Consider Cocoon if XDK is not working (updated)

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  • I agree with

    Many new users that come to Construct 2 for Mobile development and use Intel XDK are usually met with regret and awe on how poor performance is, and the size of their game.

    They then create topic on the forum like: "Why dis poor performance happening?!?!?"

    Opening doors to other ways of exporting should be an option, and for users to pay for the service's extra plans is their choice. And that's just the thing, users have a CHOICE whether or not they want to pay for the other plans that Cocoon has. We have no idea what circumstances every person has, but they should know their options.

  • I don't get what the fuss is all about. Export for Cordova already says it can be used with Cocoon (Ludei) and they already do have tutorials and blog post about it ( ... h-phonegap) along with numerous other post. Ludei themselves have been in the forums.

    Why are people saying there is no acknowledgement? Has anyone looked, it is there.

    EDIT: Does no one remember pre-XDK era? Cocoon was all the rage around here.

  • While Cocoon.IO is a nice service, I'm sorry to say it, but I see very little reason to start using it now. Here is why I think this way:


    The only "real" use for iOS is on older devices like iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod Touch 4 (the ones that didn't get over iOS 8) and the fact that you can build the .ipa file without a Mac.

    On Android it is useful on <5.0 (before WebView+ is updated separately). That is where the Canvas+ is great (performance and disk space). On Android 5, Canvas+ and WebView+ gives me about the same performance (and WebView+ supports DOM elements and other HTML stuff).

    No support for other platforms.


    I can understand the monthly fee (they have servers and people to pay) but 500 f***ing $ to remove a logo

    Here is small comparison:

    You can get GM:S Master Collection for 800$ and export native on pretty much any platform with no monthly fee, anytime you want. During summer sales, you can get it for 500$ ... Heck, I've got the Pro version + Android export + sources from some games for 12$ (Humble Bundle)... But yes, it involves code and very old interface and room/level editor

    You can get CF 2.5 (Android and iOS export) for 350$ (or 650$ if you want to include ads/IAP). There was the December sale when you could get it at around 1/3 from the regular price... A decent alternative to C2 If you could get it discounted.

    If your game is not that big, you can literally pay someone to port it.

    So unless your games is pretty big and hard to port or you are already dependent on Cocoon services, I see no point especially since all the platforms start to have a better support for HTML5 without Cocoon.IO .

    Cocoon.IO really have to step up their game for indies, something like to include your game logo inside the Cocoon logo (something like a collage) or % of the ads revenue instead the monthly fee.

  • I don't get what the fuss is all about. Export for Cordova already says it can be used with Cocoon (Ludei)

    Hmm, I didn't see it, thank you for pointing that out.

    they already do have tutorials and blog post about it ( ... h-phonegap)

    The beginner users would require a dedicated tutorial created just for Cocoon.IO and an updated one (the one you linked is from 2011). Also, the XDK method could use an updated tutorial too. I'm not demanding it don't get me wrong, especially since everyone could write it (including me). I'm just saying what I think about this.

  • I think cocoon should be the main option for native export since the cocoon.js days.

    XDK/Cordova never was a feasible option imo.

    Now the new is the way to go. It is 1000x better than any other alternatives that we have now. So i agree with OP, we have to incentive the users to use it.

  • great conversation folks.

    however tgeorgemihai your are citing some pretty pricey alternatives to C2.. and calling Cocoon IO expensive. it's $120 a year for a very reasonable plan.. higher priority.. 10 simultaneous projects.. yes the logo thing is pricy but like i mentioned before.. if you wanted to debrand unity you're look at $4500 to do it for ios/android..

    you sound like someone not evening using C2? If your telling us to use other tools that's not helping the conversation.. that's asking people to leave Construct 2. we are here to get Construct 2 games on iOS / Android as easily as possible.

    The only other option is XDK and it's downsides far exceed it's free pricetag. free isn't very useful if it doesn't work reliably.

    I agree Cocoon IO isn't without some issues, but for me as an indie developer, I have found Cocoon IO has put me back in business again.. I'm not getting ready to publish several games for clients that I was struggling with tremendously with XDK. Cranberry Plugins that i NEEDED to work were hit / miss..

    I started this thread because it needed to be discussed. I got done in a few weeks of testing / learning at a casual pace what I was spinning my wheels on with XDK for months.

