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    Ashley yes, I know, it was just I was manually updating the Node-Webkit files as the Scirra installer isn't quite up-to-date.

    Ya like Silverforce said, I've done everything as instructed, it just happens to the occasional user for some reason.

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    Would greatly appreciate it if you would add my game DarkBase 01

    You can find it here:

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =378040835

    Thank you, the support of all of you is greatly appreciated <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    andreyin SgtConti

    I read, re-read, and re-re-read this topic, and I can't understand why the overlay is not showing in Penelope. Would you have time for a bit of help?

    • I'm using C2 r186.2, greenworks 3 alpha, and nodewebkit 10.5

    - Achivements work fine and that's super nice.

    - Steam launches a .bat with "nw.exe --ignore-gpu-blacklist --in-process-GPU" in it.

    - the game is named nw.exe. The steam_appid.txt is there too.

    - I added the Steam Api.dll to the package.nw

    - I added the "--in-process-GPU" argument at the end of the package.json, with all the chromium args.

    • I don't have a package-win.json file. (< problem?)

    Any idea? The game is set to be released in 2 days, I would love to get this overlay working : )

    Thanks a lot!

    After reading again the comments on the Greenworks dev page, it seems that having a .bat is blocking the chromium arguments.

    Overlay works fine if I remove it (yeah!), so I'm doing it this way for now.

    But I'm a bit worried to not have the .bat featuring the "ignore gpu blacklist" tag ...Does this sound dangerous to you guys?

    You can add ignore gpu blacklist into the chromium args in package.json & package-win.json (I have both versions dunno why, I require it in package-win.json).

    Oh, fantastic news then, because ignore gpu blacklist is already there by default in package.json.

    Problem solved, thanks a lot ! : )

    Aurel Glad to be of help, your game, announced early last year was my inspiration to try harder personally, to aim higher than I was comfortable with at the time.

    Thanks for being a bright beacon for us all (small-time C2 gamedevs)! Looking forward to playing the heck out of TNP once its on Steam!

    ps. Hopefully we get Steam Cloud & Trading Cards in Greenworks! Would a re-write would be required to put LocalStorage (Save) into the same folder as the NW exported game for Steam to sync, Ashley ?

    Silverforce, Steam cloud is working for me without anything required on scirra's part. hit me up via email

    Will do! Mailing you for the secret sauce right now!

    That's super kind of you. To be really honest, aiming way higher than I was comfortable with is exactly what I've done. And to be even more honest here, I still don't how the code is actually working. It still was buggy as hell one month ago, now it's pretty stable, it's a freaking miracle. I really have to thank many people in this community for the great help. Thanks guys, really.

    Also, I asked to 80bit to share his secret sauce as well. I won't have time to implement the cloud saves now, I have to freeze the code, but I'll try to do it shortly.

    Cloud saves dont require code, let me know if you got my email Aurel

    8 Days late to the party but yeah, Steam Cloud is an easy thing that do not require any changes in the Greenworks plugin.

    The same goes for Trading Cards

    Aurel you can also add the arguments in the Launch Option then you can modify it without having to upload an update.

    At least that is how I've done it ^^

    Thanks! I've been told how to add the cloud saves, this is indeed pretty easy : )

    Thanks for the launch option as well , I wasn't aware of this!

    Does anyone know if this works on the NW 0.12.0 alpha? Or whether there's plans for an update to 0.12.0.

    I've got a steam ID ready but 0.12.0 is the only version I can get the game running on smoothly.

    I get serious pauses on 0.10.5 and 0.11.X was a right off.

    what you guys have done here is amazing by the way!

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