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  • Also, I think the developers cocoonjs very slow to introduce improvements.

    Construct 2 is developing rapidly but the performance is what we need on mobile devices the most because there is nothing worse if someone can not play at our game because performance is not acceptable

  • CocoonJS is just game-breaking for bigger games, loading everything instead of layout-by-layout means massive ram requirements. Instantly half the market cannot use your game. It also means start load times are long, 30-40s, stuck a the Ludei logo thats blinking like crazy.

    Then the final straw: ridiculous permissions. Lots of users won't install your game if you throw heaps of permissions at them, when you don't even use those features.

    Crosswalk IS better already by far. As soon as they iron out a few small bugs, and add ADMOB support, its going to be awesome!

  • IntelRobert Ashley

    I am having great success with the latest build using the Canary option. 60+ fps. Full sound / music. Splash screen. Full Screen. Almost perfect. Thank you so much for everyone's hard work! :)

    Two quick questions: Is there a time frame for when AdMob support will be added? Are you planning on supporting the new Immersive Mode (true full screen) added in Android 4.4 Kit Kat?

    Thanks once again for kicking butt! This is truly exciting.

  • IntelRobert Ashley

    One more quick question: Is Google Play support planned as well? Leaderboards, Achievements, Multiplayer,etc. If so, is there a time frame on these services, as well? Thanks!

  • Also bug with Nexus 7, sound/music randomly don't work through the tablet's speakers, requires headphones to hear.. and device volume controls do not work.

  • dooley

    +1. I really need option to lock orientation. Is there any possibility for now?

  • matthewhxq

    Not so far that I have found. You might try that "canary/browser object" work around that's a few posts up. I just have not had time to do that one yet. I'll try it in a bit and let you know. Sorry.

  • matthewhxq

    Yes, the "canary" workaround does work. I just tested it, you have no idea how excited I am now. BIG hurdle cleared, lol. There is one tiny issue though......


    On the first build attempt the "Gold/Canary" radio buttons did not show up. I actually had to back out of the build and reload it in order for those choices to show up.

    Back to Matt.... When you build your app for Crosswalk, at the bottom of the "Permissions" screen, where you select all the permissions for your app, there should be radio buttons for "Gold" or "Canary" versions of the build. You will need to select "Canary"

    In C2, you will need to add the "Browser Object" and

    "On Start of Layout --> Lock Orientation "(w/e one you need)"

    Then compile your project for "android"

    BUT keep in mind the paragraph i wrote to IntelRobert, if you don't see "Gold/Canary" back out of your build and "rebuild" it.

    Good Luck!

  • dooley

    Thanks, it works very well.

  • matthewhxq, No problem. I'm glad it's working! I'd also like to thank GameThirsty and for pointing that out, BIG help there guys, Thank you!

  • How does this help people who does not have windows 7??? I cant use crosswalk?!? How do I make an android game without export.

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  • Just get windows 7, its a great OS and dirt cheap now.

    Lock orientation works great. Full screen scaling up or down is great.


    Thanks! Hoping the final sound bugs will be fixed soon!

  • IntelRobert or Ashley

    I'm still having the "double tap" issue. On a majority of my games I test, when in Chrome for Android, if I tap the screen once, the game will register 2 taps.

    Any Ideas?



    No "double tap" issues when using Canary. Seems like things are really looking up!

  • I'll ask for the ability to set the version code. We just use a counter and increment each time. A quick fix would be to set email to and ask them to change it for your app. Afterwards it will increment with each build.

    Need to look in to the audio. We will need help reproducing. I am on vacation so I may not get to some of this stuff until next week.

    Sound works for my tablet as well as headphones.. but cannot control the volume via the device. Even when you mute the speakers, its playing sounds...

    It seems like a tradeoff, none of the crap from CocoonJS especially ridiculous permissions and terrible loading/vram.. to sound issues.

    Also, is there a way to edit the Version Code (for Google Play) when compiling?

  • Zharzew: I'm working on Crosswalk. Advertising support has been in plan. You can track below issue to follow up its progress:

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