I've seen the comments about C2 and CocoonJS

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  • I agree with complains about CJS. syzmek has a point.

    However Ashley has made it clear that as a company they will not tackle a Wrapper or native code exporter.

    So unless C2 get's some free love in the form of someone picking up the torch to develope a C2 IOS/Android Wrapper. Then it's not going to happen. Maybe Scirra will pick up the individual. but it's going to have to be proven first.

    So who is up for tackling the project? considering the effort.

    Personally Ejecta and Pender Android sound like the best solutions to build off of.

  • Whiteclaws

    its not i try to reinvent the road here yes the asterisk means something and its very dissapointed.if someone asks you "i want to develop an ios app should i buy construct? because it has an asterisk in the icon idont even know what ludei is?" you will answer him "yes no problem at all ludei rocks C2 is great dont hesitate?"

    -"They are like twenty at Ludei , and they can't get it done right , you want one man to do it ?"

    -But why should i care about Ludei my friend i dont even paid them.im client of scirra.i dont care if its 1 man project.hire more people or start a kickstarter campaign to achieve it.very simple

    and its not about making a native exporter for EVERY platform ios,android,etc...the etc. is useless my friend only ios and android, stuff that every drag n drop game engine already have.gm have it stencyl 3 will have it gamesalad and multimedia fusion have it.why not c2 have it?and please dont tell me that these programs cost a lot and scirra priced cheap.i tell you again if thats the problem start a kickstarter.

    Joannesalfa and we dont know how to sail for the moment.But the ability to sail a ship makes you choose the ship you will sail.if a sailor is a rookie (as most of us are) he will choose a boat with paddles!!!if he is an experienced sailor he will choose a yacht or something at least better.and i guess that now c2 has not the engine to compare to a yacht. so your comment ok it says the truth but its pointless.we can help the rookie sailor at least with the paddles and give him a little motor.its not dificult.

    i see so much "negativity" the last week in the forum for major upgrades and always answers full of false reasons that makes me wonder...

  • spy84

    if money is the matter, then I personally prefer to pay some $$$/yearly than be dependand on 3rd party solutions. Also when I saw (1st time today) Stencyl website I saw that they don't have any problems with monetization too:

    ell Your Game

    Selling your game on the App Store, Google Play or alternate stores such as Steam & Chrome Web Store is a time-tested way to make money and reach millions of potential players. Several Stencyl games have placed in the top 5 slots on the App Store.

    Seek a Sponsorship

    Sell rights to your game to a sponsor who will market the game on your behalf. Many Stencyl games have been proudly sponsored by big names (AppGratis, ArmorGames, Kongregate, Newgrounds) and small names alike.

    Sponsorships can fetch anywhere from $500 - $10,000 depending on the quality of the game and the terms.

    Go Freemium

    Games that wish to adopt a "freemium" model can use in-app purchases to provide unlockable levels & content. In addition, games can embed ads to supplement their revenue. We support iAds (iOS) and AdWhirl (Android) for mobile games, and for web games, we support Mochi, Newgrounds and CPMStar. edited><editID>szymek</editID><editDate>2013-10-01 09:32:33</editDate></edited>

  • The thing is that im expecting some answers.and i would like to see answers for native exporters for 3d objects in c2,for shadows and light in c2 but no one answers.And please i know in the past these questions have answered but every week-month we have new data to analyse (unity 2d support for example).so whats the plans for c2?native exporters in the future or 3rd party wrapper and no support for the other things i metioned before til the end of 2014?whats your plans guys?

    i think we have to know what we should expecting.

  • Right now we are pretty much as equaly frustrated with Ludei and CocoonJS as you guys are. It's not any easier even for us to get through to them, and there are some basic problems like memory management that have gone unaddressed for months. We're actively looking in to alternatives. However I must say it is actually nearly there. It's not terrible, and if they fixed memory management, the issues with audio, and a handful of other noticable bugs, then they'd have a solid platform. The problem is they seem to be struggling to achieve this and we're all getting impatient waiting.

    We are strongly opposed to developing our own engine (i.e. not a real browser engine). We think the basic approach is wrong: there are so many browser features we use that it becomes a fool's errand to try to implement everything. How many of these non-browser HTML5 engines do you know that support the Web Audio API, WebRTC, form controls, XML parsing and more? We'd rather invest in some solution using a real browser engine. And hopefully something based on this approach will turn up soon, since we know a couple of big players are working on projects in this area. If nothing turns up soon, we'll look in to it ourselves.

  • an appcelerator export, that'd be excellent.

    They already have covered iPad, iPhone and Android.

    plus, they are serious.

  • Maybe Chrome for Android is a better bet.

  • +1 for Appcelerator.

  • Maybe Chrome for Android is a better bet.

    Not really, all low-end android devices aren't able to run HTML5 games in chrome (FPS 1-4). Android app with cocoonjs could work (FPS 30).

    Appcelerator isn't strong about robust gaming.

    Besides, I'm interesed about GameClosure export, they provided an example of space blaster that Ludei couldn't port this game using cocoonjs.


  • GameClosure export, they provided an example of space blaster that Ludei couldn't port this game using cocoonjs.

    http://www.gameclosure.com/blog/2013/03/space-blaster-meets-mobileLooks nice, have you tried it? Does it support in-app purchases?

  • +1, we need the ability to export games to iOS and Android. Will a gameclosure exporter be possible?

    I'm lucky that my project is quite large, so I can afford to wait for the best mobile export solution to emerge, but it's already been quite some time.

  • I retract my previous statements about Appcelerator and Gameclosure. More than those (or others), SC2 needs Xcode export.

    Why: It's the biggest market. Established company. It's been tested for years.

  • > GameClosure export, they provided an example of space blaster that Ludei couldn't port this game using cocoonjs.

    > http://www.gameclosure.com/blog/2013/03/space-blaster-meets-mobileLooks nice, have you tried it? Does it support in-app purchases?

    ghost yes, I tested APK on my android device, runs really nice and the doc says it supports IAP.


  • I would definitely be interested in a Game Closure exporter.

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  • This is a game is using Game Closure technology, it looks like a robust game including IAP purchases, it has been done with Javascript/HTML5.

    It's not Corona SDK, neiher other frameworks for iOS. It's HTML5.


    We shouldn't wait to CocoonJS updates, it's time to deploy our games to iOS and Android with Game Closure.

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