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  • 0plus1

    How to use Ejecta? I follow the tip on GitHub.And build IPA file running on iphone4s,but after logo screen there was on only black screen.Did i miss something?

    Is there some detailed tutorials to know how to use Ejecta.

    Thanks in advance.

    I was so impatient on waiting for the cocoonjs update.

  • Nofish

    1 - Download ejecta, ejecta plugin by 0plus1 and fnr findandreplace.codeplex.com

    2 - Plugin goes into exporters folder. Use it as you seen fit.

    3 - Export your game WITHOUT minimizing to HTML5 default

    4 - After that go to the export folder. Place fnr.exe here and the EjectaXporter_2d.bat found inside _exporters folder.

    5 - Run the bat, wait for it to end.

    6 - Copy the following files

    Media Directory

    Images directory



    7 - Extract the ejecta main file. Paste the copied files inside the App folder.

    8 - In the XCODE project, change your build id. If you need to change the orientation DON?T change using the XCODE default, it will bug. Instead, go to Resources > Info.plist and set the Initial Interface Orientation to the one you need.

    9 - Set all the other silly xcode stuff.

    10 - Build! ;D

    I?m still trying to make IAP work, does anyone know how to create a product inside sandbox?

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  • Thanks a lot! It works.

    3 - Export your game WITHOUT minimizing to HTML5 default

    I export minimizing HTML5 file cause that issue.

  • I?m glad it helped! If you figure out a way of doing inn app purchases in the sandbox mode, please tell me ;]

  • 0plus1 I am developing my first iOS game. I've been doing a lot of reading but wanted to get opinions from people who have actually done it. Initially I am just aiming to have it work well with the iphone and I was wondering what you both did for setting up margins and layout size for your apps. Did you start the margin with the iphone 5 screen size of 640�1136 or use the smaller size of the iphone 4s at 640x960? I have read the tutorials for developing for multiple screen sizes but was just wondering if you had any pointers that you found about HUD placement and what to expect between the multiple screen sizes and if you ran into any problems. Also I've read that you have to provide retina and unretina size art when developing games. Is that true in your experience or does construct take care of resizing artwork depending on the iphone/ipad using the app. Thank you for any incite!

  • lazybed Hi there! Well, actually we?re having a bit of a problem with the resolution size. I?ve started the project with the resolution of the iphone 3g 320x480 and used the letterbox scale mode inside C2.

    We?ve tested in iphone 4s, iphone 3gs and on the new ipad without problems except that there?s a white border showing on the bottomof the ipad, because of the ratio differences, but I think I can work something out using the anchor behavior on the GUI elements.

    About the retina sized art, I didn?t have any problems with that yet, but I?ve not yet sent the app for apple approval.

    I think this process is automatic, here?s what the manual has to say:

    Use iOS retina display

    If retina display is used, the game will render using the full resolution of the device, and the window width and height will be double (so you must support different window sizes - see supporting multiple screen sizes). If not used, the game will render at the lower resolution.

    Maybe Ashley can give a better answer about the retina display issue?

  • Thank you for the incite you've had so far. I just reread this article and it's making more sense now that I heard your answer. Not sure if you've seen it or not. here is the link. The second page goes over anchoring objects and the like scirra.com/tutorials/73/supporting-multiple-screen-sizes

    I guess there isn't a simple answer to it. Starting at the smallest screen size of the 3gs makes sense with the retina display option since it does resize art for bigger screens. And then just figuring out what parts to anchor and having a big enough background to cover the stretching of ipad to 4:3 ratio or the stretch on the iphone 5.

  • I use scale outer mode. Only adjust Y position of HUD.

    Calculate adjust distance by windows size

    And set HUD position at layoutstart

    for example:

    Default screen size: 1136 X 640

    on layout start ->


  • sorry miss some content.

    for example:

    Default screen size: 1136 X 640

    on layout start ->


    if WindowWidth/WindowHeight < 1136/640

    set adjust_Y=defaultHeight/2-defaultWidth/WindowWidth*WindowHeight/2

    set HUD y default Y + adjust_Y (HUD on top)

    set HUD y default Y - adjust_Y (HUD on bottom)

  • Nofish Thank you for the answer. Have you been able to test that on any smaller screen sizes to see if there is any negative effects such as the iphone 3gs 320x480 or iphone 4/4s 640x960 size? I am wondering if the smaller screen sizes would cutoff a lot of the screen if you start at the larger size layout of the iphone 5 or if it properly adjusts. Just trying to figure out best practice for starting out if its better to use iphone 5 size or use the smallest size iphone 3gs and letting construct scale it up for everything else like had done.

  • I did not test on iphone 3gs.

    My project default screen size was 1136*640.And I test it on phone 4s and IPAD1.It show perfect.

    You can also and do some Calculate to adjust X postiton.

    Use Anchor behavior to adjust HUD is not a good way. You will see the HUD flash to the position when layout start.

  • <img src="http://i43.tinypic.com/2mhamh1.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://i42.tinypic.com/333inly.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/2jahw2g.png" border="0" />

    The out range you can use some tiledbackground.

  • Nofish thank you for the insight ;]

  • I can't provide any help solving issues - one of the factors it's so time-consuming and annoying dealing with DOM-less google is because there are no excellent debugging resources like Firefox has.

  • Nofish Thank you. Your game looks fun, is it available to play online or in the app store yet? I see what you mean by the screen shots how the size works out on different iphones and ipad. How large did you have to make your character sprites/tiles, 64x64?

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