Experimental Greenworks plugin

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    I need a link to the real plugin download cause the ones on here are not working. All I get is some webfile. I need the real plugin files.

    I did it!!! You have to grab and drop this c2addon file into the fUCKING Construct 2 window to install it. Who the Hell thought of that with no instructions what so ever?!!! lol

    What is the difference between this plugin and https://www.scirra.com/store/construct2 ... am4c2-2545 ? Besides this plugin being official and free of course, what's the difference in features? Thank you.

    I am testing my game in Steam and the achievement is granted, but I do not get any notification while playing.

    I only found out when I returned to my steam library (where it also shows how many achievements you have obtained per game).

    I tested in a resizable window, without the kiosk exported option.

    C3 is used to build and export.

    When testing in full screen, I do see the notification.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on what I should do to make the achievement notification be visible while playing in a window?

    Or does Steam perhaps not support notifications in a window?

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    Ashley - this is incredible. I can confirm it works. I got the achievement on the mac version, about to reset my achievements for my steam user and test again on the windows version now. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY COOL and infinite thank you from me. I've been dreaming of this since i was first in greenlight in January So amped the day is here.

    Came up with the notification box and everything. <3

    Thank you again

    Hi How do I prove the achievements? because I put the game in steam and now that the achievement is done I can not edit ... Steam does not let you reset the achievements.

    Closing this thread now. It's 4 years old, 40 pages long, and the information is no longer up-to-date.

    Please find the Greenworks plugin now on the Addon Exchange:

    For Construct 2: https://www.construct.net/construct-2/addons/83/greenworks

    For Construct 3: https://www.construct.net/make-games/addons/84/greenworks

    If you have further questions about the Greenworks plugin please start new forum threads.

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