I've seen the comments about C2 and CocoonJS

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  • RenatoB

    Installing DevKit via command lines (Terminal in Mac) at this time, I'd intend to explain to create apps for android, I have no iOS developer account.

  • Nice. You could create a IOS application for test because is not necessary a account.

    I already configured the system and installed the devkit. I'll get to test some applications tomorrow. Let me know if I can help you with something. Do you used the solution suggested for them (6 steps - (http://www.gameclosure.com/blog/2013/03/space-blaster-meets-mobile)?

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  • RenatoB

    In my experience, using Xcode to compile .ipa for test is required to have iOS developer account due to provision file. You know it hurts to make testing apps is needed to have an account.

    Yes, I used this solution, I doubt we have to test all features, but we aren't supposed to use DOM elements.

  • version 1.4.5 released on IOS.

    Anybody noticed anything new ?


    -The old ugly splash screen is back...

  • From my personal (and limited) experience i can say, that the PhoneGap Build seems to actually be better than CocoonJS.

    • PhoneGap Build supports Android 2.2, while you (apparently) need at least 2.3 to be able to use CocoonJS - although this means that only 5% will be left out, i am a part of these 5%, therefore i feel that this should be mentioned (as i said, my subjective opinion). tbh, i simply couldn't get the CocoonJS exported app to work even in an emulated Android 2.3 (used VirtualBox, everything else was functional), i personally found this to be frustrating
    • PhoneGap Build has an easier and simpler interface, no launchers you have to search for on Play Store, just go on the website, upload your .zip file and build a project, download the .apk file (or whatever you are trying to build the app for), install and you're done, you won't have to wait for e-mails from ludei, because the app build process literally takes seconds
    • furthermore, you can upload things from both public and private GitHub repositories, so you should be able to easily work together with your friends, and while the free version only supports 1 private project, there is nothing keeping you from using it for exporting and building, and keeping the .zip files stashed away on your HDD somewhere
    • also, the file sizes differ greatly, a project that was 10MB when exported from CocoonJS, was just 1MB from PhoneGap (the actual project .zip was around 500KB)

    While both are free, i found the PhoneGap to be much more pleasant to use, of course, you guys can feel free to disagree with me. :)

  • version 1.4.5 released on IOS.

    Anybody noticed anything new ?


    -The old ugly splash screen is back...

    "Nothing :)" as ludei wrote on their app update note.... thats like some kind of bad joke? i didn't notice any improvement except roll back to old splash screen, audio problems still there <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Great news - we finally got our game up and running, and it was approved by Apple!


    For the next game we will have to look for a different solution than Cocoonjs. I am looking forward to the game closure tutorial as well.

  • Joannesalfa

    Waiting for your tutorial I tried to explore gameclosure by myself.

    Unfortunately I have a strange issue that I can't figure out where to clear it. GC simulator try to locate resources on a non-existing path giving me an obvious 404 error and I can't figure out why. Maybe you encountered this and there's a rapid solution.

    Here's a screenshot

  • How is performance with phonegap?

    An benchmark run to compare it to cocoon, intel xdk?

  • Knifegrinder 404 error is easy to fix, it's about to find correct path. That's all, I have a lot of pendings to do while I'm making a tutorial.

  • Hi all, I'm trying to revive this thread.

    So GameClosure didn't help me after all, actually we found another alternative:



    It's a plugin for PhoneGap, it's still unaware about the tests. I take a look about this.

  • Joannesalfa,

    I'm sorry but may i know why GameClosure didn't help you? is it not fast enough?

    because i also planning to use GameClosure or Ejecta for my game but my concern is Ads support on GameClosure or Ejecta

  • gamesura

    GameClosure works, but it has something that I couldn't integrate IAP and ads. Sorry.

    Also I dont know what happened to GameClosure, its website is down and Kiwi Run! has been removed in app store.

  • Joannesalfa

    I'm not dev'ing more mobiles right now, but I've been following the discussion on mobile export with interest. Anyway, how is WizCanvas working for you? Faster than gameclosure? Or have you got it working yet? An open source/free solution would be great...

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