Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • yeep tried also, its not working on mobiles Sony ixperia , its not working, on iphone 4, not working..... :s

  • oK... but is this a problem for the moment??? i hope so because i've paid for this plugin working......

    i know it's difficult to program it.....but....


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  • well keep in mind we're buying in early to help him make it better. he's not being idle or unresponsive, but there are a lot of people who would like it to work perfectly how they want it to work and this isn't always the same result..

    People need to be patient here and express their input and opinion but don't make this out to be him failing you. he's putting in a lot more work than your $15 or even $30 for newer adopters

    tutorials and all of that very important stuff will come once the tech he's developing gels a little more. if he were to go spend time (time making this better) supporting each of your complaints / demands the longer this will take to get to a place where it's not going to change so radically that tutorials become outdated after a single update..

    On a quick note, I wanted to also report that I got the plugin to work with XDK/Cordova, BUT right now (and this is a brand new issue, so relax) it seems that Q3D wants to hardwire into Portrait perspective and seems to not want to be able to rotate to landscape. This was very basic testing and it has been reported so it might be something simple I could do to fix this or it might just need to be something addressed in a version later than 2.2.



  • ok... but...here don't work nothing here...either on webnodekit and mobile.......can you help me please???

    where i'm wrong???

    best regards,


    Are you turning off minification? your error that "populatecommonACE" is undefined indicates you aren't.

  • QuaziGNRLnose, I prepared a 6 faced cube ( with 6 planes for each face). Then I used Blender/threejs exporter as mentioned in the tutorial...I had setup the morph targets and then the animation. The animation seems to work fine but however I see only some faces in some angles...Not able to see all of them at once...very strange!

    Here is the link - http://actualconcepts.com/TestTC/cube/

    Please use middle mouse button first and then drag the mouse to see different faces in different angles...Not sure what am I doing wrong...I had the emissivity set etc., But still not able to see all faces at once! Any help appreciated. Thanks!

    You also want to set "draw side" to "both" with the actions in the materials section.

  • Im tryig also to achieve this kind of shader http://stemkoski.github.io/Three.js/Bubble.html it is possible with Q3DMaster?

    You need to use a refraction map, if you read the changelog it says:

    Name an animation "EnvironmentMap_ENVRefract", this will achieve the desired effect somewhat if you use an environment map that matches the area around the bubble. Currently you can't use custom shaders so i don't know if the exact effect mentioned is possible atm.

  • part12studios

    Is the "mobile morph demo" in the first post locked in portrait too in your mobile browser? I only tested it on chrome for android but it works fine (and in landscape) for me.

    I'm not sure why XDK exports are locking it into landscape but i'd also just like to make certain you did the obvious thing and chose landscape orientation in constructs project properties first before I start exploring further.

  • Thanks,

    so if i understand well, i need " normalmap", a "EnvironmentMap_ENVRefract" and a "EnvironmentMap_ENVReflect" map.

    another question i see an option "set normal scale" for the normal map, but what is the default scale, 0 or 1??

  • Dear QuaziGNRLnose,

    i'm sorry you're right....

    i have put off the minify script and it works but only with webnode kit......i have tryed to compile with also xdk

    intel.for android mobile.. but without success....but i have tryed all the combination... i have used the cordova 3.x hybrid mobile

    app settings , in this case the app go but freeze on launch...make me the greenbar in white and then will

    block all the program...in other words i see all the screen black.....

    And then i have tryed also the hybrid mobile app platform but nothing works here....all screen black again....

    Can you tell me the steps to compile your example please??? where is my fault?? i thank you a lot...

    best regards,


  • wierd, i used the minifycation function and BAM the html5 app don't work anymore....

    tried minifcation app don't work anymore, removed minification and added png compression and the app don't work anymore also

    so those two functions are blocking the app

    if i remove minification, and if i remmove png compression my html5 app work http://mattepainting.be/test/index.html

  • imothep85

    PNG re-compression works in all my tests. Minification is the only feature that doesn't work atm. Also you can only have one type of enivronment map working at a time, so either _ENVReflect or _ENVRefract, not both.

  • ahhh thats why i was thinking something was wrong in the rendering, the two environement map are going to be in the next update?

  • and about shaders like, glass, metals, etc it is possible to add that in your plugin, in the futures updates??

    Because shaders are the most realistic effects, compared to textures.

    im trying to make a fake diamond but its not working well :s because i cant use reflection+refraction at teh same time

    also HDR maps are very important to use for environements/reflections

  • the most difficult thing ,y don't know if its possible at this stage of your plugin, is to simulate iradiation from materials, glows and sparks/reflections from a shining material, do you know if you can implement thoses features in a close future?

  • well your 3DMaster use three.js, and this model is from three.js http://stemkoski.github.io/Three.js/Bubble.html , so this effects has to be feseable no?

    hard to achieve a very good diamond effect

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