Have you made the switch to Construct 3?

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  • How much is the C2 discount? Is it just 1 year?

    Yes it applies to your first years payment.

  • Not yet. Waiting for the offline C3, if they ever decide to do it, since I recall that statement somewhere awhile ago on the blog.

    I don't mind the sub fee as I bought the business license to support Scirra. I just want something that's full-featured offline, snappy and local, so I can work away from wi-fi sources when needed.

  • I'm with Silverforce and a couple of others in here.

    I think Scirra should really focus on the offline browser version of C3.

    Not because it's closer to native or something like that. It's more because I think that it would solve a lot of the current issues with certain limitations caused by browser security (e.g. local file access, creation and many more). Nonetheless I will keep on using both for now and fully switch over to C3, once it's stable and ready to use with bigger projects, even bigger than the ones which were used in order to demonstrate C3's current capabilities.

    I'd really like to support Scirra though but the lack of PayPal payment support makes it a bit difficult for me right now.

  • Still following the development closely, and haven't subbed yet but will do so shortly i think, to show my support.

    Some of the things I'm missing at the moment to be able to move over completely.

    1. Chrome or C3 support stylus input. Or be able to run C3 in Edge. As I'm mainly using touch & stylus on my Surface Pro 4 to create games, this have to work. I refuse to sit at a desk in my spare time to make games, I do that 8 hours per day at work already. This works well in C2 at the moment.

    2. Downloadable app - As TheRealDannyyy mentioned file handling in C3 web version i don't really like, but not a biggie. I could use Web Version if ..... #1 was fixed.

    3. Some plugins converted to .c3addon - Not THAT important, but very helpful, for some features.

    I really hope to be able to start using C3, but as long as #1 is not fixed, I can't even consider moving over completely yet.

  • Pricing is fine, but browser based software is a joke for me.. cloud, file handling, plugins handling, new windows handling, occasional browser crashes, unintentional browser manipulation.. it is just ugh. I might be too old for that but I see it as a huge step back so I will stick with c2 until windows C3 app.

    Some new breathtaking features might change that, but so far there is nothing amazing in C3 for me.

  • Nah. I'm effectively using C2 as a one-man team to try and cobble out a game, by the time I finish AND if I manage to make any profit from it I'll probably have paid the equivalent of a C2 business license if not more. I don't think subscription is for hobbyists.

    That and I'm still disgruntled with C2 in some ways, such as the god-awful sprite image editor. For now C3 looks to be pretty much the same in those aspects so I don't see much point in switching.

  • Nope. I've spent the last 5 months learning to code in Godot Engine and then in Unity. It was challenging at first, but now I've seen the flexibility in the alternatives I'm unlikely to return...

    For me, the simplicity and appeal of not having to code in c2/c3 is offset by their lack of an animation editor (one that's like having Spine built in) -and- not ever being able to use prefabs. Those are powerful tools that c2/3 architecture won't ever support (at least in the next couple of years). Then there's lighting effects and export options that don't jank with just 5 sprites on screen. I almost forgot the forthcoming runtime rewrite...

    If you've ever considered making a plugin then I suggest you could do the same work in c# and you'll never look back.

  • I am going to switch to C3.

    First I will finish some games in C2, I'm not in a hurry to switch.

    I am sure C3 will grow and evolve into much more than it is now (compare early C2 with C2 right now).

  • probably, when c3 runtime hits the spot )

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  • I've made a subscription support for the first year but I still only use C2 for projects.

    With C2, after two years of heavy use, I know exactly what I can and what I can't do.

    New features of C3 are welcomed but we already have workaround for a majority of them in C2. Mobile export, Array editor, Cloudsave... They already are in my C2 and more suited to me (signing mobile export, save local then backup on cloud, saving in project folder to easiliy modifiy imported sprite out of Construct...)

    Not much incentive to work with it now.

    C3 is getting better every week tho. I can see all the work Scirra team put in it.

    Hope to use it late 2017. We'll see.

  • I Was, But then Scirra made a a yearly subscription to Construct 3. I really don't understand why, but I also figured out that if you stop paying the subscription, your construct 3 project won't be viewed nor export your project or save the project.

  • No, at least for the moment. The new C3 features are not so breathtaking IMHO and I really don't like browsers.

    Like many others, I too have a couple of C2 projects in development that heavily rely on 3rd-party-plugins currently missing on C3 (and some of them I'm afraid will not be ported oat all... ).

    Maybe I'll subscribe in a future, when/if the C3 export function will accept C2 projects too, or C3 will suit my needs, we'll see

  • Nope.

    I have the pro licence for C2 which is for lifetime. I don't see the reason so downgrade to C3 for only 2-3 improvements

    For exporting to mobile, I installed Cordova and I'm creating my own exports the same way IntelXDK and Phonegap does

  • Nope.

    For exporting to mobile, I installed Cordova and I'm creating my own exports the same way IntelXDK and Phonegap does

    Sure, a neat solution... in your opinion, it's a feasible path for non-developers?

  • MassimoF

    So why are you here using Construct? Are you a ... home decorator, a makup artist?

    Non developers can pay someone else to do the builds or pay the subscription fee for C3...

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