Have you made the switch to Construct 3?

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  • Have you made the switch to Construct 3?

    Why / why not? (Price, features etc)

  • Nope.

    Reason : Yearly subscriptions.

  • No.

    Because when someone screw up the announcement that badly, you can't just let it slip.

    I don't think the pricing is bad tbh even tho unadapted

  • Yep, cloud build service, edit on pc, save to cloud, open on phone, export and download APK, test. Very quick way to get.prototypes running on android devices

  • Not yet. Will do so when the local offline version is available. Had an internet outage on Saturday. When that happens you have no access to construct 3 and thats not cool

  • Not really yet, for my main project. Just waiting for a plugin to be converted to c3addon, and some other small fixes, then I'm ready to go, but buying it at the end of the month as it's nice to have at work where I use Mac.

  • I have subbed (mainly on the basis of my experience with C2) but I have not transferred to working in it because it is still beta and subject to issues, bugs, crashes.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend anyone to transfer any projects, especially large ones, into beta software. There is a continual risk of loosing work or a project file becoming corrupted. I will probably even wait some further months after full release before venturing in just to ensure as much stability as possible.

    However the fact that it runs in a browser , that it has an additional mobile UI that allows me to comfortably develop on my phone, that from the same phone I can perform a cloud build or a remote preview. This is the sort tech that makes C3 "quietly revolutionary".

    Yesterday I went to c3 website on my phone, opened C3, opened my C2 project file from google drive, demoed my game to 2 people in the office at the same time using C3 (note I not using c3 for development yet just stuff like this). They were able to play it on their phones while I hosted it on my phone. Suffice to say that they were both more impressed with this C3 tech than the game itself.

    I have also noticed that games being previewed on C3 are performing better than when hosted with C2 especially on crappier mobile devices.(I understand it is using the same run time but something has definitely changed behind the scenes maybe its just a preview thing I don't know)

    So no , not yet, but soon....

  • I haven't subbed, and I may not. I'm in too deep with C2 projects and switching will be more trouble than it's worth. I also can't really see any incentive to switch as C2 is currently doing what I need it to. I lost a lot of interest when I saw the rental scheme, C3 in action and the attitude of the devs toward ownership and access to one's own work. A real shame.

  • Nope.

    C3 doesn't have any features I really need.

    I would have bought it anyway if it was a one-off license, but the subscription scheme sapped a lot of my earlier goodwill.

  • No and I won't. I do not see any gain for myself that would justify the extra expense over what I have with C2. The extra features are nice to have but not in the area of "I really really need this". And that is before considering my dislike for the web-based tool model.

    Also after my time with C2 I decided that in the long run I need a slightly different tool, harder to use maybe but more flexible in other aspects and with features that are not present in C2. The C3 announcement basically convinced me to buy that different tool (and I paid once for it). I was already kind of on the fence before but I was eager to see what C3 will feature, unfortunately the direction C3 is taking is simply not the one I would prefer.

  • No - and definitely will not:

    1) Browser based

    2) Reliant on chrome

    3) Ownership depravation

    4) No native exports

    5) Subscription

    C2 only suffers from point 4 - why would I want to pay a sub for the other 4 points?

  • Nope, missing 3rd-patry plugins (so I can't open my c2 projects), free edition is not really useful, it is still in beta with many bugs and lacks of certain things. Also some keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + tab, ctrl + w, etc.) don't work. I don't really like the save system, I hope to see support for browsers to save to some local folder (which the user can select; one folder per webpage) in the future.

    Though I like the fact it is browser-based, as it pushes the limits of HTML5 forwards, which is great for HTML5 games.

  • No..

    I really don't like the fact that it's browser based..

    Most of my projects uses C2 based plugins not supported with C3 right now, so I don't wanna bother with it early...

  • I'll get it on payday, I want to support Scirra even though I might not properly use it till it's a little more fleshed out, I lean quite heavily on plugins like Magicam and Litetween.

    Construct 2 though has without doubt been a wonderful piece of software to work with and I am sure C3 will in time become just as precious to me.

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  • I have purchased it and have been using it frequently. I almost wish I would have stuck with C2 because I have run into issues and experienced crashes in C3 but I got more than my money's worth from C2 over the years and ultimately the time lost to issues/crashes is minimal compared to helping C3 get better.

    I don't think there is a need to upgrade from C2 to C3 at this point but I am hopeful that will change within the next year and I only use a small subset of what the program is capable of.

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