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  • Families, Containers, Functions.

    Those three will open a vast amount of possibilities when they're implemented!

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  • Hi all,

    Just a quick update about feature requests. This thread is from August 2010, which was about 6 months before the very first public preview of Construct 2 (which would look very limited by the standard of C2 today). So a lot of the content of this thread is very old ideas which have largely been implemented.

    Secondly, right now my todo list really is actually too long to consider "big" ideas like an OpenGL exporter or new kinds of editors. Little ideas like proportional resize is something I can do quickly so I'm happy to sort those out. However, anything more than that is going to end up being queued at least a few months away, by which time I've probably forgotten or got some other "big idea" project to work on. Also, a lot of the ideas in this thread are either already possible, or are already on my todo list.

    So I'm going to close this thread because it's served its purpose really. I have tonnes of cool ideas to work through as it is! If you have little suggestions like proportional resize, feel free to make a post in this forum. However, I'm afraid I'm going to have to close my ears to larger suggestions for the time being. I'll be making a new thread in future when we're ready for new ideas!

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