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  • Egyptoon Like you said check it out. I did Samsung Galaxy 6,5, galaxy Tab 3, Nokia Lum 650 Sony and HTC all them had fault with sound and CPU problem. Don't tell me works fine. I know what I am talking about. My Companies employees ABM Computers also told me same thing when I asked them to check it out. We at ABM Computer do not say terrible or appalling software. I have running ABM since 1986 and always stand by good product. In my conclusion and reasoning with G*** M**** is High-priced at same time Construct 2 is reasonable, sensible price tag. No add on to buy for exporting for Android.

  • SPY84 sorry, I own ABM Computers and I know what I am talking about. I have seen more Christmas, and hot dinners. what have you done in your life playing games. I will give credit where it due and not in some software where there is no value for money. C2 is worth every penny. Therefore my advice to SPY 84 go and spy on yo yo and let me know whats going on

  • Lordshiva1948

    No way because i tested my game on those devices if you want me to share the GooglePlay analytics for those devices and android versions you mentioned above i'll be happy to do.

  • Please do so

  • Lordshiva1948 ok i will answer to you having in mind that you are not a troll (cause i doubt about it)

    first of all i test too his game both in my cellphones one with android 4.1 and the other with 5.0.1 (rooted) dual core the first, quad core the other and my tablet (cpu rockchip 3066 4.1 android mali gpu) without a problem at all .

    Egyptoon game is running smoothly..

    Lordshiva1948 Now if you test your game with your samsung s6 and you've got problems sorry to tell you but if my 3 years old tablet and 2 years old smartphone is better than your S6 then i think someone sell you a Chinese S6. If your sure that your phone is not a clone then probably you're lying and i dont find a logical reason for this...

    2nd) with your "experience" and your "Christmas" and "hot baths" its truly a great mistake when you compare 2 products C2 and GM based in their price. You see when you said "some software where there is no value for money" is so ridiculous. Watching games like "hyper light drifter", "titan rush", "crashlands", "savant-ascent" just few of games made with GM with thousands of downloads (except hyper light drifter its still in dev stage) both in steam and android/ios..

    At this moment GM is in another level thats my opinion i cant afford it because of its price and i find it more complicated than C2.

    3rd) maybe you are the owner of IBM sorry i mean ABM that's good for you. Of course in the page of your ABM since 1986 you wrote :

    "We at ABM Computers are very proud and delighted to recommend and highly urge for you to use Construct 2 game developer software for creating games for any platform. Android, IPAD, Tablets, to name few."

    From when tablet is a platform??? tablet uses platforms or operating systems like android, ios, blackberry or windows... not to mention that your employees left your site only with the first page full the other three pages in your site are blank so tell them stop fooling around testing Egyptoon game in their hightech chinese clones S6 and S5 and make some games to promote your company...

    please go troll somewhere else dont be a fanboy and leave Egyptoon say what he thinks. listen to me "i know whats going on"

  • SPY 84 that is what you said you cant afford GM and you only play games. you do not wish to do something about your life and future. I have stopped my employee to extend web site cos I have google full account that do my adds and more. Grow up spy84 and I would advise you to go and work for MI 5 or 6 with spy tag

  • icant afford gm cause i have other priorities. anyways you are a waste of my time go to a clinic you need some help...

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  • SPY84 Subject close and I have been to clinic and Doctor Ashley, Tom, Julian said I am fine but, these doctors told me please do not take this subject further. Subject close. SPY84 where do you live I will send you fund for GM if you say nicely. I could do that for poor spy84

  • I can't seem to find a good answer to this: do the experts on here recommend building with the shared or the embedded Crosswalk runtime?

    I saw a post which suggested that a message popping up saying they need to download the Crosswalk runtime would make most users just delete the game. I suppose I tend to agree with that. What do you think?

  • Egyptoon I'm actually very Impressed. That's the fastest and smoothest running Game Maker APP I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

    Very Tempting...


    Many thanks for your comment about my game.

    game maker studio is on sale right now (half the price)

    225 USD for the GameMaker professional + android exporter + Android YOYO compiler

    the last one is to achieve a better performance but i didn't test it yet! Propaganda game has been compiled using the standard Android exporter only!

    The performance is great because it is a native app and the small resolution 800 X 480.

    with YOYO compiler the code will be translated into c++ during exporting which is much faster on mobile phones.

    Those downloads and good ratings came from my YouTube channel audience

    check it out

    i've 620K subscribers who can support me in making games.

    i know that Propaganda isn't that good to have such rating but your fans can support you and encourage you to be better, so they gave me 4 or 5 stars to say (this is good enough as a start, keep making better games for us)

    and again : i'm not saying that to support YOYO Games in any way. because "ANY" software that can export natively will give you a great performance on mobile devices.

    as i said before many times: C2 is more than great in making HTML5 games for websites (only) , but it's not for mobile phones.

    Ashly refuses to allow native export for C2.

    Gdevelop software is very similar to C2, but it's open source and free, they are working now on a native exporter for mobile phones, when they finish it, no one will use C2 anymore.

  • Egyptoon: Thank you for your info, by the way i installed your game since you worked on C2, the latest update very Impressed, so smooth and light. I just said.. "woww.... !!!"

    I have a question about GM, but please read about my game:

    I used to Clickteam for my game, my game is customable face, using user face that load image on gallery or camera and then use alpha channel to make it as character's face in the game. However, I success to load external image (gallery or camera) using Clickteam but failed to used alpha channel because Clickteam lack of this feature. That's why i asked to refund several months ago.

    Now about GM, as far as i know, GM is sandboxed, it can't load file browser or opening external images in the android device. Can you confirm this?? I just googled and no one can success to open file browser on android device as my game is customable character's face

    For this moment, i still using C2 because it has all features (using file chooser plugin and support alpha channel). Just little issue about high CPU usage on crosswalk...

  • nikosurfing

    Thanks for your comment

    Frankly i didn't make this before, but i found a function in GMS: get_open_filename(filter, fname); it MAY do what you're asking for.

    here is an example but I've no idea if it works on mobile devices :-

    did you checked the needed permissions using Clickteam fusion ?

  • Egyptoon

    Thanks for the info!

  • Egyptoon : opening file gallery or camera in clickteam is not the problem, the problem is Clickteam lack of alpha channel support for mobile (alpha channel needed for my game for masking face). Also, the transition not working on mobile. It officialy confirmed by fernando on their forum.

    Looks like i stick on C2 at the moment, you know GM so complicated and need more time to learn programming, i prefered Unity instead.

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