[Support only] Parse - Cloud data, Push, Analytics and Code

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  • hmott Sent you a mail.

    But basically we are using the new way of installing plugins by just drag and drop of the "c2addon" file onto Construct2.

  • Hi.

    Question: is there or will there be a way to authenticate users using Google or is Parse inherently limited to Facebook?

  • pirx I have not seen anything else than Facebook authentication (a problem with being owned by Facebook maybe...).

  • Arne


    Login with 3rd party authentication might be possible.

  • Yes it can be worth looking into. It is based on Cloud code that can be called from the plugin in the current implementation.

    The only thing that worries me is that using Cloud code will definitely require some more knowledge from the plugin user. Maybe that is an other topic but how much can you expect a normal plugin user to be able to code outside C2?

  • In this article, the steps of logining with 3rd party authentication are -

    1. Does 3rd part authenticate. Get an identify unique string like access token after login success.

    2. Maps this identify unique string into username and password by looking up table stored in parse server

    3. Uses username and password to login parse.

    So the concept is: getting an unique username for built-in parse logining.

    But the question is - how to run step1 to do 3rd party authentication?

    My solution is using firebase's authentication first, then login parse.

    1. firebase supports authentication by facebook, google, twitter, github. After login with one of these authentication, firebase will have an "UserID" which is an unique string for each user. (plugin of authentication in firebase)

    2. Pass username to "UserID", password to access token (or mapping "UserID" or access token to another username-password pair) to login parse.

    (Now user had login firebase and parse)

    I had tested these steps already.

  • Sorting data with multiple keys


    I am trying to sort data by two keys like

    But the result only will become sorting by key "updatedAt".
    A possible solution is wrote in this way
    Which only use one sorting instruction ("ascending" here), and add "-" at the key ("-score" here) which is sorted by opposite order.
  • Major update to include Parse Push Notifications.

    The new version support Parse Push Notifications for iOS and Android devices via Cordova export.

    Send push notifications very easily from the Parse Push Dashboard or make more complex pushes with Cloud code.

  • Hello again, attached is the error window I received when starting C2.

    I've dragged both the "parse1020.c2addon" and "main.js" files into the C2 window.

    What am I missing?

  • hmott I can see from the file structure that you have extracted the zip file directly into the plugins folder. You should instead extract the zip file in temporary location and then drag and drop the "parse1020.c2addon" file to an open Construct2 window.

    So to resolve the current problem you need first need to remove the folder "...\plugins\ParseFE1020\" before doing the drag and drop again.

    We are using the "new" method described in the manual to install plugins: https://www.scirra.com/manual/158/third-party-addons

    I will add a reference to the manual to make it clearer how to install external plugins.

  • Oh I see, thanks.

  • A "destroy" action is a request, is it correct?

    So it is very easy to run out of free level if I made a manager application which destroy messages saved at yesterday. Or I need to separate destroy tasks into many seconds.


    Destroy items - Parse.Object.destroyAll, it works.

  • It's a great plugin.

    I tested the push notification with export xdk crosswalk (and your notification plugin), it's instantaneous.

    However, I don't really understand how works the Parse analytics events...

    The action ParseFE -> Analytic event gets a name with key and values..

    In Parse board analytics (after the test in apk), I searched these keys and values but i don't see them...

    Arne Can you explain to me how is working this event and how use simple tracking with Parse ?

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  • Hi!

    It seems that the push notification in json format are not received by Android...

    Json: { "aps": { "alert": "A test notification from Parse!" } }


    { "channels": "FrostyNews",

    "aps": {

    "alert": "A test notification from Parse!",

    "uri": "http://www.scirra.com"

    } }

    Test with your demo HelloParse.capx , export cordova -> xdk crosswalk android

  • amkp

    I did a Crosswalk export and sent the following data as JSON from the Parse Dashboard.

    When it arrived on my Android device it looked like this:
    The JSON you are showing looks like it came from an iOS device. The "aps" part are only sent to iOS devices.
    How do you send your JSON string?
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