Crosswalk Performance Mega-thread

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  • yeah, but those issues are not XDK or crosswalk faults. CW takes what google have, and XDK takes what CW have ultimate circle of doom xD

    Bigger files? so what? 17mb for a game is not bad at all. Android games from UE4 are like ~60mb by default

    We not living in 90s anymore, 20mb for a game is not the end of the world

  • exactly. and they released heartstone for android - 1.5GB. so what?

  • give me just one popular game made with C2 and have over 100k downloads.

    simply C2 is NOT for mobile phones.

    That's just silly. Just because there are no games (that you know of) made with C2 that have over 100k downloads, doesn't mean it isn't possible.

    Most of the mobile games I've seen made with this engine are android only (which is a very difficult platform to be successful with on its own) and are not marketed properly at all. Not to mention the quality of most of them are very poor.

    You can't get a bunch of downloads if you don't put the effort in.

  • vybr

    Do you know what MARKETING is ?!

    (Frankly i can't believe that i have to repeat what i just said again and again and again!, unbelievable !!! )

    AGAIN: Phases, The line zen, Bounce (1 million downloads on GooglePlay)

    The line zen (number 1 on ios)

    The Impossible Prism, Flite and more on ios.

    Forget about the downloads number, give me just SINGLE one game made with C2 and runs on mobile phones without performance issues!

    Forget about all, make this : one solid color square having a sine behavior with empty background and make it run on mobile phones smoothly! simply you CAN'T with C2. (and please don't cheat using a super powerful device for this super simple app)

    To show what C2 is capable of on mobile you MUST give me a showcase, where is the showcase of C2 on mobile phones ?!!!

    You say C2 is perfect for mobile phones, OK, SHOW ME !!!

  • Which one mobile phones are super powerful?

    I just made what you said "one solid color square having a sine behavior with empty background" and added extra sprite font to display some info

    Tested on two devices I had in front of me: 3 years old Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.3) and Sony Xperia something (Android 4.1). Both are not new and not powerful at all, just plain mobile phones from previous era xD

    Build in XDK 1995 with CW12

    On both devices: webgl is on, cpu usage 4-5%, fps 60. all works fine, nice and smooth.

    Here are capx and apk files

  • Egyptoon :

    It's not fair if you compare construct 2 and buildbox. It answered by the price of it. If you like game made by buildbox then you can go of it. One Payment of buildbox is $2,675.00 very cheap with template game maker like that.

  • shinkan

    Who choosed Chromium? Me, you or Ashley? Scirra chosed technology that sucks now, that will be ready around hmm... 2016? 2017? And that's why serious devs AVOID Construct 2.

    If you would have $$$ to invest: would you prefer to use Construct 2 with Scirra's "take no responsability" policy OR rather pay more and hire Unity developer? HINT: We both know the answer Especially when you would work in serious company. And your job position would rely on success/fail of new game.

    And about filesizes: you forgot that we are talking about mobile games. And mobile internet is still expensive in many countries. For example: 1 GB for 5 dollars. That's why many users are looking at app size. And many users would not download game that is too big (unless it is AAA game). Soo... bigger APK = less downloads.

    Anyway: thanks for APK. I have mobile with 26.000 points in ANTUTU and your square test shows:


    Mali-450 MP

    6-8% CPU

    55-58 FPS

    And no, it's not 100% butter smooth. Never 60 fps.

    Soo... seriously? It's just 1 red square.

    Anyway there were already so many similar discussions so nevermind. Nothing will change.

    Why? Because there is no corelation between good working games and Scirra's income. That's plain business reality. If Unity games would suck - then Unity team would not get $$$ from angry developers. If C2 games would suck - then Scirra still has money from monthly/yearly education payments. So why bother? Scirra can wait till Ludei/Google/Intel/Microsoft/whatever will do work.

  • To say C2 doesnt work for mobiles is not 100% true, its not perfect but Ludei's canvas+ really does an amazing job overall..just sucks that some of its features are confusing to implement and not being able to remove permissions sucks. I can run particles, multiple objects on screen with lots of behaviors like sine, pinning 60 fps..I dont have a million or 100000 downloads but thats mostly due to marketing and luck.

  • You are right that Cocoon is good and much, much better than slow+big Crosswalk. And it will rocks when some issues will be fixed. But one time they wrote that Scirra ignored their ask for meeting. Is it serious? Not really.

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  • So there's a bug which makes v-sync choppy, but it's temporary and will be fixed. It's already fixed on Chrome 45 on desktop as far as I can tell - it solidly hits within 0.1ms of v-sync every frame. Hopefully the fix will make its way down to Crosswalk soon. I don't know why people seem to think that this kind of thing will be permanent.

    When users complain about performance and send us a .capx, about 80% of the time they are exceeding the hardware capabilities of the device. You probably have no idea of all the exotic sorts of tricks developers pull off to get weak mobile devices to perform well. Construct 2 makes it a lot easier to design games, but also easy to throw in tons of content that hit hardware limits.

    If you're worried about the file size overhead, note that is temporary too: Android 5+ has an auto-updating Chromium based webview for default Cordova apps which supports things like WebGL and Web Audio too. So if you target Android 5+ with Cordova you get no filesize overhead and as good a result as Crosswalk. Android versions update pretty slowly, but it's already about ~12% and will increase to a majority over the next year or so. Newer Android versions also correlate to newer more powerful hardware, so if you have a particularly demanding game it might actually be suitable to target Android 5+.

    Crosswalk is our wrapper for Android 4.x compatibility, and it really does provide by far the best results on those platforms.

  • So there's a bug which makes v-sync choppy, but it's temporary and will be fixed. It's already fixed on Chrome 45 on desktop as far as I can tell - it solidly hits within 0.1ms of v-sync every frame.

    Yes it has been fixed as far as I can tell too... finally lol.

  • szymek

    If i had a lot of money I would never ever in my life choose Unity, even although it's somewhat free now I will still never chose that engine.

  • Everyone has their choices


    I just checked my simple platformer game in Google Chrome 45 (canary). It has good framerate but I can see re-drawing of the i.e. tilemap while moving character. I don't know how to call this effect. It is also visible within enemies movement.

    in general my game runs better on much slower mobile, but with CocoonJS,

    than on my destop with Chromium.


    ok, up to you. But you wouldn't use Construct 2 too*. Unless you would like to be killed by company owners,

    when you would quote Ashley's words about waiting for some 3rd party bug fixing.

    * - one exception: super simple 1 screen game

  • in general my game runs better on much slower mobile, but with CocoonJS,

    than on my destop with Chromium.

    Wow, how old is your pc? So you are saying your slower mobile is outperforming your pc, something must be wrong.

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