CocoonJS Export, weird iOS Display

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  • OK, so I exported with CocoonJS and tested on both an iphone and droid using the cocoon launcher. I tried both Letterbox scale and scale. The results were the same with both.

    Here are the side by side pictures.

    iPhone 4

    <img src="" border="0" />

    HTC Thunderbolt

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Any ideas? Will this change at all when compiling the game from the Cocoon website?

    I also tried crop, but it was worse.


  • Maybe you can check the cocoonjs Orientation, it's on the top right side of the launcher, and tick to to only "Portrait" , maybe you use both landscape and portrait, it's the reason the screen become like that.

    (Sry for bad E)

  • I have it set to portrait only, thanks.

  • best of all, you should send to Ludei a mail. They'll answer quickly.

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  • I've had this before, I could get it to correct itself by allowing both portrait and landscape and then flipping a few times back and forth.

    Good for debugging, but not sure how to deal with that in a deployment scenario.

  • FYI CocoonJS and directCanvas don't support letterbox scale yet, so will work identically to ordinary scale. It looks like a bug in CocoonJS though so best contact ludei about it.

  • Yes, I have this. But only on the ipad1. Did the same what Eisenhans said by turning on both portrait and landscape and turning it couple of times.

    It doesn't do this when compiled on cloud.

  • I know what the problem is.

    The screen size changes for a few ticks at the start of the layout. So ensure that you don't get the screen size only once at the start.

    eg. I have a layout that uses the screen center to position an object, I re-set the variable every tick.

  • I'm emailing back and forth with Ludei now, but it's good to know it doesn't happen when compiled. Thanks.

  • I have the same problem on Android devices. If I lock the screen and go back to the game it produces this wierd resize.

    In addition to that there is a strange flickering between any layout change. It is readjusting but it takes a few frames. This looks really bad

    Inspired by superkew's comment I fixed both problems by adding

    "Every tick: system set canvas size to LayoutWidth x LayoutHeight"

    to every layout. This works for me on Android devices but I am just optimising for 16:9, 15:9 and 16:10 resolutions. (Tested on Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy S2)

    I would appreciate to use a working fullscreen letterbox scale with fixed flickering.

    ArcadEd: Do u have any Updates from Ludei?

  • The flickering is a big problem, I'm glad to see I am not the only one experiencing it.

    The lock screen on android causes big problems though. I have sent Ludei plenty of samples (video, images) that Samsung provided for us after rejecting our app. Hopefully they can sort it all out - I am being patient :)

  • :-)

    Do u think this layout-fixing might cause other problems? My games is still freezing randomly. But I guess that is a sound-problem :-/

    Do u have any freezing?

  • I noticed the flickering as well and it does look weird. I'll try your fix and see if it helps. I don't have any freezing issues, but my games are pretty simple.

    Nothing back from Ludei, they seem pretty slow in responding to emails but did post a new version was coming out this week, so they might be busy with that.

  • hello guys

    have you found any solutions for the scale


  • superkew im waiting for samsung validation ... did you find a solution for that ..did they accept your app finaly ?

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