[Support only] Parse - Cloud data, Push, Analytics and Code

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  • Thanks for your answer

    I think I didn't express me well..

    I use the Parse dashboard to sent push.

    I talk about Alert Notification that's displaying in the Status Bar of the mobile.

    The json is well displaying in the debugtext app, but there're is no alert notification in the status bar.

    That I wanted to do is open an url when the user touch the notification.

    And I read on Parse that is possible for Android with a json:

    "alert": "My message notification", "uri": "http://scirra.com"

    But I found another way to do this.

    However, I have new question about push notification...

    If the app is closed on the device, whan I sent a simple text push notification, the notification(status bar) is not displaying, is it normal ?

  • amkp You need to go on a dungeon quest to find the Custom Analytic part.

    Path: Parse Analytics > Events > (+) > UserClick Count > Custom Breakdown > UserClick > Filters

    Added an attachment with a screenshot how it should look when you find it.


  • I have a Nexus 7 with Android 5.0 and the notification is shown as an icon and when I drag down the notification area I can also see the text message.

    When the app is in the background or killed the notification should always be visible as an icon. How long did you wait for the notification?

  • I'm still waiting..

    I tested with 2 devices, sony xperia and alcatel one touch, when the app is killed, notification is never received but if the app is in the background, it's ok...

    thanks for analytic, i found it

  • What Android versions do you have on those devices?

  • Android 4.1.2

    Android 4.2.2

  • amkp Thanks, I will check it and get back to you.

  • Arne

    To my first app i can send push notifications.

    To my second app i cant, but there are already 2 users registered via parse plugin. (i can see them in the parse dashboard)

    The Parse dashboard also tells me in the Push notifications tab: there are no registered installations yet.

    Does this mean i simply have to wait for parse to see they are installed?

    With my first app i did not check push capabilities for the first few days.

    So it could have been the same with that app, but i would have missed that.

    Hope u have the answer.

    Kind regards.


    Edit: Found the issue

    I started the project in intelXDK as a black project, then added the construct2 cordova export.

    What i needed to do was "Import a html5 project".

    Only then parse.com will register the device's instalation.

  • Savvy001

    Good that you found the issue. The Cordova export procedure is almost fully automatic nowadays. The only thing you need to remember for Intel XDK is to do the import of the project.

    I you start with a blank project you need to add the Cordova plugin manually as the configuration file is not read by the XDK.

    I was looking for a tutorial to reference but did not find a generic one for Cordova but the one for Crosswalk is good to read: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/809/ho ... -crosswalk

  • Thank u Arne

    That is a good tutorial indeed!

    I truly love the plugin by the way.

    I could use a tutorial on how to upload files with the plugin.

    If u have the time to do so it would be great.

  • Arne never mind, I found what I needed.. good stuff!

  • Arne

    Is it possible to use the parse plugin to build a messenger type application?

    "Sending messages to other users"

    If so, can u point the direction.

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  • Savvy001 It is possible if you write some Parse Cloud Code.


  • while I'm no parse expert, my partner and I recently did some cool stuff with this plugin. i was able to call on parse code on the server that my partner wrote.. our example was basically.. the ability to create characters that i would push.. data was.. name race gender.. then in a different view i could retrieve the information.. load it into a dictionary and call on specific characters.. really awesome stuff.

  • Arne

    It this moment, that is out of my league.

    Would not know where to start.

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