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    maybe for now the WebGL is not that strong to do games with full 3D graphics support,but as a 3D artist and an indie game developer I wish that C2 will support the obj files like his older brother Construct engine, so Scirra is there any plan to deliver the power of 3D to the next builds of C2?

    I support you <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    "Construct 2 is a powerful ground breaking HTML5 game creator designed specifically for 2D games."

    This has been talked about countless times, and it's always the same old song and dance. C2 is for 2D development, not 3D. 3D might be possible, but it's not the focus.

    I'd rather have no 3D support as opposed to half-assed 3D support like some game engines offer. Pick a target (2D), and do it better than everyone else would be my druthers. There are so many enhancements and feature to make for 2D that I'd hate to see development resource side-tracked with a half hearted attempt at 3D.

    Sounds like I'm talking to Anti-3D tech people here!! Well C2 is an HTML5 game engine and it's using WebGL to create simple FX and soon or later C2 will support importing 3d objects and will be possible to render it using WebGL tech! So please be open minded for GAME'S sake!! and God bless Construct2!

    Thank you!


    We probably won't support this until WebGL is ubiquitous.

    Well there are two types of doing 3D.

    A. Full 3D worlds. C2 isn't strong with this due to it's presentation of level editor integration. The level editor system is very 2D and no serious easy to to do 3D.

    B. Which I think can be added easily and has very fantastic benefits for 3D. Are to use 3D objects in place of 2D sprites. no camera roation. but they offer excellent animation, rotation, and provide object angled depth to a 2d world.

    New Super Mario world, GTA China Town Wars....

    heck even then you could probably still do some major hacks to C2 editor and do a 3D environment, but it wouldn't be the strongest.

    I saw that MS has a webgl 3d js, and Asm will probably be just Firefox.

    Then Chrome is leaving Webkit for its own version.

    Its almost like they make plans to slow things down.

    please guys check this out!

    Pearl Boy

    I think it's not a bad idea to support 3D objects in place of sprites, however (at least for the near future) it would be unwise for C2 to add full 3D support.

    yeah, Pearlboy swiming mode would be something of a 2d/3d kind of game that C2 could pull off.

    And you know. It's not like anyone can't develop an obj render in C2. I think some has, it's just not very robust. Someone also I think did a copperlicht 3d plugin. So it shuold be doable.

    We probably won't support this until WebGL is ubiquitous.

    Ashley - how ubiquitous? What if some platforms like wii u and some mobile browsers never decide to support it? Most platforms do support webgl now, or are about to - all of the major desktop browsers, node webkit, cocoonjs - we already have to target specific platforms with specific features (can't use keyboard commands on a phone, etc), 3D would be great for those of us specifically targeting platforms that support it.

    Either way, glad to hear it sounds like it will come to C2 someday!

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    Perl Boy looks pretty nice.

    Thats utilizing web gl right?

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