    This message is for anyone who's been in XDK hell like I have and other devs I know have been in. Cocoon IO offers a lot of solutions that remove the reliance on the cranberry plugins which (and i have total respect for Sang Ki, the creator) are not being supported actively. This is fine if you're a hobbyist and or don't really care to make money off your game.. or don't care if you ever need to revisit and do an update..

    Cocoon IO has their own plugins to cover man of the most important features needed and more are in development.. but the more Construct 2 USERS they have will certainly affect the priority. If I could pay XDK to make their product better I would but it's not their business model and while Cocoon IO isn't 100% about C2 either.. at least they made plugins.. XDK doesn't do that.. they say... use Cranberry's stuff.. and when Cranberry's stuff doesn't work.. you are on your own..

    So yes, as the saying goes. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Decide for yourself if Cocoon IO is for you. For me it's been awesome overall. I've been very discouraged for many months fighting with XDK / Cranberry Plugins.. it makes the game development process a drag.. working on C2 is a joy.. and Cocoon IO feels like the best option right now to spend less time in publishing hell and more time making my games.

  • Has anyone tried the WKWebview plugin for Intel XDK? It is suppose to increase the performance of iOS specifically for games. I would try it but I am to comfortable with Cocoon.

    There's also another way to do Social sharing. See here: ... oid/page-4

    I say this because there are devs out there who don't want to pay $500 for a splash screen.

    Btw, here is the WKWebview plugin: ... -wkwebview

    All C2 is missing is a really good push notification plugin.

  • OMFG would you people please stop obsessing over a splash screen? you know how many games out there are made with engines like unity and have splash screens? LOTS!

    It is optional.. it doesn't hurt performance.. its a simple splash.. keep your $500 (I am) and yes.. when your game becomes the next mega indie hit.. then you can take some of your hawaii vacation money and send Cocoon IO their fee..

    No one is going to say.. you know I would have like this indie game a lot.. but that splash screen.. when i saw that.. i uninstalled it.. because it made the game totally not fun.. seriously people..

    llfstudios that plugin never worked.. and it's another cranberry plugin so let's hope it still works..

    the social sharing thing sounds nice.. but guess what? with cocoon io and cranberry social share plugin i got it working without having to do a tutorial.. it just worked

    if you want push notification.. you can try pushwoosh a cranberry plugin. i haven't tested it in ages though.. also parse has push notification as well.. so you could try cranberry's plugin or (my recommendation) frosty elk's plugin. not free, but it's actively supported.

  • part12studios are you talking about the WKWebview plugin. I don't think that's a cranberry plugin. And no, I specifically said OTHER DEVS. I know people who are just annoyed about the splash screen. I personally don't care. I know about the ease of cocoon.

    Regarding the push notification plugin. I meant one that worked well with cocoon. Unless the ones you provided do work on cocoon. I also did some searching and found that the parse plugin has some bugs.

  • llfstudios ah ok.. yea i just hear that a lot.. i mean honestly it was a sticker shock to me too..

    i wonder if they would consider a discount for C2 users.. i'm willing to pay.. say.. $100 for splash removal.. just not $500..

    but you have to ask them.. why $500.. maybe they do this because THEY value the splash more than the money..

    it's a cordova plugin.. and cocoon io supports cordova plugins (even sang ki's!) as long as those plugins work.

    I have canberry's social sharing plugin and his vungle plugin working perfectly.. also google analytics. all cranberry plugins IN cocoon io.. running on my phone.

  • Hey do you guys actually think it's possible to change Ludei's mind about the Splash Screen price removal. I really don't mind it at all, but $100 price to remove it certainly sounds more reasonable.

    Possibly creating a topic on their forums and having a vote?

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  • yea you could start that. I do think that it makes sense that they might offer a special offer for C2 users. Go over there and give it a shot. I'll comment on there.

  • I know people who are just annoyed about the splash screen. I personally don't care. I know about the ease of cocoon.

    even if they want to charge a million to remove it splash screen is the lease of my problem

  • exactly and i posted this to share I had success and others may find it as well. i'm new to it.. i don't know it all.. i just know it worked with a fraction of the headaches I was getting from XDK.

  • Yeah, I agree. I spent a week messing around with XDK and a week messing around cocoon. Here's where I went wrong:

    Don't use non Alphanumeric in your title. I did. This wasted me 6 days.

    If you get an immediate "unfortunately this game has stopped" error, start a new project from scratch following the shatterbox tutorial video. I thought I had done but something went wrong down the line and remaking it again worked.

    And I get solid 60fps where XDK never could.

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