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  • Congrats guys. you are all doing a great job. Including the developers on Ejecta. Is it more than just the individual who was doing ImpactJS?

  • juantar I tried WebGL on my game, it works, but there are some issues. First of all it seems slower on my iPhone4, I see that you have an iPhone5 who have an incredible processor, I wait for other people input, from my perspective WebGL is slower than 2d canvas.

    I tried some effects and most of them doesn't work.

    It would be useful to make a list of supported effects.

  • Ejecta is very exciting following this thread for updates. IOS with high performance and HQ game, my dream :D

  • indeed it is, next week I'll release the plugin I've used to publish Pigs in the Oven on the App Store!

  • Congrats 0plus1 very great job about wrapping!

  • Great !

    It's so nice to see that there is a possible alternative to CocoonJS.

    I just discover Ejecta, so I will try it :)

    Does it supports the layout by layout loading ? If yes, it would just be awesome :)

  • Please 0plus1 continue to update this project.

    Have you news about the in-app plugin?

    Thanks see later ..

  • So i've made my first tries with Ejecta, and it looks very great.

    It's a bit complicated to put an app on a device, but if even me was able to do it, everyone can :)

    I tried a level i've done, on an ipod4 (it's a platformer, fullscreen, not optimised at its fullest, so i know the fps are not very good on that device, but it was just to do a quick try).

    And the results i had in xcode with the instruments are :

    (i don't know if the use of cpu is important but i put it)


    ram use : around 42 mb

    fps : between 30-50 (ok to play that specific project).

    % of cpu use : 70-75

    Ejecta :

    ram use : around 21 mb (!)

    fps : between 27-35 (like cocoon enought to make it still playable)

    % of cpu use : 40-60

    Well, it's just a quick try, but i think it shows that Ejecta can be very interesting, depending of the project, cause it's dealing really better with the ram usage, wich is, as long as dynamic memory usage is not supported, a very important point on mobile devices to me.

    I've done another try just with a scene and a tile on it, i didn't save the results, but it was the same : Ejecta was making me winning 10 mb of memory and was using less cpu.

    So it seems that the more you use things, the more the difference of usage of ram is big between the 2 software.

    I'm not at all a specialist of technical things, so maybe my tries are crap ones lol, and if someone can do better "real" ones it would be great, but in my case, Ejecta seems to be a better option than cocoon at the moment (and my tiles were perfectly drawn by Ejecta), cause the difference in the fps is not visible in the game itself, and i win a lot of ram.

  • Very interesting. Has anyone tested memory management with WebGL? Would that explain the reduction in ram use?

    I'd also be interested if anyone can do some physics benchmarking.

  • goldentreee very interesting infos.


    PS: but both systems no have any implementation of dynamic memory loading method? also CocoonJS?

  • NaSTy : If i'm right, it needs webgl to work, that mobiles don't support, but the thing that Ejecta has, and that cocoon will have in the next update (it's too long to wait for them all the time, to my opinion, but i hope this next update will be there soon and work well, cause i like cocoonjs too).

    I need to do more tests, but it seems to me that the dynamic memory thing is not used yet by Ejecta, but i have not done real tries to see.

    I wonder too if it deals well with saves.

    I'm not far enough in my prject to have tried to work on that point, and i've never done a save yet in C2, so if anyone with a projet that use webstorage can try to see if it works, it would be great (otherwise i will try later at my end).

  • goldentreee Thanks a lot for your explanation.

    Next week i will do some tests too using Ejecta.

    I hope that 0plus1 will continue to post other useful infos and also news about IAP feature :)

    Thanks ..

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  • This is interesting. How did I miss this thread? I'll have to give it a test...

    I'm on the github site of Ejecta. Pardon my ignorance, but where do you exactly grab the latest build? Seems a bit confusing.

  • Yes correct, the only way to obtain the very latest source is using github (pulling out from reposity the latest commits):


    and they working on some issues like:


    as you can see there is also "our" 0plus1 that reported some issues :)

  • I thought there was no interest in this.. now you changed my mind!

    The plugin is ready to go, I published this game itunes.apple.com/us/app/pigs-in-the-oven/id549867465 with Ejecta and my plugin.

    Now I upload everything to github.

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