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  • Layer folders similar to those of Photoshop. Would make layer management a breeze.

  • Flags for active objects - (Flag X on or off)

    Buttons: When i click on Events tab on menu, it will automatically bring me to event sheet editor,

    when I click on Layout tab, it bring me to layout editor.

    Graphics tabs for object's proporties (For now there is too much in one list)

    For Common, Effects, Behaviors, etc...

    When I move an event to down, it make new blue event list.

    32 directions

  • I'd like to see Pixel collision for the physics engine.

  • Flags for active objects - (Flag X on or off)


    32 directions

    I'm pretty sure Clickteam is responsible for making MMF3, you might want to give them these suggestions

    Heh, jk... but you can make your own "Flags" very easily by just making a PV that only uses 0 or 1. And you can make your own "directions" with animation angles, and you're not even limited by 32... you can go all the way up to 360

  • Folders for Object bar, for Global Variables, more visiual array plugin(think:Excel like sheet)(btw is it just me or like everybody are asking for this...?), reversed particles, more animation angles(more then 8), better high res images handling , being able to change things for many objects of the same type at once(think:selecting many sprites and making all of them e.g solid), being able to update/modify sprites at runtime(think: erasing part of the sprite, destruction), sound files being also stored/hidden in exe, export to swf/flash, proper video plugin, 3D camera, timescale that actualy LOOKS like timescale(slider style), drag and drop order modification in Object Tab, being able order objects by numerical value (1,2,3 ect), being able to modify behaviours in more wide scope, drag-and-drop AI defining(RPVX style: move->direction, turn, move, stop, wait, move ect), displaying many layouts on the same screen at the same time... and thats it... for now.

  • I�d like to 2nd the visual array editor � it would make it so much easier to keep track of what you are doing.

    Maybe something similar for hashtables. I was thinking something alike the �edit private variables� window, where you could get a list of keys and their values.

    What can I say, I like lists�

  • [quote:ekbzyu8v]btw is it just me or like everybody are asking for this...?

    Not just you, I've been suggesting this as well. I always use objects pv's for storing values since you can see them, but it's far from optimal and a visual array would really speed things up and help keeping everything organized.

  • - The Project bar buttons on the bottom-right (Project, Animator, Layers) are currently perfectly placed to be covered by chat client popups, or other programs, which gets kind of annoying for entire SECONDS, maybe Construct 2 should make them be at the top?

    I lol'd.

  • oh and i just though of it:

    multi-texturing of 3d Object (normals,bump ect).

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  • Well i'm new to Construct but not new to engine's I would like like the following changes:

    Support for .3ds, .blend, .dae basically most of the 3D formats

    Z Axis

    Soft shadows when the light object and shadow caster behaviors are on and not so big shadows either

    3D positional camera

    Camera object that can be moved with a sequence editor in other words. I want a cutscene editor.

    Networking by default without having to use pyhton

    Better Python support (Or better yet LUA)

    Vertex Shading Support (I'm not going to tell you how important that is)

    Effects like flame should be able to be attached to objects (Look at the Ethanon Engine)

    Light to already be rendered as soon as you drag it to the screen. (Leadwerks, Maratis 3D)

    Better physics support so you can create a ball or complex objects without having to go in the colision editor and dragging it around.

    If a light and a bumpmap are both on the screen I want the shine of the bumpmap to go to the light's position and for the reflection to pass onto other bumpmaps if they collide.

    I think that's about it.

    Oh and I would like to be able to out animated 3D objects in construct

    If it had these thing's then I would definatly buy it.

  • Hmm it's not 3d game making program! remember that

  • Im not sure yet if this already works but how about instand preview changes?

    When you work on big level and lets say,you start the test gaming and at the end of it you find a glitch or the character cant reach the platform or something.

    You migh not like to fix it and restart the whole level all over again to get to that point.

    So it would be nice to have something like a refresh button function that would keep you in same position with the new made changes.

  • I'm still waiting for the animations..

  • Hmm it's not 3d game making program! remember that

    Maybe Construct 3 could support a Z axis :3?

  • guess i should have posted this here :

    but as i can see DarkKobra already suggested it and do not seems to be in the plan

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