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Human/Character Base Pixel Art Sprites in various poses (nearly 100 files)
  • Wow !!

    All effects are really fantastic

    I love the cinematic effect... I'll test asap

    Thanks you so much for sharing ^^

  • Beautiful shaders! I have a request, if you don't mind making it. I'd like an effect that will cause an object to fade only on one side? When the player walks behind a pillar or something, I'd like it to go semitransparent. I could do this with a tween on opacity, but I think it would look better if the bottom of the pillar or tree or whatever stayed fully solid, while the top became translucent to show the player.

    I'd want the Opacity at the sprite's y=0 to be 0, and the opacity at the sprite's Y= height to be 100. Ideally, I'd want to be able to smoothly tween the effect on and off.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Great effects collection. I'm gonna try something out.

    Thx for sharing Keep up the good work.

  • Somebody

    I use your dropshadow and it is great but i have small issue with it.

    When used (on spritefont and on image) it kinda casts counter shadow (on the oposit side) along of the entire objects edge.... like it casts the shadow of edge of object it self?

  • Somebody

    I am getting strange spills using the dissolve effect, the strangest thing is that it stays on the screen even when i restart or switch to another layout, do you have idea why this happens?

  • Ha this thread is awesome!

  • Well i found whats causing this, but i am not sure why, i have a round 250px sprite in the layer behind it with radial blur on it, it seems like the tile is being drawn onto the blur effect.

    I switched to radial blur plus and it doesn't happen, so i guess it was a bug with the blur and not the dissolve, cheers!

  • Somebody - I love these effects. I'm wondering, for the drop shadow is there a way so that the it gradients into transparent at the edges?

  • Hello somebody,

    Take a look about ISO shadow which it can be manipulated as different forms. Take a look, they are using HLSL language, they can be ported to GLSL if you think it's possible. ... f=8&t=3713

    Can I ask you one thing? It would be nice to add "scale" as new parameter to Dropshadow, the problem is I cannot add "scale" in current layer where is using dropshadow because it may affect sprites that aren't shadow.


  • Nice mon keep 'em comming... im using your tabletop one here... awesome help(once I figured out how to use it correctly )

  • The Scroll effect doesn't work on export. Only tested on NW.js...The image moves but does not repeat.

    edit: aaaand it looks like Somebody has jumped ship. Awesome.

  • I want to ask about that as well.

    The left image is how it looks when I preview in NW.js and the right image is running the standalone after export.

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  • awesome shaders, thx for sharing

  • Thanks a lot for sharing. A quick question, does the skew effect requires WebGL?

  • Rable

    Effects are yes.

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