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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.

    The issue is that native modules for nw.js need to be rebuild for every nw.js release. For us this wasn't an issue because we just stuck with one version (too many regressions in n-w at the time anyway).

    Moving forward we think the only workable way is to have greenworks automatically build for every nw.js release. I'm happy to say that the nw.js team is working towards that goal.

    amazing, thank you!! <3

    Welp, doing a clean reinstall of C2 like Ashley said and using the NW 0.10.5 that got me, I was able to make the game work! Thanks for the help guys!

    wooop! Glad you're back in business

    Sorry Ashley - but this plugin is simply not working for my game DarkBase 01.

    I spent the last 2 days working on new builds (making sure to follow all instructions) but it's just not working for me.

    Luckily, I still have my original build on Steam.

    The original build is working perfectly, with no errors whatsoever - but also without achievements.

    Maybe one day, all of Steam's features will be fully integrated into Construct without any issues (Construct 3 maybe? ) ...

    but for now, I need to prepare to release my game with what I currently have.

    Hey, Greenworks seems to be updated to 4.1! : )

    greenheartgames Super nice to see this plug-in being kept up to date, you rock guys! Thank you!


    Anyone know if the issue that requires the .exe to be called 'nw.exe' has been fixed? I don't really like the idea of doing that, it seems like it would be a bit confusing for users.

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    You'll definitely have a few users launching the game twice because of the few seconds to fire it > having the Steam error "the game is already running" > looking in the task manager > not seeing anything related to the game > trying to relaunch it again and mess with everything > post in the Steam forums about your game not working.

    Not an important issue, but yeah, it would be nice to be able to call our games with their real names in the future.

    Ashley I'd like to make a few more tests using greenworks + nw.js 12. Is it safe to just grab the new Greenworks ZIP and copy/paste on the top of the old one, or would it be safer to wait for you to package it as a C2 addon? Thx!

    You'll definitely have a few users launching the game twice because of the few seconds to fire it

    Haha, yeah I've had to do that with people. Educating them that it's going to open, just not for a while.

    Ashley are we going to seen an updated 0.4.1 c2addon anytime soon?

    I can't get the latest 0.4.1 update to work. Has anyone else had any luck with it?

    Bumpy! I'll be needing this very soon.

    I just tried my best today, but 1h later, no luck as well.

    What I did:

    • downloaded + installed NW.js V12 (latest)
    • copy/pasted Greeworks 4.1 files over the old greenworks ones in plugin/exporters/html5/greenworks
    • from C2 r200 > exported the game, named it nw.exe
    • copy/pasted my steamapi txt in the nw.exe folder + steam api.dll in the package as usual.
    • result at launch: black screen.

    Did you had more luck since your last post, Ashley?

    I still got a few Linux and Mac users who have trouble to launch the game on their computers. I'd love to make some tests with the last NW.js to see if it could help them.

    Hi, guys!

    Sorry to bump this, but any luck with getting the plugin operational again?


    +1, hope a solution can be found soon. I can't rely on 10.5 at all anymore, the game often refuses to load up at all on mac and linux.

    Same here, I'd love to keep 10.5 for Windows, and try the latest NW.js for Mac and Linux to see if it fixes some problems these users have. Also, Penelope is launching in its full release in a week, so, eer, bump bump bump! : )

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