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  • Hey everyone,

    Just wondering for planning purposes. If Construct 2 could be anything you wanted or imagined - what would you want in it, or to be different from Construct 0.x? I'm after blue sky thinking. Anything from the overall architecture to the positioning of a button to make life easier. I'm after your favourite ideas

    Then, I can see what I can do about fitting it in to my plans

    Don't worry - we still have 1.0 in our sights.

  • I don't mind GetText, multiplatform, SDL and OpenGL support

  • Being able to work and publish to PC, Mac and Linux (dare I say iPhone?! )

    If there was only one change between latest build and C2, I'd support this!

  • Hmm, well for me:

    • Better memory management within the editor itself. I have to preview projects in a window or I risk having to sit there for several minutes before the layout is workable again (this is on an 8GB/10,000RPM development PC).
    • Multi-core support. Perhaps a drop box for "Single/Multi/Auto" etc.
    • Path movement directly implemented.

    Not sure what else off the top of my head. Other than just pure optimization.

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  • I don't mind GetText

    What do you mean by GetText?

    • sprite animation preview
    • ability to change angle in Animator Panel insted of adding new one and coping/pasting all frames from one place to another...
    • add/remove frames in picture editor (and maybe here is the place for anmiation preview)
    • select and edit object properties from Objects panel in Event Sheet Editor

    or merge picture editor with animator panel so you can have all thing needed to setup your animating sprite in one place instead of switching betwen windows

  • The abillity to create iso games easily.

  • Oh yeah, another thing: A better animation system, that can reuse frames when repeating/flipping/rotating frames (similar to Playfirst's Playground engine and GBA/DS softwares).

    I think I posted something around the forums, more than a year ago, about it!


    Here it is:

    I think it would be a nice improvement

  • An A* behavior that isn't attached to the RTS behavior so we can use our own custom movement to follow the path it creates. The RTS behavior is great but you are limited to the movement options it gives you.

    This might not be possible though, i don't know.

  • Good to hear you're thinking of Construct 2.

    I can't think of much off-hand, although I'm sure there's a few little things.

    I'll post here when I think of them.

    One thing that does spring to mind is the ability to export to Android.

    Make it a plug-in, allow the same freedom of use commercially as you do Construct, and charge �20 for said plug-in.

    With that in place, I predict Construct 2 would be huge in no time, and you'd make yourselves a tidy sum of money.


  • I would love to see the possibility of creating our own data types. And they should be fully integrated of course.


    usertype position


    number X

    number Y


    usertype health


    usertype position

    number healthpoints

    number regRate

    string title


    sprite pv myhealth as health

    myhealth.position.X = 200

    myhealth.healthpoints = 666

    myhealth.title = "Player 1"

    array: Set value at 1 to myhealth


  • Sprite[index].....

    Ok... um blue sky...

    Geometric transformations... for sprite distort maps... possibly?

  • > I don't mind GetText


    What do you mean by GetText?

    Easy translate support. Gettext is used by many opensource projects (eg. SuperTuxKart, Warzone 2100, Pidgin, etc.)

    More info Wikipedia

  • Some things that I can think of:

    • Multi-platform would be good, even if it's only the products of the application.
    • I do not know much about this part, or if the current one works this way already: A framework where the scripting support is as tight and transparent as possible. If possible, when creating plugins, the developer does not usually need to manually provide scripting access to the functionality provided by the plugin. It's generated automatically, ideally. Perhaps access to behaviors and such from python could be like player.Platform.XSpeed = 200.
    • tulamide has a good point about data types. Construct could use more support for those, in general, but user-defined would be very handy. Something similar to simple classes or structs could be very handy, even if just for the namespace organization. Arrays could use some more methods, like a simple sort, find, and a push and pop able to make easy stacks or queues.
    • The ability to store direct references to instances of objects, and manipulate multiple instances of the same object more easily. For example, let's say that you have one object that needs to keep track of two (or more) of an ever-changing bunch of instances of another object. You need to compare or manipulate both (or all) of those instances in some events.

    The only way that I know of to do this is to store their UIDs in variables, and put the object in question into two (or more) families so that you can pick and reference more than one instance of that object in an event.

    Perhaps variables could store references to instances, or a system function Object(uid) could be used as an indirect reference, or the objects could simply be indexed in a useful way, like "Sprite[index]....." I'm thinking that the index would need to be UID again, though, since objects are often spawned/destroyed a lot, making indexing problematic.

    • Conditional branching and functions need to be more powerful, IMO. ELSE and OR need to work well under all circumstances. I suppose that 'OR' could be replaced with an 'If any of the following are true:' condition if it seems easier to use.

    I like the current function object pretty well, though I dislike the whole 'add parameter' thing. I always call them as expressions. They could use some support for local variables. Not sure how I'd implement that, though.

    • Speaking of local variables, more variable scopes could be useful. Groups are a unique and interesting concept in Construct. They can be used as a sort of conditional branching solution with the ability to enable and disable them. I think that they could also use local variables. Perhaps there are some other improvements to groups that could be made to make them even more useful.

    A common want that I've seen is the ability to be able to reset a layout to it's initial state, completely. This can be problematic with global variables being used quite often and such. Perhaps having local layout variables could help with this, so that a layout can be 'reloaded' to an initial state more easily.

  • Exports!

    Export to XNA. This would be a gamechanger since we'd be able to get our games on various MS platforms after some minor translation work in XNA after the export.

    I'd also love an export for Android, Iphone, Flash... I think exports in general would be game changers. But everyone is already making some kind of thing for Flash and mobile phones. I can only think of one other Construct-type game maker that exports to XNA, but it's hardly used in the Western world. It would attract a whole new userbase.

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