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Human/Character Base Pixel Art Sprites in various poses (nearly 100 files)
  • Well, yeah, they do have to work within the constraints of the Shader system itself - there is a toggle to expand the drawing area, but that just kills performance. I have also observed certain bug-like behaviour in the Shader system and have submitted a report. Once it's either fixed or clear that it won't get fixed I'll see how to adapt the Shaders.

    This is one reason it's been a little quiet here lately.

  • What about this request?

  • Really cool! Good job!

  • What about this request?


    I did see the thread and did see TiAm's comment there, but he forgot to say a Some-thing three times <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    Seriously, though, at least with my knowledge it feels like it wouldn't make too good a Shader - it would probably be possible to make something that simply fades out the previous frame for a Geometry-wars like effect, but "proper" motion blur is a little different.

    One approach would be to make something like the racetrack Shader: ... index.html but with control over X and Y coordinates and sort-of sample the pixels instead of just shifting them (which is responsible for the graininess of that version). Something tells me it would be a "greedy" Shader, though. I'll add it to the list of potential Shaders.

    Really cool! Good job!

    Thanks! THe pace has slowed down a little, but more will come.

  • cool stuff... (Y)

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  • sombody

    The dropshadow is really awesome!

    Any chance of doing a blur filter combo? it would simulate a penumbra better if the edge was slightly broken.

    i do this now with a Shadow light and the shadow behaviour mixed with and blur horiz, and blur vert combo.

    Your shader could replace those 4 steps really easy. (I bet you could do it much more efficiently too!)

    It is great "as is" too, I am very happy Thank you!

  • This is great!! Thank you!!

  • tnx so much...fantastic addons

  • How about the old CC shaders Blurmask?

    Its basically a blur using a mask like a heightmap.

    Works great for tilt shift.

  • Some of your gifs kind of mesmerize me and I can't look away. They are, I would say, deeply erotic.

    Guess which ones.

  • This is pure gold!

  • These are great. I hope Somebody is okay though; about 11 days ago he stopped posting and hasn't even visited the site.

  • These are fantastic!

    Question for you Somebody . ... Is there someway to use the tabletop effect on one layer, and have a different object on another layer (without the tabletop effect) track the position of the object on the tabletop layer?

    keep up the great work!

  • Hello somebody,

    Take a look about ISO shadow which it can be manipulated as different forms. Take a look, they are using HLSL language, they can be ported to GLSL if you think it's possible. ... f=8&t=3713

    Can I ask you one thing? It would be nice to add "scale" as new parameter to Dropshadow, the problem is I cannot add "scale" in current layer where is using dropshadow because it may affect sprites that aren't shadow.

  • i need a litle twist in the HUE, can somebody help me? The thing is, that positive or negative value in the hue actually have no difference (are the same but backwards) i propose a change, when the image comes negative it could be cool if the hue is affected by the inverted version of the colours in the original image, except for pure black and white. Just like using "invert" and "hue" but not affecting the black and white (so the lineart, lights and others keeps untouched).

    is that possible? xD

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