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  • I got the email this morning that it's out of beta. I'm not sure how happy many of you will be with their new pricing structure.

    I'm ok with it, except for the splash screen removal price. I paid for that service in CocoonJS and it allowed removal for all projects. $500 per project seems a bit high on top of the monthly fee. Thoughts?

  • As I'm yet to publish my game I wonder how this works. Say I would decide to keep their splash screen, can I add my splash screen as well? Or is it theirs only?

  • $500 per project seems a bit high on top of the monthly fee.

    I don't think that it's 500$ per month. It's a one-time fee.

    $500 one-time fee per project

  • Yeah, I know. But per project. In the past it was for all projects to get the splash screen removed.

    My issue right now is I have 8 projects all completed with CocoonJS, with no splash screen. If I want to convert them over to the new system I would need to drop $4,000 dollars to recompile them without a splash screen.

    I wouldn't mind paying it for NEW projects I create with Cocoon.IO, but it's a lot of money for any of my old projects I might want to update.

  • Solomon

    If you use a custom splash screen it will show them both.

  • Over 10 projects will be pricey for some of the users, but I guess if someone goes as far as doing 10+ projects then they think they will have a return in investment.

    The pricing model of was actually a question that was unawnsered for quite a while it seems, nice to see they decided it finally (even though I never used their services).

  • I would need to drop $4,000 dollars to recompile them without a splash screen.

    Hmm quite pricey, but maybe if you have a lot of games they can make a discount for you? I got this from their email.

    If you are a game publisher and you are planning to remove the Canvas+ splash from many games, please contact us.

  • Yeah, read that too. I did email them already, nothing as of yet.

    I've already moved over to Game Maker for my newer projects since I was able to buy the master collection on sale (the price of one splash screen removal). I'll probably just stick with the old CJS compiler to update my projects and anything new I will just create in GM.

    I'm not a big fan of monthly subscription either. I would rather just pay per project. With subscriptions I feel like I am just throwing money away for the months I don't add or update any of my games.

    I don't want to come off as a complainer. I've been behind Ludei most of they way and I think Cocoon.IO is a great platform from what I have used in beta.

    I just know a lot of people have been waiting for me to update my Udemy Course and other tutorials for Cocoon.IO, and I just don't think I will be doing it. The tutorials on the Cocoon.IO site are really good though. I'm just going to stick with C2 for creating html5 games and leave mobile developing to another game engine.

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  • i must say that i used old CJS twice to do some tests, then tried the new beta but unfortunately stuff I used don't work on their platform...

    And now I gladly can say "nope" to Ludei

    like ArcadEd said, monthly subscription is just not right for that kind of service for a normal user. It's not like a photoshop, you are not using cocoon every day.

    and that 500$ for splash removal, that was the best punchline in their email

  • The $500 thing is obviously targeted at bigger players and not indies.

    I wonder if that's going to bite 'em in the bollocks, in the long run.

  • Agree with project based instead of monthly, for casual game developer like me, it's a waste to subscribe for a year that I probably only use the service for 2 or 3 months.

    This is going to impact C2/C3 as well, I can't see myself upgrading to C3 if there's no reliable mobile compiler. :/

  • A pity. I do hope that they did market research of their users, or they could end up where they were before: with almost no one paying for their services. But this time with no free user base advertising their product with a splash...

  • Maybe someone should start a thread on to share these pricing concerns. I also feel like $500 a project to remove the splash screen is too steep. Maybe a one time $500 fee for permanent removal on ALL projects would be OK.

    Let's face it - C2 users will probably be some of their main customers and if no one is willing to pay their fees, they won't make any money at all. That isn't good for them either.

  • This is surprising. $500 to remove a splash screen is more than the Construct 2 Business license.

    This does not look like a competitive service any more: the Intel XDK is free, and PhoneGap Build has a free plan or $9.99/mo to lift some limits. AFAIK neither impose any splash screen restrictions. Cocoon did have Canvas+, but it had such awful compatibility problems that we deprecated it earlier this year to only officially support Cordova-based platforms, which both the Intel XDK and PhoneGap Build do perfectly well as far as I'm aware.

  • Does this mean that once you want to export your third game, you will have to upgrade and start paying monthly to export more? And than After 10 exports, you need to upgrade again? Does this also include beta exports for testing purposes?

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