CocoonJS launcher is updated to 1.4 in Android

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  • wookalar I want to know this as well. However, in another thread. Ludie AND Ashley are working on getting Ouya support going :) Is it in this one. I have no idea. If it's not in this one. GameClosure is goming out with Ouya support soon. Not as fast as CJS as there is no WebGL, but they are working on it and faster than Ludie.

    Also as for the guy about TextBox... sigh TextBox is a DOM object for webpages. Using TextBox has always hit performance. When the official SpriteFont is released. I suspect we are going to see a quick tutorial come out for SpriteFont TextBox. Which will remove the entire webpage thing and thus be proper native graphical.

    This is good news to hear :) I can tinker up one of my games and finally release it on tablets :)

  • Dear all,

    The performance improvements comes from webGL support.

    The team here is very happy with all your comments.

    For those who are experiencing problems with text fonts, the workaround is to create a small image containing the text, as a simulation of the button.

  • Wonderfull!! Now i can use physics in mobiles :P

  • ludei great work, this sounds fantastic. Any ETA on the iOS app update?

  • can anyone confirm if this fixes the dim lock issue on android?

    The issue is: open a game, hit menu and do other stuff such as internet browsing, leave the phone, it will never go to lock screen. Open game, close game fully. Leave phone. Phone now goes to lock screen.

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  • How is that an issue? Seems by phone design to me. In any case it's probably your phone.

  • I've just updated to 1.4 but now my splash screen is black and white instead of colour and is skewed. Also there is now a white bar at the top and everything is moved down but the place where you touch buttons is the same so the touch area is now off from the button.

    <img src="" border="0">

    It should look like this (before the update and ignore the 7 second channel intro):


    Here's the program file:

  • Xionor

    erm, is a specific android feature.

    Apps use dim lock so the screen does not cutt out while in an app.

    I will test it this weekend if no one has word on if it is fixed by then.

  • Astonishing performance.

    But tiledbackgrounds opacity seems to be bugged.

    Update: Tiledbackgrounds opacity is totally broken. I tested it on a Galaxy Ace and on a Galaxy S Advance.

    It happens randomly in my game. Whatever value I put some objects mantain a greater opacity than excepted.

    Update: I used to delete ogg files and keep only m4a and it worked until 1.4 release. Now it seems that the new sound engine supports only ogg. So I made another build with r134 to hear the improvements to the sound engine. Unfortunately now my phone crashes at the start of the first background music.

    I waited months for this update and now I'm really upset and depressed. I'm not able anymore to play sounds and I'm experiencing a lot of gfx glitches.

  • Knifegrinder

    I suggest emailing your CocoonJS export directly to Ludei with a list of problems. Often if problems crop up that is what they will ask for.

  • ludei great work, this sounds fantastic. Any ETA on the iOS app update?

    Saw this on ludei's blog

    "We are still pending approval from the Apple App store, so check back daily for the iOS debut of CocoonJS 1.4!"

  • > Performance has gone DOWN for me.


    > Any updates of the Text object in particular seem do bring Cocoon 1.4 to its knees.


    > FPS drops from 62 to 11 when i make a Text object display int(Touch.X) for example.


    > Also any games, including Scirra's own Space Blaster experience hickups every time a new resource has to be loaded in - like a new type of enemy.

    Though that`s just an example, this may be able to help you about the text things:


    Thank you, didn't know the Text object didn't directly work with WebGL! : )

    Performance is good now!

  • Hmmm... Slightly disappointed after waiting so long for the update :(

    Glad to hear that so many others are getting huge spikes in their frame rates.

    Unfortunately in most cases, my fps have only gone up by one or two, and in some cases performance seems to be worse now?

    I'm not using anything which is CPU intensive, such as physics objects etc. I've even removed all of my text objects just to be sure (this seemed to make no difference what so ever)!

    I'm also experiencing glitchy behaviour on some of my tiled objects. Certain tiles now display with grid-like lines overlaid on top of them?

    I'm hoping this is all due to early bugs and glitches in the system, and these will be ironed out soon (fingers crossed)!

    ludei, any ideas?

  • Ok... my rage has eased now. Let's try to resolve these issues.

    I can find some graphics workaround with these opacity bugs so it's not a real issue for me.

    But bg music is a BIG PROBLEM.

    I concluded that on my phones (both android 2.3.6) sound files inside music folder don't stream anymore but load on first call like sfx.

    This is a big problem beacause the phone hangs 10-15 seconds everytime a new bg soundtrack is loaded and then crashes when the ram is full.

    Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

    Tomorrow I'll be able to test also on android 4.x and then I'll make a detailed report and send it to Ludei.

    BTW, pure performance is really great even on older crappy phones.

  • Will C2 be updated to take advantage of the new features of 1.4? Does it need to be?

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