C2 and 3D !!

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    > We probably won't support this until WebGL is ubiquitous.This.

    > General: Ashley already gave his answer about the 3D request. (...) You can discuss the matter for 30 pages, it won't change that simple fact.And this.

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11182740/C2/images/c2.jpg" border="0" />

    And especially this.

    Now why doesn't it end? And why do people, who care for 3D, download a dedicated 2D game creator and then say: "Yeah it's nice'n all, but it needs 3D." <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    And finally: It surprises me how extremely underestimated the workload for a 3D engine is in this thread. A team of about 100 people needed almost 5 years to offer UDK, which is still in development. I can only guess the size of the Unity team from the photo on their page, but it seems like also about 100 people. And it is developed since years, without any forseeable end in near future. Why should anyone think one man alone, or supported by 1 or 2 more persons with the money from a kickstarter campaign, could accomplish the same?

    C2 is a 2D game creator for a good reason...

    It's easy to look at a 3d engine like UDK and say it's taken years. UDK has some excellent out put. However even UDK isnt just the render of a model.

    Full blown 3D engines are a lot of work, but most of that is in factors of

    culling objects

    face culling


    sorting algorythims due to camera direction



    a C2 3D used in 2d Games, but renders 3d objects in stead of sprites. already handles most of those. There is no need for sorting algorythim as it's still using the linear direction that's already in place. No need for MipMaps as likely the player in a 2d game won't be walking up to a wall. no need for face culling or object culling of a given scene as the scene view is always the same.

    I agree that a full blown 3D tool like Unity would be a problem. but there are 3 points to this discussion.

    Full 3D environment(Unity)

    2D environment with 3D objects(New Super mario Bros)

    no 3d.

    You argument is all 100% valid in a full 3D discussion, but for the others who want the effect of minor angles and such. it's an easy implementation compared to full 3d. This also means that C2 even with 3D objects is still a 2D game engine.

    Going full 3D would require new





    .. on and on.

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