Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • Currently working on a system to support custom vertex/fragment shaders for Q3D Models, coming along nicely, playing with AJAX for the loading will hopefully help me sort out some of the mobile issues too.

  • great news

    I supose it's not possible to add IOR for materials?

    here its a raytracing demo in realtime

    this would be perfect in Q3DMaster

    did you find the problem with the capx?

  • Shaders do not = raytracing. Real time raytracing isn't even feasible on most computers yet, let alone in WebGL. I'm not going to write a million shaders, but anything in webGL GLSL will be possible if someone writes them or you learn how to.

  • well i know its impossible to write millions of shaders for 3DMaster, but if we ca nhave some basics ones that can help us to use that, and improve and change the effects.

    im still trying to understand why my object isn't right in place :s i imported each part in 3dsmax, and of course every part is at the right place, tested again in q3dmaster and its not working :s the left diamonds dont want to be at the left side of the ring.

  • The problem with your capx is that both l_diams and r_diams are in the same location. Also, you should be moving the camera around the ring, or making the ring the parent of the diamonds, instead of moving the ring AND diamonds around if you want all the objects to stay in the same relative position easily. All you need to do is rotate l_diams by 180 degrees in the Y axis and it'll be in the right spot so long as you move the camera or parent the objects.

  • ok i made the ring parents of the two diamonds, but when i click on my object 1 & 2 the diamonds are not loaded to the ring

    this is what i get when i put 180Y to the l_ring


    a small picture to show the problem im facing


    i don't thinkthis has to be so long for doing something so basic, just importing elements, and doing a rotation can't be so problematic, something has to be wrong in Q3DMaster about coordinates XYZ

    tested a lot of differents tricks, nothing works.

    Also, if the user have to use tricks when he is importing objects, this is going to make people crazy, who are going to try to solve unknow problems, looking for crazy solutions all the time.

    i spent one week now on this problem (xyz), imagine someone without 3d background knowledge...

    The main ring is imported and correct in place and pivot point

    The r_diamonds are correctly imported and in the right place, with the right xyz

    The l_diamonds, are imported to the right place, but at the wrong coordinates xyz,

    AND here its the problem, the problem don't come for my work, my 3dsmax file or my capx project, it come from Q3dmaster.

    how im sure about this,

    because when i import all my 3 separated obj, in 3ds max, the 3 objects are at the correct place, and at the right xyz.

    sorry to say this, but im sure its a bug somewhere in the Q3DMaster about coordinates xyz.

    Here another picture where i imported the 3 differents objects in 3ds max, every object is at the right place.


    hope we can solve this quickly, i love your plugin, its really useful.

  • You don't need to load the file through Q3D Master unless "autoload" on a Q3D model is set to "No". This wasn't the case for your file.

    Your parenting wasn't working because:

    1. Your parenting actions were using "transform YES" and your objects weren't aligned since you had already rotated the ring, so you had parented the diamonds to an unaligned ring.

    2. Your rings both use the model "l_diams.obj", so obviously they're both in the same spot when imported. Both models were l_diams.obj, and your Q3D master actions "loading the files" don't do anything as i mentioned. So really the problems DOES come from your work. There is no bug with Q3D Master.

    Try to look at the "parenting actions" example, for an idea of what all the features the parenting system uses do, and some information.

    There's no "crazy solutions" or "tricks" people need to look for, if they carefully work and try to understand what the functions they're using do. Your 3D background knowledge in something like MAX doesn't apply to game development i'm afraid, where corners have to constantly be cut to keep frame rates high, leading to different design choices in workflow. Getting used to a certain workflow is part of using any game engine you'll find, especially 3D ones. In any case im constantly working to improve things, and eventually there'll be a scene editor to make work like this simpler.

    Heres a modified .capx solving your issue: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/829 ... rings.capx

  • wohooops it gives me an error version 2.3 and i have the version 2.2

  • GREAT thanks again, for your help

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  • One question, if i have to load a car, with the differents parts, and textures, do i have to load each part of teh car separately or in one obj? if i have 250 cars....i hope i an load each car in one obj file....

    i loaded a car, when i want to load the texture with model material set to "yes" it gives me an error message:

    http://Localhost:50000 /3Dmigrate.js, line 720 (col 39)

  • solved the texture problem

    How to control the rotation of an object ith the mouse?

    i want to control the view rotation of my car with the mouse

    here its an example: http://threejs.org/examples/#misc_controls_orbit

    insted of having cones i have just one car in teh center, can you explain how to control the rotation with the mouse??

  • look at the examples for an idea of how you need to write expressions / what actions to use to implement camera controls.

  • in the link http://threejs.org/examples/#webgl_materials_lightmap,

    we can see this about the camera:

    // CAMERA
    				camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera( 40, SCREEN_WIDTH / SCREEN_HEIGHT, 1, 10000 );
    				camera.position.x = 700;
    				camera.position.z = -500;
    				camera.position.y = 180;
    				// SCENE
    				scene = new THREE.Scene();
    				scene.fog = new THREE.Fog( 0xffffff, 1000, 10000 );
    				// CONTROLS
    				controls = new THREE.OrbitControls( camera );[/code:2up17whj]
    How to adapt this??? i also see CONTROL orbit controls camera, how to use that???
     i need to control my scene in the same way like those cubes... how to achieve that?
    i have done almost the same as the script 
    but i d'ont see my model anymore, also impossible to rotate because i cant find the right way to do it  lik the code : controls = new THREE.OrbitControls( camera );
  • my last test, is still can't rotate the car with the mouse http://mattepainting.be/test2/index.html

  • You don't need to "link" to orbit controls. Just write a camera controller in construct events using the touch/keyboard/mouse like in many of the examples, it's entirely possible.

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