Crosswalk Performance Mega-thread

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  • Well, is always the same history with some users :/

  • Egyptoon

    with Ludei's Atomic Plugins you can use native AdMob ads in

    I have tested them and they are working well; and now, as in Cordova, you will get 2 APKs: one for ARM processors and one for Intel processors; my 5-6 MB zip files are changed into 12 MB APKs, so it's much better than in Crosswalk; and it's still fast <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    however it's still beta, so people are finding bugs, and Ludei is fixing them

    anyway: I have just tested one of my super simple apps using Chromium, technology advised by Scirra: 1 object with 1 sine behavior (moving left and right) and even this was not smooth on Android. LOL.

    It seems that Ludei treats us more serious. And they do it for free.

  • Just a heads up. Google has acknowledged the performance issue and are working on their own patch.

  • CW 13.42.319.11 is the stable version now! And, of course Intel XDK is still using a beta version of CW 12. I hope we can start using Visual Studio soon.

  • i just found that the new cocoon is very complicated and there are no tutorials showing how to use it.

    no hope in C2.

  • i guess programming and dev isn't for you egyptoon. it's a tough job, if you want everything on one click to go - then maybe you should reconsider your hobby/job.

    p.s. real games (AAA) have over 1 million lines of code. i wonder if you could keep up with that. probably not. you can't keep even with c2.

  • i guess programming and dev isn't for you egyptoon. it's a tough job, if you want everything on one click to go - then maybe you should reconsider your hobby/job.

    p.s. real games (AAA) have over 1 million lines of code. i wonder if you could keep up with that. probably not. you can't keep even with c2.

    Yeah, you have to think now if all of this is what you want because you have a lot of problems even with a flappy bird game

  • Iolva


    who have problems?! me?!!

    The software you bought have so many problems, and again: give me one (just single one) game made with C2 and works on mobile phones without problems, talking about the number of downloads, again: give me just one popular game made with C2 and have over 100k downloads.

    simply C2 is NOT for mobile phones.

    I don't have any problems with Buildbox right now regards its limitations.

    BTW, again: check "the line zen" and "Bounce" games, both made with Buildbox and have more than 1 million downloads.

    just install them and test the performance and stability on ANY device.

    About my job, yea you are both right.

    Here is my job:

    independent animated film director, Certified YouTube partner, Cartoonist, Character designer and motion designer.

    SO, when i decided to make games i looked for a software that makes me focus on those things, my real job, and C2 supposed to give me that and it gives me that only on web, not mobile phones.

    why should i repeat what i said before so many times?! you are testing on modern mobile phones that can run anything, try a torture test device and see what performance you get then.

    The native exporter will be the final solution of all those endless problems.

    My problem is exactly yours, so you'll never make a single popular game using C2 because it'll NOT work on at least 60% of your target users' phones and will have a very poor rating on the market because of that.

    i don't have any problems using the software itself and I've many working games that run perfectly on my website, because C2 is for web ONLY, html5 games are for WEB only and it'll be that way for a very long time.


  • Well, I don't have a game with 100k or more... One have less, a lot less downloads on google play. But the game we are finishing now works on more than 60% of our target devices - Android 4.1 and higher. We have only an issue with one device so far - Lava Iris 455 (Android 4.1.1) - game is loading and visible in the background but after about a second screen turns black and nothing works. Rest of our test devices works just fine. And I'm using quite a few third party plugins, IAP, Ads, a lot of sprite, sprite fonts, tilemaps, arrays, dictionaries, families and more. No issues here with CW.

    If something is not working for you then there's a reason for investigation, why it's not working.

  • shinkan

    what are you talking about ?! there is a huge performance issues with Crosswalk for months now and everyone is waiting for a fix!

    even a very simple flappy bird game can't run at 60fps.

    check the previous posts on this thread.

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  • Egyptoon

    I'm aware of all issues with crosswalk. But i'm not noticing any of this in my current project on devices we test the game on (except that one). All build I made in last 3 weeks with CW7 - CW10 works for us and all our testers very nicely and smoothly, there are occasional frame drops but nothing to be worried or concerned about.

  • shinkan

    Crosswalk 7 will give you the best performance but you aren't able to publish your game on GooglePlay because of an OpenSSL issue that won't be fixed.

    CW10 have a huge performance issue, try another test device, or publish your game and get tons of crashes reports and complaints.

  • shinkan

    have you ever seen 100% smooth sine behavior in Crosswalk?

    just 1 object + sine behavior...

  • szymek

    I didn't use sine behavior for long time xD but LiteTween work fine

    Maybe that's the thing, I usually just use Fade, Pin, LiteTween and all the movement I making myself in events

  • shinkan

    on Cocoon sine behavior works quite well - so the point is that Crosswalk always will be much bigger and much slower than Cocoon. And no one - at least Scirra - cares about that. Anyway: thanks for tips about LiteTween.

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