Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • > im trying to replace a 3d sphere in the Q3Dmaster, with a cube model.

    > i added ajax with the request url to the folder and model but nothing happens, my app is also hosted on the ftp.

    > Maybe i have done something wrong, but how to change a model in the app by another model present on the ftp?


    > here its my capx file http://mattepainting.be/test/Gsphere.capx


    First of all be certain same-origin-policy is followed.

    For that you need to be sure your project is hosted on the same domain as the model (usually). Also the loader uses a URL, so you don't have to use the ajax object to download the file, and the way you're dumping "lastdata" into the URL field can't work.

    what you can do instead (and much more easily) is set Model name in the change model action to "http://mattepainting.be/test/models/cube.obj". You could also even set the Model Filename property in the layout editor to http://mattepainting.be/test/models/cube.obj and it'll work properly assuming same-origin-policy is followed (for node webkit it probably doesn't matter, so you could use any url pointing to a valid object).

    Also, you're attempting to modify the material of the object before its created. you need to do that kind of thing in an "on model created" trigger condition, or after you're certain it's not being created, or else your changes wont take effect when the model is asynchronously created.

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  • fantastic , now im testing if i can control rotation of my object with the mouse, zooming on it by clicking on the object is harder :s

    Look at the "2D Physics" example. You can use a Q3D Viewport to select objects easily using the mouse position + camera view.

  • thanks a lot another question my object is very smoothed, in 3dmax smoothing group to 55, but the model inside Q3dmaster i see all the faces like if is not smoothed

  • i found the solution, if an object "sphere.js"is loaded then is no more smoothing group, i don't know why, if i load the "sphere.obj" the smooths group are the same as 3dsmax

  • You are doing an exellent job with this plugin

  • > hello

    > Congratulations for the plugins. I am very interested in purchasing this plugins.

    > I wanted to know if this plugins I can use some behaviors:

    > --LineOfSight

    > --Pathfinding

    > or certain actions:

    > --load

    > --save

    > or other events and actions that we all normally use in costruct 2 (2d).


    > thanks


    > ps sorry for my bad English, I write from Italy.


    You can use behaviours but they only work in "2D", so for example line of sight would only work in the X,Y plane Pathfinding would only work in the X,Y plane, and all the models have bounding boxes around them, no other collision shape can be specified. Another way you could do it is to use a sprite if you want custom collision shapes, and set the model position to that of the sprite. In both these ways, yes those behaviors are supported.

    Saving and Loading with construct's save/load system is not supported yet.

    thanks for the reply.

    I hope you continue to develop plugins always with new features.

  • This is what im trying to achieve

    The scene load a 3d obj (3 & 4), then the user can add other differents objects (1&2) who are directly added inside the blue boxes (4) invisibles, and finally thats what we get (result)

    tha blue boxes have the same size as the objects selected by the user, when he click on a picture that load a new 3d obj.

    How to achieve that?

  • i tried also to create a 2d sprite and added that on the top of a new layer, but its invisible :s impossible to show the sprite? with Q3DMaster?

  • imothep85

    to use sprites you need to use either "behind" or "inside" for the render mode of the Q3D Master object. If you use behind you need to make the layer transparent so it can show from behind the construct layer.

    For your blue box thing, you'll need to either create new Q3D models where the boxes are or use the change model action on the blue boxes themselves when the user clicks them or whatever you want.

  • thanks again for all your help youre providing me , sprite problem is solved and now im trying what you said

    "For your blue box thing, you'll need to either create new Q3D models where the boxes are or use the change model action on the blue boxes themselves when the user clicks them or whatever you want."

  • maybe this is possible, in 3ds max i have 3 object a cylindre and two boxes, if i export the scene in obj, is possible to replace the boxes from the scene by another 3d object? and how?

  • imothep85

    no it's not possible to change features inside a loaded model, you need to make separate objects from within construct to do it.

  • :s thats sound complex to hande, how to tell to a model to be at the pivot point of a loaded model?

  • imothep85

    There's actions in the "Hierarchy" section which can be used to make one object pivot around another.

  • im going to try that

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