Consider Cocoon if XDK is not working (updated)

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  • If you're talking about Canvas+, that has been officially unsupported for some time now, because it's incompatible with so many features it basically never works. they are working fine for the vast majority of users.

    i agree with Ashley here because upto now i cant get Appodeal plugin to build in my game on it work ok with intel xdk

    part12studios bro Ashley right both you and i know the number one reason cocoon better than intel is because of the .apk file size

    once you optimise your game in C2 it run fast, for me cocoon slow or as Ashley say it has been officially unsupported

    The fact remain construct 2 should not depend on a third party wrapper

  • wizdigitech absolutely about 3rd party wrapper.. it's a piss poor business model and it shows.. as I've said in another thread.. it needs to be part of the Construct experience. Cordova is open source. C3 should have cordova built in.. with plugins made to work with THAT. Make Construct 2 have two options.. perhaps a basic paid one time version that does things how C2 currently does things.. this would be good for developers who can code and know how to make plugins work for them, fix javascript / etc.. however the other would be Construct as a service. go with a paid subscription like a lot of others services model.. why pay more? because you're guaranteed plugins that work.. updates that are regulated and a pipely to know your games should work following a single curated approach..

    It needs to be painfully clear to would-be adopters of Construct 2 that their experience going to mobile is going to be statistically likely to be shitty and confusing. Right now on the main page iOS / Android are just stated as options and while that's technically true its "reasonably easy" to publish a game to Android or iOS with XDK if you don't do anything fancy.. but developers need to know they have access to a wide range of monetizing options.

    wizdigitech also so you're having trouble with appodeal with canvas+ what about webview and webview+ do they work any better / differently? I know size / performance would change but at least, do they work?

  • no webview and webview+ did not work also

  • is the appodeal a cordova plugin? i'm wondering if it might not be.. and if it's not that would explain why it doesn't work.

  • If you're talking about Canvas+, that has been officially unsupported for some time now, because it's incompatible with so many features it basically never works. So if you try to use it you are on your own and should not have any expectation of it working correctly. The Cordova exports which are based on real browser engines are the officially supported export options for mobile, and as far as I am aware, they are working fine for the vast majority of users. seems to compile C2's Cordova exports for Canvas+

  • right it's seems like a different beast now with it's integration of cordova. I'm going to ping the appodeal developers to confirm the plugin is cocoon io or (what i would expect) if it's an actual cordova plugin.. because there are plenty of C2 plugins that come with C2 that don't work with cordova..

  • yes appodeal work but not with construct 2 on

  • yep Zebbi is right. tonight i was able to get one of sang ki's lesser used "image capture" plugins to work with Cocoon IO where I was able to call up the camera and take a picture and the image save.. not a revolutionary thing but just showing that standard cordova plugins can work fine with Cocoon IO..

  • hothead that link doesn't seem to work. i haven't tried it, but most of that stuff can be achieved with admob (banners / interstitials) and video ads through vungle. These are plugins I know work for me personally. So even if that one service doesn't currently work there are working plugins out there to allow you to make money from revenues.

  • sorry my fault lol sorry hothead use this link

  • part12studios i think what you mean that C2 should acknowledge as the first-choice exporter rather than XDK, since it technically supports it via Cordova, C2's position is that XDK is the best and first choice, which it quite clearly is and should not be, C2 and should really work something out together since C2 has no way of building an app, it should think about seriously working with Cocoon and promoting it as a first choice.

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  • I just tested one of my smaller projects with and the result is not very good. The sound lags by about 0.3 seconds and just moving one small sprite makes the fps drop through the floor! Intel XDK has much better performance until ads are implemented, then the audio breaks completely. So as of right now there are no usable ways for exporting to mobile. The need for native mobile exporters is getting more urgent every day!

  • dude what on earth are you doing to run that poorly? heh heh. You may need to consider optmizing things. I've not experienced any problems like that.. it might not even be "the whole thing" just some part of it that doesn't play well with Cocoon IO.

    Also remember that you were making / testing with XDK all this time so you never hit any slow points.. but if you had made the game with Cocoon IO from the start you would have likely found where something was not performing well and been able to rethink a solution at the time..

    You could perhaps rethink your game to be a paid app then if it works with XDK and just avoid the need for ads. Then the next game you make try with Cocoon IO from the ground up.

  • I don't see how I could optimize "when button is pressed -> play sound" xdk or cocoon is irrelevant, xdk has less sound lag.

  • The need for native mobile exporters is getting more urgent every day!

    Well I think the opposite. The need of native import is less important everyday now. C2 biggest problem comparing to other engines is the performence for mobiles apps. It's because whatever you do in C2 your output is HTML5 and then you have to wrap it to whatever you need. Now keep in mind that even though you can't build very big complex mobile games with C2 due to the performance issue, you still have a tool which lets you build apps in the fastest and most comfortable way on the market.

    Imagine now what will happen in a year or two from now. Power of newest mobiles like SGS6 is higher than the average 3 year old laptop. In a year from now SGS6 will not be the newest and most powerful, it will be the average. What I mean here is that day by day we are getting close to the time where performance limitations won't be really a problem for an average user.

    Now keeping pressure on Scirra to make a native export is pointless. It would be a tons of work for them to implement something like that. And even if they'd decide to do it, it would probably take a year or two. So there is no point cause in that time wrapped HTML5 will work fast enough anyway.

    Now regarding Cocoon IO and IntelXDK. I see there are people voting for and against. Eeach of them has a reason. It looks like it depends on the game itself, plugins used etc.. So if your game release is a serious thing then just take a shot and test both.

    Noone is complaining for no reason, that's clear. Both XDK an IO have some issues. But then again remember that it is not forbidden to use any of them. You do have a choice.

    It reminds me the old times before W3C actually started to do their job. All browsers had their own rules for parsing/interprating CSS,JS and even HTML. That was a real nightmare for frontend developers that time .

    Now we have one project in C2 and it behaves differently when you wrap it with IntelXDK or others... I believe there will be a time soon where it will be obvious what to use OR it will have no matter what to use.

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