Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • QuaziGNRLnose, Could you tell me how to generate orgo-light.js / ratamahatta.js kind of files ? Can it to be done using blender/threejs exporter? Do I need to set key frames on the object that will get exported as these .js files? Do I need to modify anything in the files post export?

  • kmsravindra

    this is an old tutorial but apart from small differences it outlines the basic procedure

    http://www.kadrmasconcepts.com/blog/201 ... nimations/

    the new blender exporter has different options, but basically just check morph animations and it should export the key frames. For different animations you'll have to either split them up on the timeline and rename by editing the file, or export multiple times, rename the frames and move them into a single file.

  • can you help me to find this solution?

    i have a gradient picture, in canvas, how to tell to the 3d mesh to have the exact color of the gradient when the mouse is over the canvas?

    This is my gradient canvas

  • you can get the rgb color with overlapping mouse using the unofficial canvas plugin, not sure on how to set the mesh color though.

  • nope thats not working, i tryed that but its not the right solution it gives me allways a RED color and not a color from the gradient xmouse+ymouse

  • imothep85 Try to hire someone that might help you, I've seen your attitude is dubious.

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  • well if you find that my attitude is doubtful pass your way:D, i'm not here for arguing with you.

    Like every user i'm here for asking my questions and get solutions.

    It is the purpose of a forum not?

  • hi to everybody....

    i have a problem with your plugin......

    don't work either in nodewebkit and for mobile android....

    in web node kit give me this error:

    Uncaught node.js Error 
    ReferenceError: populateCommonACE is not defined
        at file:///C:/Users/save/AppData/Local/Temp/nw3204_10745/c2runtime.js:279:18
    When i compile your demo example...for android with intel xdk with crosswalk...the screen is always black!!!
    is It only my problem???? but does it work on mobile?? i don't have understood....
    I'm sorry for the confusing.....
    I wish you a merry chrystma...
  • Hi...

    Another question...

    Can You Create A Little Pdf Manual to Use Your New Plug-In???

    Like a Christmas Gift Under The Three....ahahhah... Thanks In Advance...

    Happy New Year...

    Best regards,



  • yeah its hard sometime to understand all those strange functions without any help file include :s, but it's better to work on improvements and new updates XD

  • QuaziGNRLnose, I prepared a 6 faced cube ( with 6 planes for each face). Then I used Blender/threejs exporter as mentioned in the tutorial...I had setup the morph targets and then the animation. The animation seems to work fine but however I see only some faces in some angles...Not able to see all of them at once...very strange!

    Here is the link - http://actualconcepts.com/TestTC/cube/

    Please use middle mouse button first and then drag the mouse to see different faces in different angles...Not sure what am I doing wrong...I had the emissivity set etc., But still not able to see all faces at once! Any help appreciated. Thanks!

  • "You made your Q3D Model object have a "z size" of zero, so it's completely flat in that direction." a solution from the developer of this plugin i have done the same error before lol

  • Thanks It worked!

  • Im tryig also to achieve this kind of shader http://stemkoski.github.io/Three.js/Bubble.html it is possible with Q3DMaster?

  • yeah its hard sometime to understand all those strange functions without any help file include :s, but it's better to work on improvements and new updates :D XD 
    ok... but...here don't   work nothing here...either on webnodekit and mobile.......can you help me please???
    where i'm wrong???
    best regards,
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