Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • QuaziGNRLnose I just tested your morph demo and it did respect landscape unlike 2d physics collision testing and lights and geometry tests.. so it's good to see that working well.

    Running the demo, what i noticed this time is that it loaded and got no errors however the only thing that is visible are the white cones.. i don't see all the animated guys standing around in the demo.

    i replaced mouse with touch so i could move around the camera. this worked overall for the quick hack it was and could pan around (till my finger hit the edge of the screen) but no guys in the scene.

  • this is what im ltrying to achieve now,an effect "BLOOM" or "glow" effect https://d2ujflorbtfzji.cloudfront.net/package-screenshot/f074f609-c517-42d1-9c74-0b9524a4d82a_scaled.jpg how to make that in Q3DMaster?

    Also can we use equations for Q3DMaster??

    The formula to calculate the index of refraction of a diamond for a given wavelength w in nm is:

    sqrt((0.3306 * w^2) / (w^2 - 175^2) + (4.3356 * w^2) / (w^2 - 106^2) + 1)

    the wavelength of the light coming from a screen according to the sRGB standard is:

    Red: 700 nm

    Green: 546.1 nm

    Blue: 435.8 nm

    i need to use those for a nice render :s but don't know if its posible :s

  • can we have orbit controls integrated into this plugin? Like in this example here - http://codepen.io/nireno/pen/cAoGI

    I think this will be a very helpful feature to have.

  • kmsravindra

    Just implement it using events and copy paste the code to any projects which you'd quickly need it in. There's no reason for this to be hard coded into the plugin.

  • imothep85

    Rendering those kinds of effects as you presented in those examples in real time is done using tricks. Refraction can only be done using an environment map, it'll never be physically accurate since the renderer is not a raytracer. It's not possible for me to throw every request you make into the plugin, and in anycase there are a lot of features already there which can help you achieve similar effects to what you desire but you'll have to figure out how to apply them on your own and read up on how people achieved those effects. The plugin isn't going to make your project for you, it's just meant to make it easier.

    custom shaders may come eventually but implementing features takes more time than you'd think.

  • thanks for your respons, well im reading all those examples and testing differents tricks, but its very hard to see how to implement that with q3dmaster, at the moment a "glow" or "bloom" effect it is posssible?

  • This is what i need to achieve, i really HOPE this basic function is feseable in Q3DMaster

    my object has no texture, just 1 omni light.

    in the first picture you can see the object is transparent to 50% we don't see the inside, and the back from the object.

    if i click on the function "2sided" we can now see trought the object, we see the inside and the back faces still at 50% of opacity.

    it is possible to achive that in Q3dMaster?


  • Dear QuaziGNRLnose,

    how i can compile for mobile with intel xdk with your plug-in working???because when i compile receive black screen.... what are the step to do ?? thanks a lot...

    Marry christmas,


  • fasasoftware I am working with QuaziGNRLnose on this testing. I have experienced the black as well in some example tests as well as issues with orientation. As it stands, xdk / cordova is lower on his priorities because he's got broader issues to work out before he can start debugging things going on with XDK.

    As it stands, we're not sure if it's actually Q3D at all or if it's something with Cordova somewhere.

    Are you targeting android or iOS? Up till now my focus has been iOS, I haven't done any testing with Android yet, but I have a Galaxy S4 I can test with because I'm wondering if the bugs

    Also have you tried PhoneGap? I have not done that yet, but it's something I want to try out today to see if the issue is Cordova as a whole or XDK specifically that's having issues.

    lots of questions, but plenty of stuff we can discuss and try in the meantime to help him know what's happening where and with what by who

  • QuaziGNRLnose I did a quick first test with the morph demo.. here were the results:

    • safari and chrome load the app on my iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1. The ground does not render.. only the 4 lights and the characters
    • running this same test on Mac (Yosemite) with Chrome shows no ground either
    • running this same test on Mac Safari actually also fails to display the ground

    If you notice the camera not behaving the same as the original demo, its because i replaced the mouse object with touch so touch screens could interact with the screen at least a little bit.

  • its the same thing for every one, i was testing my app with a lot of friends on their mobiles, nothing works, so i think whe have just to wait after christmass

  • part12studios

    Everything works fine in i.e. 11 and chrome and firefox on desktop for me in win7 for the example on the front page, how about you? But the upload you linked to specifically shows no ground for me either in any browser. did you modify the capx? I'd like to see it if possible. Otherwise perhaps its similar settings to what xdk has on your site that are breaking the object loader.

  • This is what i need to achieve, i really HOPE this basic function is feseable in Q3DMaster



    Merry christmas imothep85. You can do this by changing the draw-side of the material to "Front & Back", but it might not work properly for complicated models because of the way the renderer handles transparency. If it looks weird youll have to modify "depth write" to false in the action "depth settings".

  • thanks a lot happy christmass to you

    im going to check that

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  • Dear QuaziGNRLnose,

    how i can compile for mobile with intel xdk with your plug-in working???because when i compile receive black screen.... what are the step to do ?? thanks a lot...

    Marry christmas,


    I'm working to fix whatever is causing this, sorry for the inconvenience.

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