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  • edit: DarkKobra: as i can see you seems to be looking for something similar as me, i'm also looking for a program with an interface similar to this to make 3d games, and to be able to use my 3d models made in blender in it :p , to get rid of the blender's "logic bricks" lol

  • another suggestion would be to implement another kind of variables, i don't remember how you call this but the syntax in python is like this:

    variableName = (0,0)

    and then let us have a work around with this to set the view :p, with something similar to

    private variable:

    vHeight = (player.Z,player.Z + 32)

    vWidth = player.(width or height)

    and then to be able to set scrollx to vWidth and scrolly to vHeight

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  • hi there =D

    my ideas for c2 would be flowless usability in the first place.

    in detail:

    • tab stops should function like one expects
    • mass alt-tags as user guide or context sensitive help where it's reasonable
    • node-based editing as an optional way of editing events/dependencies etc.


    • some licence model that makes the community coders happy as well
    • ... there might be more ideas in my head, but currently i'm too lazy to write them all down ;)
  • Lets see, easier animation system, a HUD object, online multiplayer support (built in), and a dialog tree object.

  • A way to open url's in either same window or new tab's/window.

    Yeah I know its way off scope as far as gaming goes, but lets face it, it's gonna get in there some how, and it does open the user base 100 fold.

  • If it hasn't been said beforehand, I'd love better folder management. In C0.x... er, Construct Classic, if you want to put an item in a folder, then you have to do it from the folders tab instead of simply moving it in the objects tab.

    The second thing is probably a plugin that would only draw a portion of an image in a similar manner to Game Maker's draw_sprite_part() function (left, top, right, bottom). It'd be useful for tilesets, textures, etc.

    The third one, of course, is to see to it that animation works for other plugins than just Sprite. An animated tiled background or dropshadow would, I think, be pretty cool.

    ...Oh. And primitive shape drawing. That would help too.

  • If it hasn't been said beforehand, I'd love better folder management.

    Have you tried this in the C2 preview? Since the first release it's had drag-and-drop folder management.

  • Dear santa...

    .EXE file creation

    a way to create larger games

    online chat option

    a dedicated server option

    tiled based canvas option

    HUD objects (nameless bars, iventory, text options...)

    better animation program (with effects options and hotpoint/imgpoint aplication and easy attachment)

    camera object (with zoom, movment and behaviors option)

    better sprite editor with layers

  • Lets see, easier animation system, a HUD object, online multiplayer support (built in), and a dialog tree object.

    Sounds good!

  • Hi

    Hope for support of

    ...jpeg files

    ... selective load settings, for faster load of game

    with lot of grapichs, ( only load when layout is used )


  • Particles, that's pretty much all I want right now.

  • Particles are real easy to do with events, repeat create a bunch of sprites with bullet behaviour, set angle and speed randomly (or semi-randomly) and BAM! particles.

    If there's one thing I'd like to see in C2 ASAP that's Families.

  • Yeah, particles are not that hard to do.

  • Wow..Too many stuff here :-)

    Do you guys think that something like that:

    would help you sort those things out better?

    Anyhow I'll add mine here too:



    Simple Networking


    Simple Scripting (javascript) possible implemented as an action.


    Attaching Event Sheets (scripts) to Objects

    as to have total control of an instance and make way for bigger projects.

    No 3D (sorry)

    Even if I am a 3D guy mainly I would like Construct to stick to 2D and excel in that part. Consider Unity or GameStart3D!! for 3D projects.

    Simple Timeline Editor

    Simple 2D Draw actions

    mostly for debugging and quick ideas

    Collision groups

    A simple(?) implementation could be based on layers, so every object in a layer collides with any other object in that layer only.


    Change Pivot in Layout Editor

    Ability to pick the parent of a pinned object

    Proportinal scale in editor (less minor)

    Seperation "line" where the events of a Group end

    Ability to dublicate ImagePoints through the entire animation frames.

    Sorry for long list. Construct 2 is great but you asked for it :-)

    I've ommited things that I believe will be there at C2 v1.0

  • Yeah, families are missed a bit, along with containers.

    Just a thought, how about something like CC's object pairer, but without the exclusivity of pairs? Like a family, except you can add like objects together at runtime into a group, and then refer to that group.

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