CocoonJS launcher is updated to 1.4 in Android

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  • Ashley Ludei wanted to convince you to stop choosing between Canvas and WebGL in CocoonJS, it could avoid the problems. I'm not sure when C2 engine has fallback to canvas when webgl is not supported, maybe you should add option "canvas" or "webGL" when you export to CocoonJS.

  • game frame rate increased from 20-30 to 60. Great job, Ludei !!!

  • My game crashes when I try to change layouts :(

    That's with the latest version of C2 beta and the updated Cocoon.

  • Joannesalfa - there is already an option. The 'enable WebGL' project property is respected in CocoonJS as well.

  • Ashley, yeah I knew, ludei his communication is pretty confused. Is that reason they never used Cosntruct 2 software?

  • And I can see Clay plugin also doesn't work here. I wonder it is a bug or not(like ad).

  • shaircast would you mind to report austin?

  • When i export to CocoonJS with C2_137 and launch the zip from SD-card via the launcher some of my Sprites are black and white... :(

  • Which screen ratio for mobile game with cocoonJS ? I'm always getting space in top or bottom of my screen. It works fine on 16/9 mobile but not on 16/10 ... I if put a 16/10 screen ratio will it works on 16/9 ratio ?

    This screens stuff is pretty confusing and the tutorial about multiple screen doesn't anwser my needs.

    Maybe I should wait fo letterbox compatibility ?

    This point is not clear, and it's very difficult to test because I've just one android device atm ..

  • Well after a few more experiments i can say it's definately the webgl renderer of cocoonjs that breaks everything...

    here is my simple test project:

    when webgl is enabled it looks like this on my phone (Sony Xperia Z):

    <img src="" border="0">

    when canvas is enabled it looks how it should:

    <img src="" border="0">

    overall a disappointing "update" :(

    i was really looking forward to use webgl in my mobile games :(

  • ok my game works with webgl but it is slow im going to change without it and see what happens. i needed to update it so i had to use this new system. i only have one background music running now. seems to cause lag to have more than one.

  • ludei I've just come to know there's new beta, r137. I'm not an expert so I like to use stable version but there's something new about CCJS and physics, and my game needs both. I launched new version of C2, added some features, exported in CCJS. Now ads are shown, which didn't before, but when it went to layout which uses physics, the screen went black and I couldn't see anything.

    It was made to apply force on the object when you touch the screen, and instead of it, console showed some error messages like this

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • Hey there, I love the performance boost on my SGS1 with WebGL! Comparing it by switching it off and on, I get like 47fps with it off on a relatively empty project, and a solid 57fps with it on (I believe this is the max it will go on any project)

    Haven't had time to read through this thread but I'll say what I'm having problems with (All of it is related to physics)

    -Physics doesn't handle the Collision Box of sprites correctly, things are appearing sunk into the floor and stuff from it.

    -"Disable collisions with object" doesn't appear to work.

    -Crash when I apply torque (Screenshot below!)

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I'm pretty happy regardless but yeah :P

  • With CocoonJS launcher my game runs with solid 58FPS on Android tablet and phone, but after I use CocoonJS Cloud service to export I get the version of my game without webGL enabled. Does anyone have any good idea why is this? I have exported my project from Construct2 with WEbGL enabled.

    One major problem that I have with the launcher and cloud service, is that the music plays over already playing song. If anyone tries to run their games and then receive a phone call, full screen ad or just do something with their phones while the game is running in the background everything is OK before they wan't to return to the running game, then the music plays over the old music as many times as the user leaves the app and comes back.

  • nemo I was having this same issue. The option in the root of your project (whatever your game is called) called 'Pause on Unfocus' should fix this issue of the game still running (along with music) when you were not using the app. It did for me, anyways.

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