Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • QuaziGNRLnose, Thanks for the responses. In Autofit - Behind mode, the C2 sliders though visible on screen at runtime, they don't respond somehow...C2 sliders get disabled in this mode.

  • Quickly wanted to really underline what an amazing plugin this is. The first version being a tad underwhelming but still impressive, and now this second version which really took me by storm. There's still work to be done, surely, but this is still darn impressive for what it is atm. Just wanted to clarify that in the midst of all the current problems people seem to talk about. I'm waiting for animation support, but that doesn't stop me from praising both the concept and technical side of things here, and the execution.

    Now with that said...

    Use case would be a 3d modeling editor, where you can create a model from scratch, save it, etc. This is something I have been interested in making- using C2 to do it would set it higher on my priority list..

    I've been developing something using Q3D for a couple of days now, and I've used it before 2.0 came out. Now, what I used to get things going among the modelling part of development/testing was with Wings 3D: . It's both simple and easy to use, and feels really comfortable when it comes to mocking up or making low-poly models. Not saying that it couldn't handle hi-poly, I just don't think that's why it exists per se. Took me a while to find this program and am willing to share it to others here, because it's way less confusing than Blender and way less expensive than Maya (It's free!). And yeah, it exports .obj and works very well inside C2 with Q3D.

    So yeah, Wings 3D. Had some problems getting into UV mapping, but after a while, it becomes quite natural. For me at least.

  • QuaziGNRLnose, one more thing that I forgot to mention is that on iOS simulator all I see is dark spheres with no textures/colors...looks like even the lights are off...But good news is that on my iPad2 (non-retina) it looks good and works with decent speed! Not sure what is the problem with the simulator device...Anyway I am submitting the app to App Store and fingers crossed....

  • kmsravindra

    oh you're using the html controls, i'm implementing a fix in the next update, but besides that if you made the controls using sprites they'd work with behind mode.

  • Polygallon

    Thanks for the feedback, animation support will probably be in around Christmas time.

  • QuaziGNRLnose, Thats a great news...I am looking forward for the animation support.

    My next project that I am planning to implement something like shown in this video -

    Do you think it will be possible to do it using this plugin?

  • i understand nothing at this plugin, how it works, how you load a scene from 3ds max, what kind of file format this opens..................do someone have a BASIC 3d scene with just a sphere a spot light and a camera???

  • also it's not possible to load a obj with a shader like gold or silver?

    it is possible to simulate those two shaders?

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  • imothep85

    Check the first post, there are example .capx files you can download in a zip file, and information about supported file types (obj and three.js json model format 3), as well as useful information. You can only load .js files with exported materials, but you can define the shininess/color/maps/material etc. of the object using actions.


    Something like that will be possible with morph targets update It is largely completed.

  • Great to know this! Meanwhile I will try to pick up some knowledge on how to do morphing / morph targets...what should be done in object modelling to achieve this etc., Looks like very little documentation on web.

  • The exporter exports blender animations as morph frames if i recall correctly. It's not the most user friendly system.

  • I think morph targets is done using shape keys in blender, the concept that I am slightly familiar with...

    You mean the threejs exporter exports the shape keys as individual frames? It will be really interesting to see a simple working example when you release the next version to include morph target animation...

  • The current system I'm implementing uses frames from the file by adding them in the order specified in the file, and using the "name" specified in the file to separate the frames for various animations. I haven't found a better way to do it, but once you have the animations set up using them has been made very easy. It's setup to work almost identically to constructs animation system for sprites etc.

  • Awesome work

    know you any game realeased with this plugin?

  • Awesome thanks QuaziGNRLnose.

    Can't wait to re-download tonight.

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