CocoonJS launcher is updated to 1.4 in Android

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  • Ceased to show ads. Ludei updated javascript to work with advertising.

  • Just a black screen here :T

  • I have emailed ludei direct and posted on facebook. I am days away from publishing and everything was working sweet with 1.3 and now the new compiler is put live and the app is a mess of incorrectly rendered textures and other errors. I wish they would allow us to compile with 1.3.

    I am surprised Ashely has not weighed in yet. I was hoping to hear how much is Ludei's problem and how much can be resolved by updates to C2.

  • I saw your post on the ludei blog, czar, it was good stuff. I'll try not to update my CocoonJS launchers if possible!

  • Feedbacks on ludei's facebook page are pretty self explanatory... <img src="smileys/smiley21.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hello everyone,

    Really sorry to read some of you are experiencing problems with the new release. We have tested plenty of Construct2 based games and even worked really close with Scirra to test the WebGL implementation. Of course we haven't been able to test ALL the Construct2 features and some things might be still buggy. I know you have been waiting for the update long (we can assure you we would have loved to release it earlier) but we will do everything that is within our reach to help solve this problems. Please, use the support email and forms for reporting bugs.


  • It is working very well for me, thank you.

  • any chance of posting a testflight link so we can test on ios as quick as possible?

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  • I have just recompiled and put in a few other things I wanted to test (like new sprite font). Now the debug apk starts up, I get the Ludei screen and then nothing. A black blank screen. :( My first attempt at least I saw our app, albeit with some weird textures.

    I will play around a bit more and then send in an capx as official bug report.

  • ludei don't you have a program for beta testers? This community would give you hundreds of reports to fix bugs.

  • czar I have the same problem. Try reinstalling your debug apk, it usually works on the first run for me but not when I close it and try to open it again

  • Yeah, one of my games runs just fine (besides ads not showing, do they normally show in the launcher?)

    The other one has graphics problems. It's a memory match game and the sprite used for the card when not flipped is showing some weird black and white cross of two sprites in a different animation.

    I also compiled new apks and signed them, they won't install on my device, just says install failed.

    I'll try the iOS builds and see what those do.

  • Just to follow up:

    The memory match game works great on my iPod running ios 6.1, but I still have no ads. FYI, I am not using the launcher for this test, I am loading in the xcode project and creating an ipa and installing it directly on my device for testing, so ads should work.

    Graphic problems might be droid only.

    Also, I love the new splash screen options :).

  • Hello everyone,

    We just found the bug why the second time Android APKs generated with the new cloud do not execute. We will try to provide a fix by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconveniences.

    About graphical issues, we are trying to check along with Scirra if there is a way to disable WebGL on those games where these problems happen. Canvas is still a great option and has been much more thoroughly tested along with Construct2.

    We are still working on identifying the bugs on this release that you are reporting and hopefully they will be solved anytime soon.

    Once again, sorry for the inconveniences.


  • ludei - that's not a solution for those of us who need webgl for the memory management it provides, though. If the graphical problem happens with my game and webgl is disabled as a result, it will use too much memory and crash.

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