Crosswalk Performance Mega-thread

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  • Hi imaffett

    Under some project folders now I have a "plugins" folder, but not in all of my project folders.

    What's it is purpose?

  • where do i put this --xwalk-command-line="--ignore-gpu-blacklist" ?

  • ex32

    No you can't, must be done by intel XDK team, i tried to write this command by myself but it didn't work.

  • ex32 and Egyptoon - correct. This is on the todo list for our team to complete.

  • imaffett, Is Intel planning to release a XDK version that we can change this configuration?

  • imaffett

    Waiting for the integration of command line within intel XDK , can you please tell me when can i expect this update to ignore-gpu-blacklist and Crosswalk 14 ?

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  • Egyptoon - I was just told that all our builds have ignore-gpu-blacklist on by default.

    As to the Scia fix, I do not have a definite date currently. I'm hoping to hear back soon. They are trying to upstream the change, but that is a long process. A backport may be made to a version now to speed it up.

  • imaffett, as soon as you have news, please let us know!

  • I'm posting this not to promote any other software programs but just to give a short review on the performance of games made using Biuldbox software on Android, compared to C2 + intel XDK

    please test this APK, it's just a fast test on performance using the same assets from my Game Propaganda. ... a.apk?dl=0


    * The APK size is just 5 mb instead of 23 mb using C2 + Crosswalk + intel xdk

    * The performance is just amazing! no glitches even with banner ads displayed!, no sound delay.

    * No need for any plugins, i just added the Leaderboard ID and ad units ids, and every thing is working just perfect.

    * No programming at all!

    * Physics engine is AMAZING and so powerful even on old devices.

    * Games run on almost every device supporting android 2.3 and up.

    * You can export to android, ios, windows, and Amazon


    *VERY limited software, it's just a template! you just import your assets and adjust some parameters, you can't build anything not included within those templates, just Bouncing, Flappy thing, Runner, jumping games, you can't even make a health bar!!!

    * VERY VERY VERY expensive!

    BUT: you can make very powerful games that looks very professional faster than C2!

    Very limited ? YES, and useless if you're planning to make your very OWN game styles

    If just C2 can export games like Buildbox does, I'm ready to pay 3000 USD for it !

    and AGAIN: i'm posting this because i need C2 to export for mobile phones just like Buildbox and i gave you a downloadable example.

  • Egyptoon

    Please apply for beta

    stable Canvas+ with native AdMob ads will rock

    (but now we have to find and report all bugs)

  • Egyptoon


    Ummpf, what a tension the last weeks!

    Its hard to broke the own projects at the moment because of the technical problems

    I am very hopeful about Cocoon!

  • szymek

    Direct AdMob ads or via MoPub network ?!

    Thanks for telling me about this, i added my email to the waiting list.

  • 1 Payment of $2,675.00? Yeah right!

  • BasicTribe

    I'm still don't believe in HTML5 games on mobile phones, but I'll try the new Cocoon for sure.

    I just amazed the performance of games made with Buildbox using the same assets from my game, 100% native and gave me a huge performance boost and very smooth animations!

    The Huge problem about Buildbox is the lack of programming! no event sheet, no code, nothing! just drag and drop your assets and tweak some parameters! this software is not designed for real game makers, may be for kids i don't really know.

    There are many limitations, you can't design your own games, you can't imagine and create your imaginations as it is.

    I can make that using C2 where there is no limitations at all.

    The point is: Ashly will never listen, he will never make a native exporter and will depend forever on 3rd party plugins and other software programs to export for mobile phones.

    The performance of Buildbox games broke my heart, i really need this in C2.

  • Iolva

    As I said before, it's very VERY expensive BUT I'm ready to pay if C2 can give me the same stability and performance.

    Why? because i can earn that money from my 1st game if it runs that smooth on almost every device.

    Search Google play for these games made with Buildbox: Bounce, The line ZEN

    the physics performance is unbelievable!

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