Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • You either adjust the shininess, use an environment map, set

    "metal" to yes, or any combination of these. Not sure what "without shaders" means...

  • FYI I'm getting errors in your examples, in all but Simple FPS Controls and Texturing model, when I use C2 r192.

    I installed C2 r190 and everything works fine.

    I'm not sure if this was brought to your attention yet, but hope this helps.

  • I was informed that a new update is coming in a matter of days that should address the error stuff

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  • Here its my "sphere.obj" file with the texture "gold.jpg" i can't add the texture to the obj :s and simulate a good "gold" effect http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/467219/sphere.obj

  • Update should be out soon.

  • QuaziGNRLnose, when I use Sphere --> UV Unwrap in blender and exported the sphere.js, then it worked for flat starfield background sphere. But the same sphere.js didnt work for Earth / Moon textures. I was seeing some rings and segments in such spheres rather than the actual textures...I had to use a different Sphere.js that was unwrapped using spherical projection...Only that worked...How do we decide which projection and what unwrap method to be used in general for any kind of object? And what if there were seams and then unwrapped, does such UV unwrapped projections work? I am confused about this...please let me know.

  • I'm not really an expert in UV mapping. You'd be better off reading tutorials about it online related to blender. Theres no specific workflow or requirements needed for the UV's in Q3D apart from when you want extra sets for a LightMap, the loader loads in whatevers there.

  • Q3D has been updated to V2.2, download it using the links / user info in the emails you received when you purchased Q3D.

    Major changes are:

    Morph targets can now be used for animation. There is an action to affect any loaded .js/.json models' morphtargets in a Q3D Model by name, and a convenient helper behavior that works as an animation controller called Q3D Morph Controller. The morph animation demo is now available as a .capx in the examples pack in the first post.

    Also new is an improved loading system that should have far fewer bugs, and the ability to easily make progress bars using two new actions that return the quantity of loaded objects and the total number of objects queued for load. In general stuff should just load much better now.

    Apart from that there were a lot of small bug fixes. A complete bug-fix / change / add list is available in the first post, as per usual with new Q3D updates.

    Please let me know if you encounter any bugs with this version, so i can fix them for the next. I tried to get a lot of things into this update, and other stuff accidentally breaks in unexpected ways in the process.

    Everyone enjoy! Happy holidays to you all!

  • exellent lol

  • im testing with your example of gold effect, but i d'ont understand why you use 5 animation frames for the environment map and with so small pictures in greyscale, can i use just one picture of an environement map instead of 5 frames?

  • it is possible to load objects in q3d master wih ajax from a folder in my ftp?

    for xample in my ftp i have the folder models, and i would like to load a model from that folder to Q3dmaster, it is possible?

  • , I am having trouble parenting a Q3D created object (that was created in the events) to a Q3DPoint...I couldnt find any expression to get the id of the Q3DPoint. Could you let me know?

  • QuaziGNRLnose, Thanks for the updated version. Will try this ! Happy holidays to you too...

  • im trying to replace a 3d sphere in the Q3Dmaster, with a cube model.

    i added ajax with the request url to the folder and model but nothing happens, my app is also hosted on the ftp.

    Maybe i have done something wrong, but how to change a model in the app by another model present on the ftp?

    here its my capx file http://mattepainting.be/test/Gsphere.capx

  • Can someone help me to solve that problem


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