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  • Ok, i have just 1 pb with Ejecta.

    By the way, the last stable version works well, but i have the same pb that HolloThreat with the last Beta, it just simple doesn't work (same error message).

    So obviously, the best one to use for the moment if you have that error is the last stable one.

    My big pb of the moment, is that everything works perfectly with Ejecta, except one thing : when my game is running, if i push home, go back to the desktop, and return to my game, this one freezes a few seconds and crashes.

    It's maybe nothing, or a thing easy to fix, but I don't know at all how to fix it.

    I'm using the last version of Xcode.

    Does anyone else have that pb too ?

  • That's ok, I found !

    For both in fact.

    To not have that crash, and to be able to use the last beta, you have simply to set "enable webgl" on "off" in C2.

    Like that, no more crash when you come back to the game, and you can use the last beta :)

  • goldentreee thanks for the export tutorial! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    now i know i did everything right, just need xcode 5 hehe

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  • hollowthreat : welcome :)

    I think i was too much tired last evening, and i mixed between all my versions of Ejecta, so yes, it corrects the bug of the home button crash, but not allow to use the beta. I suppose you're right and you need Xcode 5 for that, but you can use the stable version at the moment, which works perfectly with Xcode 4.6.3

    I updated the tuto on the point.

  • Howdy, I'm new to this whole ejecta business so bare with me! I was using cocoon until the recent update destroyed it and now I'm searching for testing alternatives. I thought I was golden with Ejecta until I tried to open the "Ejecta.xcodeproj" and run my game.

    here are my issues...

    in the tutorial picture of xcode the tab at the top of the program says "Ejecta>iOS Device." Mine says "Base SDK Missing"

    and I get these errors when I build/run...

    No architectures to compile for (ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=YES, active arch=i386, VALID_ARCHS=armv6 armv7).


    Code Signing Identity 'iPhone Developer' does not match any valid, non-expired, code-signing certificate in your keychain.

    can someone please help!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so close... yet so far away

  • goldentreee you r right! i got the stable version to work on xcode 4.6.3!! yay! and getting 30fps in simulator, i guess thats okay?

    touch control isnt working properly on iphone simulator tho, ipad is fine, weird.... and i get white bar on bottom and right side of 4" iphone simulator.

    i'd also like to point out some problem i experienced before, some might run into the same problem as i did... you cant have space in your folder name when you run EjectaXporter_2d, also no space in folder name in xcode, sometimes it gives me errors on cant find some files in ejecta folder.

  • LargeMarge :

    Well, i'm really far away to be a specialist of xcode, but maybe it is that you have just to update Xcode : go to xcode>preferences>downloads>components and check for the updates, and be sure you have downloaded and installed everything. Be sure to have the latest version of Xcode available too (4.6.3).

    Me it was written that in the tutorial's picture cause my ipod was not connecetd when i took the picture. Normally, your device appears, or a simulator, and you can chose between them.


    I never use the simulator, always real devices, so i can't really help you on that point. I can just say that at my end, i have no problem at all with touch controls, even on my ipod4 :). Maybe like LargeMarge, check the update section of xcode, who knows.

    Good thing to know for the names ! :) (even if personnaly, i never put spaces in my names, wherever, i tend to put a "_". i took that habit when i learned some actionscript a loooong time ago lol)

    For the FPS, it says in the Ejecta help page that it's not recommanded to use the simulator to know it : normaly, you will have better ones with a real devices they say, but i never verified. Maybe that's why you have strange things too by the way.

  • goldentreee thanks for your reply, i noticed the simulator is not so reliable, response differently on every device setting... now i know ejecta is my solution, i should really get an developer account, excited! :)

  • Hi Guys, this Ejecta is looking really promising!

    CJS has been pretty good up to date as well, except I just can't seem to get In Game Purchases working. I guess it works pretty well here then? Is there enough documentation to get IGPs and In Game Ads working? If so I might look at this as another option to CJS.

  • Ejecta seem not support the Browser condition on resumed and on suspended.It can't do the pause game when back to the main menu.

  • Nofish :

    I've never used that, and i'm not sure of what you mean by "main menu", but maybe it's the same pb that when you push the "home" button : have you tried with "enable Webgl" on "off" in C2 ?

    Some bugs just disappear if you don't use webgl.

    Otherwise it's nice to know, and probably like with Cocoon, they are some limitations on some points that we will discover as more people use it, i guess. :)

  • I finally got Xcode running, got a Apple dev id, and my game compiles, and loads up on the ipad.

    Problem: aside from the ejecta logo, nothing seems to happen. Any suggestions? It runs in Cocoonjs.

    [edit] sometimes after logo things go black. Then nothing.

  • when you export your game disable Minify script

  • Yes, I did turn off minify. It does compile in xcode.

    To clarify this statement: yes, I already turned off minify before compiling the project.

    Still a black screen after the logo.

    Any tips?

  • Try disabling your plugins one by one Rayek, and try to make a new game based only on C2 plugins so you can see if it works ;]

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