[Support only] Parse - Cloud data, Push, Analytics and Code

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  • Savvy001 yes there is some stuff to learn, but parse is brilliant. you can simply send data to parse and pull that data back without writing any code.. i was able to use this plugin to create a set of RPG characters give them a name race and gender and then store it and later call it back. sure this is small stuff but we were able to get it to work with facebook and create an account with facebook. I'm not going to say it's easy, but as a non coder myself, with a little effort I was able to make it happen with this plugin. FrostyElk were super helpful also and worked with us to get the custom dictionary object in C2 to work.. my (coder) partner was largely responsible for that part, but now I can easily pass and retrieve data.. which is pretty freakin' awesome.

  • Arne

    One question:

    Ho does the plugin handles "Background Push" when C2 apps don't work in background when minimised?

    content-available: (iOS only) If you are a writing a Newsstand app, or an app using the Remote Notification Background Mode introduced in iOS7 (a.k.a. "Background Push"), set this value to 1 to trigger a background download.

    I am interested to maintain app through background download.

    Thank you!

  • irina

    The Cordova plugin setup the app to respond to push notifications. If the app is in background, the app is started/resumed by Android/iOS and given control with the push message as data.

    The push message can then be transfered from the Cordova layer to the C2-plugin and in turn activate a Condition to your app.

    Doing a pure "background" download is not supported, the app is first put into foreground and then executed.

    I can not see how it is possible to run a webview(where the C2 JS is executed) in a background process. To do this you would probably need to add the logic in the Cordova plugin?

  • Arne

    can i set that app (photo album) gets/downloads new images during night?

    or can i receive geolocation data regulary (lets say every 5 min.) even app is minimized?

  • Arne

    Could you please change the type of expression:LastData from String to AnyType? So that it could receive string/number data back.

  • rexrainbow The expression:LastData should be a JSON string. Otherwise the normal retrieve functions use AnyType.

    Version has a bug that only returns string for Cloud callbacks. This is fixed in version

  • Arne

    Yes, I am trying something on cloud code which return number.

  • rexrainbow I have sent out an update now with the correction for the cloud code callback. Sorry for the delay.

  • About Pointer/Relation in class

    Hello Arne,

    Is it possible to make Relational Data with the plugin ?

    Exemple with a Post and Comment here:


  • amkp The only "Relational Data" that exists today is the File Object that you can store in a column.

    When I first did the plugin it was only meant to handle simple table like data, so the design become hard coded around that. If there is an interest in having more advanced functions I can have look into it.

    Do you have a simple use case that I can use as an example?

  • hello Arne

    About Pointer/Relation in class

    The use is simply:

    A User (class) have "one or many" Image (class).

    So the class Image need a Pointer reference to the User object (if we use the Parse official logic).

    For the moment, I make it with a "manual" relation : the ObjectId of User is inserted like a simple string in Image class.

    But there is other difficulty...

    About default Columns in Parse Query with User class or Custom class

    It seems the defaults columns of class: objectId,createdAt,updatedAt are not returned when we use ParseFE.QueryDataCurrent("objectId") or ParseFE.QueryData(ParseFE.QueryDataIndex, "objectId")

    However, if I use a general ParseFE.LastData, these infos are well returned.

    Is it normal, bug or error from me ?

    (this is more important than Pointer/Relation for me at this day)

  • Arne

    As amkp said, there are 2 chapters about "Relational Data",

    save: https://www.parse.com/docs/js_guide#objects-pointers

    query: https://www.parse.com/docs/js_guide#queries-relational

    One-to-One and One-to-Many Relationships

    Many-to-Many Relationships

    I had implemented "One-to-One and One-to-Many Relationships" in my parse application plugin.

  • hello rexrainbow

    I had implemented "One-to-One and One-to-Many Relationships" in my parse application plugin.

    You are talking about your plugin Parse "Item table" ?

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  • amkp

    Yes, "Item table" is one of them, but I had not finished the document yet.

  • rexrainbow

    Yes, "Item table" is one of them, but I had not finished the document yet.

    Is there an official Post for your Parse plugins ?

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