The Companion) aren't 100% compatible;

    Are there workarounds?, of course, but if a person is reading and learning from one of those books they don't know the workarounds.

    They claim they have the drag and drop system and they do, but it seems they are moving away from it especially for mobile functionality and into the code.

    I actually wrote yoyogames an email informing them of my decision to switch over to C2 because I don't really want to be forced to use code.

    They wrote back a nice email telling me that they will take what I said into account. ( whatever that means )

    This isn't about being too lazy to learn code, its about having the time. When you are working full-time and raising a family learning code

    isnt my top priority right now.

    I like the C2 behaviors and event sheet. It is easier (for me) to find mistakes I have made. In GM I have to search one by one thru all the different places one can place code.

    That said,

    GM does has its strengths too:

    It can make native apps for iOS, Android, Win8 Mobile, and more.

    It seems easier to get your games on these these devices as well.

    especially iOS.

    My hope is that C2 will eventually (soon) make it easier to deploy games to iOS without the need for a 3rd party.

    Oh, and GMS Ultimate is like $800 now..... so ....

  • The best part about C2 is the event system shows you what you can and cannot do via limited conditions/actions.

    Because of this, people who do not know code can just look at a list of what they can do and get a better idea of what they need to do. It doesn't need memorization before use, but gives memorization through use.

    It's an alternative to memorization. Like all educational things, people learn differently. Some people learn by reading, some people learn by listening, some people learn by getting hands on. C2 brings hands on coding to an accessible point in which can provide a groundwork for more advanced lessons without focused teaching of memorization of code and methods.

    Many programmers start out by either making small demo programs based on book lessons, or taking an existing program and modifying it. C2 gives them that off the bat by having the plugin system with gameplay features they can modify/use without actually coding those features.

    While C2 may not be perfect at everything, it provides a nice solution for beginners and people who don't have the time or patience to get dirty into code, while being able to do advanced tasks and eventually teach many of the fundamental basics needed to learn actual code easier.

    It does what I need it to do, although Mobile support is lacking due to the lack of proper HTML5 wrappers and some ease of use features could be added (which they're on the todo list). But I have no intent of doing a mobile game as if GHG can do Game Dev Tycoon in Node-Webkit, so can I.

    That and the market is oversaturated and IMO you're better off throwing it on an HTML5 portal with ads or selling a node-webkit export (perhaps both? lol)

    GMS does what it does, but I would not say it's better. C2 is lacking in things, but excels in others. Same with GMS. C2 is far behind in terms of overall developmental completion, but still can stand somewhat beside GMS in the lineup. I'd say that's a pretty good job.

  • I have tried the GMS 1.2.

    I try to rebuild my game on GMS for mobile.

    I just want to say the native apps performance of GMS exported was better than C2. Realy much better on mobile.

    But I like C2 event system. I have some code skill.but I hate coding.English is not my first language. I need to search the doc to find command and function again and again.

    I continue to focus on C2 update now

  • I develop games for PC mainly, so for me C2 wins every time (my game worked great on the Windows 8.1 surface tablet too, just using basic touch plugin <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> )

    That may also be because I was an old Clickteam user, and never gave old GameMaker a chance when it felt counter-intuitive to the event style of Click/Construct/etc

    However, C2 is definitely extensible using Javascript plugins, and I've never had great problems doing the same kind of coding I would do in Visual Studio with the event system (just takes some getting used to).

    Hope that helps!

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